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    Way out of date

    My current box is a Shuttle with a P4 2.4 @ 3.0, and a 6800GT flashed to a 6800U. Laughable at best, I know, but it's still truckin' along. I was looking at doing another build, to maybe come a little more up to date, but I am so out of the loop I don't even know what's what anymore. When the...
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    Who else is addicted to WoW ?

    Only a Lvl 12 Undead Rouge, but definatly addicted.
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    I can't play HL2. Words cannot describe this.

    E-mail them and tell them you want your money back.
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    Wich PC game should?

    WoW. My life is getting sucked away by it.
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    HL2...Did i miss something???

    Wow, straight out of the Final Fantasy movie... only blue...
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    Post your Steam friends handle!!

    I don't even know it because it doesn't work. At all.
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    HL2:DM is hilarious when you're winning, absolute shit when you're losing.

    Yeah, but for some reason I'm always drawn back for more...
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    STALKER : Lost Oblivion Alpha Leaked

    Wow, this is starting to become quite the trend...
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    Which game renderer is most advanced?

    The Doom 3 engine is the most advanced engine on the market right now, it has the best pixel shading, shadows, and lighting.
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    There a book/story/movie about FFVII that I can read b4 watchin FFVII Advent Children

    Cloud gets out of Shinra, turns against them, defeats Sephiroth. That's my detailed summary of the game.
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    check out this HL2 bug

    ReBoot fucking owned.
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    HardOCP's "Valve's Counter Strike:Source – Beta at Best"

    Sorry, I wasn't aware that when a game is released in its final version that it ISN'T SUPPOSED TO WORK RIGHT....
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    Half Life 2. First 10 Minute impression

    Hahahaha, you made my day. Going home to play it in a little while, looks great, hope the gameplay is on par. :)
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    Valve Responds!

    Honestly, I'm tired of all of this, we've been through VALVe's bullshit about 27 times now, and I'd really rather not go through it with Vivendi. Why can't they just all be like id and just say "It'll be ready when its ready," that way nobody gets pissed and everyone gets the game when its promised.
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    Half-Life 2 on sale at the Best Buy in Niles, IL

    Nobody's going to be posting any screenshots, because nobody is going to be playing it until 12:01 AM Tuesday, the people that have the boxes have acomplished nothing more than the people that ordered it over Steam have, except having a box.
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    About Blasto (from PSX game) and Mr. Incredible (from Pixar movie)

    The only thing they have in common is the red spandex...
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    Half-Life 2 is officially available at all Best Buy stores immediately

    VALVe has played this one pretty smart, requiring Steam, as much as I hate it. By requiring us to wait until they flip the switch, there is no piracy before hand, and no big deal about someone breaking the street date.
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    Huge Half Life 2 News!!

    I'm glad at least 1 of us can base their opinions on a few videos and screenshots. :rolleyes:
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    HALO2 street date BROKEN!!!!! (ticket scan)

    (Not me.) The street date was indeed broken, but that reciept is fake.
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    Poor FPS w/ X800 XT ...

    Only The First Word In A Sentence Is Capitalized. I did the stress test at 12x10, 6AA/16AF, and got 80 some FPS. Something is definatly wrong.
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    Yet Another Major Game Leaked

    I wouldn't call it a AAA game...
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    Grammar Lessons

    I just read it as "pawned," seems like the most non-goofy pronunciation.
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    6800GT's video quality

    By the way, the card doesn't actually render the video the same way as it does with games, the IQ will be whatever the camera recorded it as, and not affected by the card.
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    Image quality problems in cs:source with 66.81 drivers

    Turning on AA fixes it.
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    what game has consumed the most of your time?

    FF7 definatly. Second would be StarCraft.
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    CS:Source on CD?

    ... or you can just print your invoice.
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    My 6800 GT OC will just have to wait longer i guess & no HL2 for christmas ?

    As far as I know, it won't be out for a ling while, untill the lawsuit is over at least, unless they decide to release it iover Steam.
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    6800GT > 6800 Ultra flash (successful, and details!)

    I've flashed mine to serveral different BIOS's since a little over 2 months ago when I got it (started flashing the day after I got it), and they're all for the most part the same. There is a program found on Xtreme that you can use to edit BIOS's and set the core/memory speeds in stone, along...
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    Halo 2 Gone Gold! Sweet!

    Got Goldeneye? Me and my friends still get together and play Goldeneye every now and then, and its what? 6-7 years old? Best part is though, we probably have more fun with it than most of our PC games, so no, I'm not a "0m65 pC r0x0r5 j00!!1" !!!!!!, I just know an overated game when I see it...
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    PCG HL2 Review =)

    I for one, had a blast with Doom3. I think the reason most people didn't like it is because they play too many of these new games, and have no appreciation left for old school gameplay, and when they get a game with it in it, they bash it to all hell.
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    Halo 2 Gone Gold! Sweet!

    Because I have more fun with a toaster. I have played the XBOX version with friends, alone, same with the PC version. I never saw anything "revolutionary" about it, and didn't find it very fun at all.
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    Halo 2 Gone Gold! Sweet!

    The sequal to the most overated game this side of Counter-Strike. I can't wait. Oh, but I get two guns, what am I thinking, this will be awesome! :rolleyes:
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    Why didnt Valve at least improve the game when porting to Source ?

    They didn't "fix" it, because it doesn't need to be fixed. Counter Strike was never meant to be realistic, it was meant to be fun, and that's what it is.
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    What would you do!?

    CS:S 'cause it* comes with Half-Life 2. *Will eventually, probably within the next 10 years.
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    Taking Bets for GOTY

    Halo=Overated Halo 2=Overatedx2........ But seriously for GOTY, I don't really have one, they've all been fun.
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    Will there be CS:S maps that use the real HalfLife2 Source engine to it's max ?

    CS:S runs on the same engine as HL:2, but can't be used to its limits because of online play.
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    where can i get cs source?

    CS:S will only be available through Steam this week. Retail won't be out for a while due to the lawsuit between VU and VALVe, which could take 6+ months.
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    Half-Life 2 is coming!

    Same score as Doom 3 got. I bet it'll be the same, some hate it, some love it.
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    Post your 3dMark 2005 scores here. (Link to list in 1st post)

    4056, card at 400/1100, 2.4 at 2400.