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    Need suggestions on cooling!

    Akasa Nero 3. I have this and a 212 evo and the nero is a couple of degrees cooler and a fair bit quieter too. It's good for a mild overclock I'd say.
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    Lenovo Y480 laptop constantly losing WiFi connection

    Had similar problem with y410p and w8.1. Latest driver from intel website appears to have fixed it for now... Just backing up what sean said about drivers. Apologies if you've already done this. x
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    DX11 stress testing

    Not sure if this is helpful but I remember that back in ~2010, fur and occt stable vram clocks still crashed battlefield 3 with the gtx460. I find bioshock infinite heats up my graphics card more than any other game (including unengine), the video card options screen being especially punishing...
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    AMD Radeon R9 290 Video Card Review @ [H]

    These new AMD cards look amazing but I really wanted to see better multi screen idle power consumption. Since most review sites don't even list these I assume I am in the huge minority.
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    my i5 3570K oc like crap + other related questions

    If it doesn't do it at stock, then I've always taken that as instability. I get exactly this as well - It'll pass hours of so called stress tests but if I use chrome or powerpoint as well these sometimes crash, especially flash on lovefilm. My 3570 doesn't do over 4.3 no matter what I...
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    Idle Clock states

    My 460 goes to moderate 3d clocks (full voltage, full memory clock, ~2/3 core clock) with two different res monitors plugged in. A mate's 560 stays at full performance 3d clocks with two different monitors plugged in. Apparently though if the monitors are the same res the power saving behaviour...
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    MSI Z77A-GD65 LGA1155 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Thanks for the article. I think I remember when SB was first eval'd you mentioned that standard cpu stress programs didn't always expose instability and you ended up playing games. Is this still the case, do you have an updated standard test/test set? I ask because I've just got the g-43 version...
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    Removed the IHS from an Ivy Bridge i5 3570k

    OP has massive balls, fascinating stuff.
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    Microsoft Announces Halo 4, Coming This November

    I'd rather microsoft ported 3 tbh, I have yet to (nearly) finish the fight. Quite like halo, the first was way ahead of its time imo.
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    Will you buy windows 8?

    Depends on how much of win 7 is added back or can be easily modded back in... The quick boot and built in HD image software seem nice. To me the real benefit appears to be how much easier fixing other ppls virused/old & slow laptops will be with the iphone style restore button.
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    Skyrim AMD CrossFireX Performance and IQ Review @ [H]

    Great article. I still reckon that, for whatever reason, FXAA is reducing apparent texture quality. The below was taken in whiterun at max texture quality with 4xmsaa and 2xssaa and FXAA set to on and then off: If you look at the wall to the right of the stairs, to me it looks flatter and...
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    Batman: Arkham City Performance Preview @ [H]

    Isn't that because physx still uses some cpu to feed the gpu, and then if that bottlenecks it'll pull down the framerate, reducing gpu usage? Also note that gpu usage across both cards is down maybe 50% (30% if sli) despite framerate dropping by almost 80%, so they are doing something on top of...
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    Batman: Arkham City Performance Preview @ [H]

    Thanks for the heads up, do like these prelim tests that come on or very soon after release day, gives me a good idea what to expect performance wise what with it taking valve 3 days to email the game to the steam uk servers. Shame about dx11 but the game still looks pretty fancy in dx9, much...
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Performance and IQ Review @ [H]

    Is it just me that thinks that FXAA appears to reduce texture clarity rather a lot?
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    HD6870 slow in skyrim @ 1280x720

    This game is really cpu limited, especially at your resolution, the toms review linked above uses a 2500k at 4ghz so that will not really be comparable to you (or me!). See later on in the same eval:,3074-9.html You seem to be...
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    Alpha Protocol™ For $6.80 worth it?

    Got this in a sale for £1.50 and played this for about 3 hours, maybe it was just my stealth build but the game was awful for me (kept forcing me into firefights with psychic enemies). For $6.80 i'd recommend passing on it, I wish i had for 1/3 the price.
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    RAGE Gameplay Performance and Image Quality @ [H]

    In reference to the 'odd discolored lines that appear on objects, terrain, and people.' I was getting these due to AF being forced in the NVCP. (Sharps97 beat me too this, oops) I'm quite enjoying this game so far, while the textures are being rightly panned, the geometry (world not...
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    20-Year-Old Man Dies After Marathon Gaming Sessions

    Stopped reading after the 7th word, went back to gaming.
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    Bitcoin Mining GPU Performance Comparison @ [H]

    Is this the new furmark?
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    MSI N580GTX Lightning XE 3GB Video Card Review @ [H]

    Amazing review as per. MSI are looking like the best partner by far these days in the UK. Since when did the 6970 become 99% as fast as the 580, is that new drivers or something?
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    Advice needed - trifire 6970s way too hot

    Difficult choice; a) will still leave you with two cards butted together, so I guess this won't help too much. With b) you are paying $200 for a bit more quiet, 10oC lower temps and slightly lower performance. I dont know masses about water cooling but c) will be really expensive and quite an...
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    Whoa, Really high temps, 460gtx

    98oC seems hot for a 460 in SLI even given how close the cards are. 85c is fine for crysis, unless its prohibitively noisy, id leave it.
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    is it viable to upgrade my video card?

    Ideally upgrade everything at once. While a 6870 or 6950 would undoubtedly get you more frames in games, you likely wouldn't be rocking playable framerates if you aren't close at the moment because of your cpu and your low res. Waiting normally results in lower costs, but this is not...
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    GIGABYTE HD 6870 Super Overclock Video Card Review @ [H]

    Pretty amazing that a card OC'd by ~5% is on average >10% faster.
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    First time OCing my video card. Questions 4 U

    Sorry if you've already tried this but can you bypass the current OC limit with afterburner's allow unofficial overclocking? Like this: Again, sorry if this is too obvious. Those core temps...
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    How many dead video cards have you had?

    Owned 6 geforces and 3 ati's. No problems at all that weren't my fault. (One gefoce died after 3.5years but that was almost certainly my fault for meddling too much.)
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    Old PSU for GTX460

    I run my sig on a 3.5 year old coolermaster real power M520w that probably wasn't much good when I bought it. Since the antec looks like a decent unit, I'd risk it, but it's entirely up to you/him.
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    What kind of video card consumer are you?

    Buy near top of the range stuff assuming it has good value for money whenever I have to start sacrificing IQ to run games at fun framerates.
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    Radeon 6850/6950 downclocking

    My old 5850 did this too, I thought it was a niggle with the drivers I had at the time. Disabling hardware acceleration on the youtube video can fix this. (If that doesn't work you need to find some way of overiding the powerplay settings on the card, which is fiddly.)
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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution Devs Talk User Feedback

    Cut the sexual tension in that video with a knife.
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    ASUS EAH6950 & ENGTX570 DirectCU II Vid Card Review @ [H]

    Brilliant eval, thanks very much. x
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    Microsoft Pushes Out IE 10 Preview Build

    Waits for ie10, install, still slower than chrome, waits for ie11.
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    480 GTX & SLi Performance Questions

    Only problem with the soc is it's >£28 more expensive over here. Gigabyte not galaxy too, they don't do UK afaik.
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    Which card upgrade for a Q6600 stock? opinions needed

    ^ That's what I'd do too.
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    580 Sli Heat Problem/ 1 card

    No idea really, sweet and tidy looking rig. Got some thoughts/things of dubious merit that I might try though. Does it get particularly hot in dragon age 1, because that's quite cpu intensive, by contrast it seems quite cool for 90% usage in that afterburner grab. Try turning that massive...
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    480 GTX & SLi Performance Questions

    Alternatively, maybe consider an unlockable 6950, same speed, same price (on ocuk) and quite a bit cooler and quieter. Better to get them both at the same time to save on shipping though.
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    580 Sli Heat Problem/ 1 card

    Bottom card is getting cooler air i reckon, presumably directly from an intake fan via maybe a hard-drive or two. Especially with that gpu heatsink design where the fans are all the way along the length of the card, the fan towards the rear of the case will be getting the sloppy secondhand hot...
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    5850 upgrade question

    I thought 5850=470=560 so I think it might be a sidegrade.
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    Does video card suffer with higher res monitors/multiple monitors?

    If you were moving from gaming on a 1920x1080 monitor with a 1280x1024 secondary monitor just showing the desktop with IMs & gadgets, to gaming on a 1920x1080 monitor with a larger secondary 1920x1080 monitor showing a bit more of the desktop with the same IMs/gadgets, it'd likely make no...
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    keep 6950 or get 570?

    Only used the settings editor to turn off intro movies. Maybe that I've got a secondary 17" screen, or just some freak reading with my rig/card/afterburner combo. I'm perfectly willing to accept that I'm wrong in terms of how much vram crysis 2 needs, but I was quoting usage that I'd seen on...