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    Stock Mach II GT on Current Gen CPU?

    I've been searching like crazy, but haven't really been able to find any useful information on this. I *found* my old Mach 2 GT when cleaning out the basement and I've decided I want to slap it on my i7 920 D0 until eventually upgrading my proc to an octo-core sometime in 2012 (probably Xeon if...
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    Dual-Core Opties Price Drop!!!

    Am I reading this correctly? Does this mean that Opteron 265s are now around $300? AWESOME! peace, OriginalOCer
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    nVidia to use ATi's 3Dc

    Just saw this and it's actually really good news for ATi owners. According to the INquirer (not always right, but still) turns out nVidia might be implementing 3Dc in their next generation of hardware. If both ATi and nVidia use it, I am sure game...
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    Opteron Overclocking

    Anyway have any experience with Opteron (CG core) overclocking with the nForce Professional 2200 northbridge? Can it (the nFPro2200) get up as high as its single/desktop counter-part (nf4 ultra/sli)? For instance, is 300FSB/LDT possible or is that wishful thinking? What about multiplier...
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    Dual Core Xeons have HT enabled?

    I just wanted to know if Dual Core Xeons are suppose to have Hyper-Threading enabled, and also if they will use Socket 604 or are they going to be LGA775 (I assume if they require a new chipset, a new socket would be probable, but I just want to make sure). peace, OriginalOCer p.s. Mod...
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    Urgent: Need Pics of PCIe Power Adapter

    Hello, I just got a X850XT-PE but it didn't come with a 4pin molex to 6pin PCIE power connector. So I wanted to make one as a temp solution until I can get a real one. What I need are pictures of the power adapter cable that comes with a PCIe BBA X850XT/XT-PE or PCIe X800XT/XT-PE. It's...
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    SN25P Overclockability?

    Anyone know how overclockable the SN25P is? I was going to get one instead of the SN95G5, but after reading the reviews of the unit on Techreport and SFFtech, I get the feeling that they won't overclock as well as other SFFs (mainly the SN95G5). Does anyone own one of these, and has anyone...
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    Soltek 3901-300P (Socket939) Overclocking?

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone has got a Soltek 3901-300P and have overclocked it... I need to know if you were able to reach 250FSB or not and it's kind of urgent. The deal is I can get one for super cheap (like really cheap), but if it can't overclock worth a damn, then I'll just get a...
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    6800nu to 6800GT/Ultra BIOS Flashing?

    I got a few questions, if you have any info (preferably to a how-to/guide) that would be awesome... ALso please post your experiences if you have done any of the following. -Has anyone flashed a 6800nu to a GT or Ultra? -Has anyone flashed a 6800nu to a GT/Ultra and had to flash back to...