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    Changing the way a submitted form looks when emailed

    Is this what you are looking for? <?php $request_method = $_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"]; if($request_method == "GET"){ $query_vars = $_GET; } elseif ($request_method == "POST"){ $query_vars = $_POST; } reset($query_vars); $t = date("U"); $file =...
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    Changing the way a submitted form looks when emailed

    Forgive me here.... you guys have been a lot of help... but, how would I get you the source code of the gdform.php?
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    Changing the way a submitted form looks when emailed

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> <title>Young DC's Services</title> <link...
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    Changing the way a submitted form looks when emailed

    Where would I put that specifically ?
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    Changing the way a submitted form looks when emailed

    OK, I have my form all setup and it is emailing me.... however, the way it looks in the email is difficult to read. Is there way where I can change the way it emails me? I know I can change what is says for each category, but it still comes out bunched together and just doesnt look good. So...
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    Need help with "Submit" button

    Awesome.... thanks for all the help!
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    Need help with "Submit" button

    Nevermind, I got it!! Thanks so much for the help!! One other question though.... When I get the email it looks like this : The elements are the different seconds on my form... is there was to clean that up so its easier to read?
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    Need help with "Submit" button

    I think I made the right changes... but still nothing happens. I am not sure what I am doing wrong
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    Need help with "Submit" button

    Thanks for the reply... I use godaddy to host the site. I will do some search on that. Thanks
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    Need help with "Submit" button

    OK, so I am building a webpage for someone, nothing major. The client wants to have an online form so they can submit it for a quote. I have the form up and running (I just used an online form maker) My question is this... Where does the "SUBMIT" button submit to? I click on it and it does...
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    Willing to pay for modded bios

    I was hoping there was a way to unlock or mod the bios to overclock the CPU, MEM ect ect
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    Willing to pay for modded bios

    I want to unlock my HP DV6871us willing to pay or trade LMK if you can help
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    Modifying the Ultra ChillTEC Cooler

    I just started my search... I will let you all know what I find
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    Modifying the Ultra ChillTEC Cooler

    As most of you know.. this is a TEC\air cooled setup. My question is... what experience do you have with it? I am running it now and seems to be OK. However, I want to know if anyone has modify the ChilTec all? I was thinking about putting another fun on the other side of the heat sink so...
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    More than 12v from PSU?

    That is exactly wanted I wanted to know... So basically connect the red and yellow into the same molex connector will do it? Thank you very much for your help
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    More than 12v from PSU?

    so putting the the yellow and red together would lose power?
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    More than 12v from PSU?

    Can you get more than 12volts running through the molex connector? I thought I read somewhere a long time ago that someone combined the yellow and red (i think) wires to produce more than 12volts. Is this possible or is there a way of doing it? Thanks!
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    E6400 2.13Ghz -- only 1595Mhz in CPU-Z

    its just speed stepping... you can disable it in the BIOS
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    [EVGA 680i] New computer won't turn on, kinda freaking out, please help!

    you do have the 24pin power AND the 4 pin (might be eight) power BOTH connected to the motherboard, right? I couldnt really tell by your first post.
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    8800GT Hi-Res Photo Shoot! [56k ha. ha.]

    dont you think the resolution on those are a bit overkill?
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    HELP!!! Vista pulled a BSOD on me

    any errors, where does it stop.... what EXACTLY happens... What were you doing before this happened? Do you overclock? System Specs?
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    Looking for the best easiest way to extract object in CS3?

    What is the best way to extract an object in CS3? I know that you can outline it in the exact filter.... but is there an easier way or even a plugin that does it automatically?
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    SATA to IDE Adapter... Should I ?

    thats exactly what I was going to point out..... besides, I would go with SCSI or SAS if you are building a server
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    Origins of Pwn?

    i dont know, but I would like to know also
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    Sticking it under the house!

    You do know that you are killing your flow rate with that much tubing in your loop, right? I hope you have at least 2 pumps, if not 3
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    Admins. what's your spam solution?

    Same here...without a doubt worth the higher price tag
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    Help a girl out, will ya? :D

    dont forget the OS that will take out a nice chunk of change too :(
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    Evga 8800GTX Squeal under load :(

    I have the same problem with my GTS superclocked..... it only happens when I overclock more. BTW, which GTS did you upgrad from?
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    EVGA 680i help

    dont get the LT, at least get the T1
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    so when do you think the 1333FSB mobos will be released?

    most of the 680i board can handle 1333
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    Need advice for NB cooling with Therlmarlight Ultra-120 Extreme

    I would have to agree with him
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    How much is my computer worth?

    I would say 500-600 if you sold it complete
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    Safest way to remove stock heatsink?

    yeah, the twisting method works the best!
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    freezone mod in a nzxt zero case

    can you post pictures?>
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    12k 3DMarks on Quad + GTX = good?

    Its not a bad score... but I've hit 12k on my e6600 and single 8800 gts both OC'd of course. And yes, I can provide screenshots
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    Buy new motherboard, need advice...

    go with a 680i chipset
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    Mobo for in-law...

    Do you like her?
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    SLI game speed increase? =(

    All games? What settings are they at?
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    Help deciding on a video card for the average gamer.

    I would say something with the g80 GPU... at least you will run DX10 in the future