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    Looking for some advice on hardware

    So, as the title read, I am looking on some advice. I have not been built myself a new computer for a while as my rig (as seen below in my signature) has been holding pretty well. I have only gotten new ram and a new (used) video card over the last several years that I got very cheap (not listed...
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    Controlling Color Fading LEDs?

    So, I have seen several mods on computers, as well as on cars/motorcycles, that use color fading LEDs, most notably the aperture case mod. Found here. I am trying to learn up as much as possible on how to do this mod. I have tried posting on the respective mods on how to do this but without any...
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    Has Anyone Ever?

    has anyone ever used solid pvc or copper piping as their tubing in a wc system. obviously it would be cumbersum but i think it would look amazing. what would be advantages/disadvantages of using this as a system performance wise...i know it couldnt be transposed to other systems, but do you...