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    Prime95 vs Real Life stability?

    Howdy all, Ok, well, with my overclock I'm able to get Prime to run stable for about 30 mins before it BSODs. However, the last two days of gaming I have had 0 problems (though on BF3 it seems to C2D after a bit when I'm flying but not BSOD). It seems stable to me...but long term, is...
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    Air Filter for Fans?

    Howdy all, Well, got a bit of a problem. Using a Corsair H50 with two 120mm fans for push pull. I am pulling air from outside the case into the interior. Unfortunately, the radiator gets clogged up something fierce. I tried putting a coffee filter on the outside of case in front of the fan...
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    Which sub $200 GTX 5x0 card has the best stock cooling for Physx?

    Howdy all, As the title says, which sub $200 GTX 5x0 card has the best stock cooler? For it's application, I'm thinking about getting one as a dedicated physx card... Thanks for reading.
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    i7 960 OC - need some help please

    Howdy all, Specs in sig, I seem to be able to run prime for more than 5 mins with the settings below: Uploaded with Any advice on how to improve? I just reapplied artic silver 5 from manufacturer thermal compound (cooling this CPU is an H50), it did drop a few temps...
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    Just got a i7 960, which mem should I pair it with?

    Howdy all, Well, went to MC and got the i7 960 for 189 (figured might as well) to replace my i7 920. I jumped the gun on memory (I'm looking for 16 GBs because I sometimes run two VMs). Which set best matches the i7 960? G.Skill 1066 G.Skill 1600 low voltage Too me, a $20 difference...
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    Overclocking Memory?

    Howdy all, On a Bloomfield i7 9x0 (920-960), according to Intel the processor can handle RAM speeds up to DDR3 1066. Does this mean that buying any higher spec RAM is wasteful (ie DDR3 1600), particularly since those types of sticks will run with higher timings? At any rate, since the...
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    Win7 Ultimate OEM - Hardware Upgrade and Reformatting?

    Howdy all, I'm looking to upgrade my proc, RAM, and graphics card but everything else will remain the same. I remember reading somewhere that Windows uses some hash of the hardware during activation. I installed a legit copy of Win 7 Ultimate and it was activated, are the hardware changes too...
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    i2600 or i2600k for overclock?

    Howdy all, Working on a new build, Newegg has the i2600 on sale for $279. Based on the below: Is 4.1 on a 3.3 multi the best that the i2600 can OC too? Anyone have any better luck? Did a forum search but didn't find any salient...
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    Reusing Heatsink?

    Howdy all, I'm thinking about cannibalizing the vast majority of parts from my build about a two years ago, one of them is the Corsair H50. I've just come back from a deployment, and as I await to get all of my stuff from household storage I have some worries about the mechanical...
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    Howdy all, Drom what I understand, XMP is an Intel feature that allows for memory overclocking (unless I'm mistaken). Is it a gimmick or is it worth getting sticks that are XMP-compatible (I really don't see a difference in pricing for G.Skill or Corsair sticks). Thanks again.
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    New build in Sept

    Friends, Need some advice for a computer build for when I return from the sandbox. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Purely gaming 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $3000 with tax and shipping 3) Where do you live...
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    HTPC proc and mobo?

    Hi all, I've got this case coming: What mobo+proc should I get to go with it? It has a 270w PSU, and I'm putting in an ATI and blu ray drive - going to need something low power. Thanks.
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    Completed Build - Thanks tom

    Edit: Well, uhhh, had a typo in the title, I meant: Completed Build - Thanks to All :) Howdy everyone, Started about two weeks ago here: Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped...
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    OC Advice - First Timer

    Hi all, This is my first attempt at OC'ing on a new build. Specs are below: CPU: i7 930 Heatsink: Corsair H50 Mobo: Gigabyte x58A-UD5 269 Ram: G.SKILL PI Series 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 PSU: CMPSU-950TX 950W GPU 1: Gigabyte GTX 480 GPU 2: Gigabyte GT 240 TV...
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    GTX 470 SLI or 5970?

    Howdy all, Alrighty, I'm getting impatient waiting for the GTX 480 to get out there. Rather than pay the $1000 people want on eBay (btw, to all you eBayers out there, real classy, buy a high demand card so you can gouge). I digress, what's the way to go, GTX 470 SLI or 5970? Two GTX 470s...
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    GTX 470 SLI or 5970?

    Mods please delete this thread, thanks.
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    Need comp build refresher/advice

    Hi all, My last build was 2007, with which many [H]'ers helped me greatly. It's time for another build. Firstly, many thanks to Tweakz for providing my baseline from his thread. I have a multimonitor gaming situation. I know there nvsurround and eyefinity...wasn't there some new...
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    FLV converter?

    Hi ya'll, Can anyone recommend a FLV to mp3 converter that you've used? Thanks.
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    Quadcore laptops?

    Hi all, Did a forum search but didn't find anything is of substance: when are the mobile qcores coming out? Thanks.
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    $1000 build?

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a budget gaming build for $1k? My brother's rig is coming up for an upgrade, but I haven't had time to research. A starting point would be most obliged. Thanks a bunch.
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    Does 8600GT put of significantly more heat that 8500GT?

    Hi all, I've got a nice three-monitor build going, 8800 BFG GTX OC2E driving the main monitor and secondary monitor and a paltry 8400 GS driving the last one. I'm thinking long term if I want to go 4 monitors over DVI then I should probably get a 8500GT/8600GT...but heat and space is a...
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    Case fan with clips?

    Hi all, Anyone know of a case fan that I can clip on to a drive bay to point at my mobo? For the IP35 Pro, I'm just not getting any air going around the PCIe x1 slot (where I put my TV Tuner) and it gets quite hot and could really use a case fan like that. TIA
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    LCD Buzz?

    Hi all, I got around to turning on my 21" FPD2185W for the first time today, and it emits a buzzing when it's on. Fairly audible, not much more than my tower, but with no other ambient noise it's quite noticeable. Are there going to be any problems in the future? Or will it go away? Thanks.
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    nView now working, per se

    Hi all, I'm trying to do a triple monitor setup. I'm pairing a 8800 GTX with a 8400 GS. nView detects the two displays connected to the 8800 GTX. The one connected to the 8400 GS is not detected in nView (though I can manage it through the nvidia control panel). I can get stuff onto the 8400...
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    IP35 Pro - Firewire Headers...

    Hi all, Ok, I'm in the middle of a build (IP35 Pro and P180B case) and I'm connecting all the headers atm (fans, firewire, usb, etc etc). For the USB headers, do I need to start from FPUSB1 or can I use whichever one I choose (FPUSB4 is the closest to the front panel and I want to use that)...
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    Worst nightmare....

    Hi all, Ok, I'm going nuts, literally off the walls here. I got this about a month and a half ago: I got it to get the drive, and I never opened it until now as I'm starting my build now, and...
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    Motherboard Risers?

    Hi all, Gah! Roadblock in my build. Trying to screw in a IP35-Pro to a P180B. The P180B only came with 4 mobo riser screws, there appears to be 9 holes. Do I screw in risers into each corner, screw in the mobo without the risers, or wait until tomorrow to make a trip out to Fry's to get more...
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    AverTV or HVR-1800?

    Hi all, I'm having trouble picking a TV Tuner. AverTV or HVR-1800 Which is the one that's going to allow me to watch HDTV over antenna or digital satellite...
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    Do I need to lap the SCNJ-1100P?

    Hi all, I just got that heatsink; for SCNJ-1100P owners out there, do I need to lap it? Thanks.
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    cheapest nvidia with 2x DVI?

    Hi all, What's the cheapest nvidia card with 2x DVI? Preferably PCI, but I suspect it's going to be PCIe that does the trick. Thanks. Oh yeah, in case anyone is wondering big bro is going to be BFG 8800 GTX OC2E driving the 24" 1080p LG, little bro is going to be used to drive 2x FPD2185Ws.
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    Best cooler for Q6600/X3220?

    Hi all, I haven't decided which proc I'm going to get yet, but which is the best cooler for qcore? I've never OC'ed in my life, and I'd like to try with this I anticipate and OCing I do will be very conservative. Problem is I'm moving cross country...the shipper is probably...
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    BFG 8800 GTX...OC or OC2?

    Hi all, Ok, gonna take the plunge. Right now I have three monitors, 1x 24" and 2x 21". For the 24", I plan to use a BFG card to drive it (a cheapo PCI card to drive the other two). Basic setup is gaming on the 24", webrowsing on one 21", and TV on the other. I can't...
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    Acer X241Wsd

    Anyone have this monitor? What say you? I've read Jan 2007 panels have the greatest fidelity and minimal backlight bleeding. TYIA.
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    Plz help! nview or surroundview on IP35 Pro

    Hi all, Anyone know if I can get nview to work on an IP35 Pro? Or if a GTX and cheapo GTS combo will work to get nview working (in lieu of 2x of the same card a la SLI)? There seems to be a dearth of information online regarding multiple monitor setups. All I've been able to find is a 2 year...
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    M1330 - Best Options?

    Hi all, Well, I'm thinking about this one. The only negative I see is the 8400GS (but it appears to be better than the 7600GS found in the M1210). Anyone have any recommended specs (proc, screen, etc etc)? Usage will be office work, BF2, CSS, maybe SupCom or some other RTS (Starcraft II!)...
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    P5k-e: Anyone have it?

    Hi all, I haven't had much luck finding reviews for this board. All I've been able to ascertain right now is that it is no different from the Deluxe version other than it has one less gigabit port. Anyone have this board or can otherwise comment? Pretty much standard usage only, and if I...
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    Is Vista Business good for gaming?

    Hi all, Is the Business edition of Vista better than Home Premium for gaming? Thanks.
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    What's the problem with qcores?

    Hi all, Well, it's no big secret prices are dropping, right? I'm very intrigued with a $266 Q6600, but I've been seeing issues pop up here at [H]: 1) Heat is a major concern 2) qcore has potential mem bottlenecks in relation to FSB and sharing between cores 3) Gaming performance has no...
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    OCZ GameXStream 850w - Whining?

    Hi all, I got this PSU a while go and I'm slowly getting enough basic parts to test my next system build...and it emits a high pitched whine. Anyone know what that is indicative of? Thanks.
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    Uninstall Ageia Drivers?

    Hi all, How do I uninstall Ageia drivers that installed with a game? I installed Join Task Force...I don't remember it ever asking to. At any rate Add/Remove doesn't work and I don't see an uninstaller in the Ageia folder. Quite annoying. Thanks.