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    Fresh Install

    I plan to buy add a new SSD to my PC to speed it up. Although my MB (P3E-WS) is only SATA-2 capable, I will probably buy the Crucial M4 with SATA-3. My question is will I have to reinstall Windows (XP) and all the applications? Last time I install Windows and MS Office, I made an image of...
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    How to Upgrade?

    My current system is 4 years old, below are the major components: Antec P182 Asus P5E WS Pro (6 xSATA-2, 3 Gb/s ports) Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 (small OC to 2.8 MHz) OCZ 2P8004GK 4GK 2x2GB PC256 8800GTS 512 WD7500AAKS Corsair 620HX power supply AC Zalman CNPS9700NT The PC is working...
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    Suggestions for 24-inch LCD

    I plan to replace my current HP W2207h monitor with a bigger LCD. my applications are mostly browsing and office works. I went to my firend's house and I was impressed with his Dell 2407WFP. This Dell 2407 is a few years old so probably I will not be able to get one. Any suggestions of a...
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    TJ Max?

    What is the real TJ max of a Q6600-G0? According to CoretTemp 0.97.1, this is 100C. According to Real Temp 2.24, this is 95C.
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    Display Optimization Wizard

    Did anyone try this Display Optimization Wizard from the nVidia Contorlk Panel? I tried it and it said it would replace my ICC profile. I stopped here because I have no idea what is a ICC profile.
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    w2207H spreaker

    Just bought a w2207H with LG panel, the monitor is great so far but the speaker(s) is awful. Can someone recommend me some a decent speaker (prefer small size)? I am using onboard audio of P5E-WS soI do not need big sound.
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    E8400: High Temp???

    Just set up a computer with P5K-E, E8400 (OEM), Freezer Pro-7.... Installed CoreTemp 0.97.1, the temp is 49-45C. Why so high? I feel around the heat sink and the surrounding area, it is not even warm to the touch.
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    CPU Temp

    My PC: P5E-WS, Q6600-G0@2.88GHz, Zalmans 9700NT, eVGA 8800GTS-512MB, Antec P182.... While idle: In CoreTemp, the CPU core temp are 33, 34, 33, 33C In PC Probe 2, the CPU temp is 25C and the MB temp is 35C. There is a 10C difference in the CPU temp as reported by CoreTemp and PC Probe 2...
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    I am waiting for a E8400 and my local store just called me that they have received only the OEM version of this processor. Is OEM any good? I do plan to put on a Freezer Pro 7.
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    DVI-HDMI Cables

    I see that there are different grades in DVI-HDMI cables: 22, 24, 30 AWG. Does this make much difference? Should I pay more for a 30 AMG? I will be using this cable to connect my new monitor (w2207h) to my PC (8800GTS-512MB).
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    Monitors on Sales

    I am located in Toronto. I am in the market for a 22-inch monitor and I just noticed that these monitor are on sales: 1. HP H2207h - $315 Best Buy 2. Samsung 2232gw - $300 FutureShop 3. Samsung 2253bw - $270 Futureshop I know for w2207h, I should look for GTM00x, the LG...
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    P182: Air Flow

    I just built a new PC with the following components: P182, P5E-WS, Q6600-G0 @2.88GHz, Zalman 9700NT, 8800GTS-512MB, 2x2GB OCZ, WD-750GB SATA, 2 SATA DVD-Writers, Cosair 620W. From CoreTemp; my core temps at idle are 31-34C, at load (Prime-95) are 49-54C. Ambient is 21C. I added another...
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    2nd Ethernet Port

    My P5E-WS comes with 2 ethernet ports. I am wondering if it makes a difference if I plug my DSL connection to port-2 instead of port-1?
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    Thermal Grease Cure Time?

    I just installed a new Zalman 9700NT using the thermal grease that came with the cooler. I read that when installing a new CPU HSF, it takes time for the thermal grease to settle. How long is this cure time and is there any special way to speed this up?
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    Monitor Size vs Font Size

    I am in the market for a LCD to replace my Dell 19-inch Ultra Sharp. I am old and I am concerned about font sizes. For instance, I find the font size of my 19-inch to be good and when I work with a 17-inch monitor, I found the font size too small for my eyes. 17" 1280x1024 0.264 19"...
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    3.5" Drive Bay: What to Do?

    I am interesting to know what you install in the 3.5-inch drive bay in your PC case? I can think of 2 drives: floppy drive and multi-media drive. I cannot even remember what was the last time I used a floppy disk. As for the multi-media drive, once it is installed, Windows will allocate...
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    Samsung 22-Inch

    Now that I have given up on the w2207, I am looking into the Samsung monitors. Apparently, w2207h does not come with Samsung panels. I see that 2232bw replaces the 226bw. It received good review in How about the 2253bw?
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    No more w2207?

    I checked around Best Buy, Futureshop, Staples both in Toronto and Montreal and they all have w2207h but no w2207. Did HP discontinue w2207? Futureshop has the Innoux panel (ITM001) and Staples has the LG panel (GTM002). It was not stated specifically in the other long, long w2207...
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    Which P5K?

    According to my local store: P5K-SE = $114 P5K = $129 P5K-E/Wi-Fi = $153 I am building a gaming PC with E8400, eVGA 8800GT-512 MG. I plan to OC from 3.0 Ghz to 3.4-3.5 GHz. The difference between the P5K and P5K-E are: 1. Wi-Fi 2. 8 phase power design 3. Stack Cool 2, up to 20C...
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    E6850 and E8400...

    I see that E6850 and E8400 are both rated as 3.0 GHz. E6850 costs more and it has 4 MB L2 cache. E8400, on the other hand, costs less but it has 6 MB L2 cache. Besides L2 cache, what are the real differences between these 2 CPU? Why would E6850 cost more but with less L2 cache?
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    My current conifguration: Asus P5E-WS Professional Q6600-G0@2.8GHz Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro 2 x 2GB OCZ Vista Performance Platinum Edition eVGA 8800GTS-512MG All SATA stroage devices P182 with one additional fan, all 4 fans set to low At idle, the core temps are 38-40C at idle and at full...
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    New HSF for 8800GT

    My local store told me that the newer 8800GT comes with better HSF which makes it run cooler and quieter. Is this true? Which makes come with this new HSF?
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    HP w2207h

    I have been looking for a w2207 in my local stores with no success. They only have w2207h with HDMI connection. Can someone tell me if the w2207h comes with a DVI-HDMI converter?
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    Why HDMI?

    I am looking for a 22-inch LCD and I have decided on a HP-W2207. I looked around the local stores here in Toronto (including Best Buy and FutureShop) and all of them had no w2207. All they have was w2207h with HDMI and no DVI. My understanding is HDMI is used for TV and not PC. I do not see...
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    I just bought a Antec MX-1 hard disk enclosure to house a WD50000AAKS. When I rebooted my PC, I saw that the Marvel driver was installed during boot time. I copied 21GB from my local drive to this external drive and it took 6 minutes. Not even close to the 3 GB/S as per SATA-2 standard. When...
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    Better HSF for 8800GT

    My local store told me that the newer 8800GT has better HSF so it's less hot and less loud. Is this true?
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    Samsung 226bw

    This 226bw is on sales now in Futureshop. The part number is LS22MEWSFV/XAA. Can we tell if this has Samsung panel by this part number? Futureshop link is
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    How to buy a good W2207?

    The official thread is way too long but I did learn from it that there is panel lottery again for the W2207. Looks to me that the Samsung panel is the one to get and we should look for Rev STM001 on the box. Correct?
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    OS for gaming.

    Don't know where I should start this thread. My friend is getting a new PC for gaming and he has to choose between OS (XP or Vista). Are most games available in Vista?
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    HDD light flashes even at idle...

    Just set up my P5E-WS with the following components (all SATA devices): P5E-WS, Q6600-G0, Freezer Pro 7, 2x2 GB OCZ2P8004GK, eVGA 8800 GTS-512MB, WD5000AAKS, 2 SATA DVD_writers, Cosior-620W, Antec P182 I noticed that the front HDD light flashes (about every second) even the computer is...
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    I read about the panel lottery of 226BW. Does anyone know if this issue still exists?
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    Temp: CPU vs Core...

    I learned that CPU temp is measured at the geometric center on the topside of the processor integrated heat spreader. Depending on the load, the difference between this temp and the CPU core is typical 10-15c. So, when we talk about CPU temp, which one are we referring to? I read...
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    Speedfan readings for a new PC.

    Just set up a new PC; these are my SpeedFan readings: OC: FSB=300, CPU@2.7GHz. Running Prime95 in Core1. System=33c CPU=44c AUX=127c HD0=32c Core 0=54c Core 1=55c Core 2=44c Core 3=44c Core=57c Are these temperatures OK? My PC: P5E-WS, Q6600-Q0, Freezer 7 Pro, P182.
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    I just setup my new P5E-WS sysyem. I like to control the CPU fan speed by Q-Fan. I enabled Q-Fan and set the CPU Q-Fan profile to Optimal. I found the CPU fan settings are too low in this profile; CPU Fan = 1156 RPM when CPU = 49C, CPU Fan = 1148 when CPU = 48c. Is there any way...
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    Need help in Speedfan...

    Just installed Speedfan and I have a few questions (PC Case = Antec P182, MB = P5E-WS): 1. There are 4 fan speeds and how do I find out which ones they control? It seems like Speed02 controls both the rear fan and top fan of my case. 2. I like to keep Speed02 to 65% to reduce noise...
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    Configure SATA Devices

    I just setup my new Asus P5E-WS. According to the user guide: STAT 1,2 Boot disk SATA 3,4 Boot /Data disk SATA 5,6 Boot disk Not sure the differences between boot disk and boot/data disk. My PC contains only one hard disk and 2 DVD writer. When installing...
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    Palit 8800GT

    Palit 8800GT-512MB is in stock in my local store. Don't know too much about htis company; all I read is this has an improved cooling system and 3 phase power supply. Anyone has experience with this card or manufacturer? Too bad there is no review to state exactly how much temperature and...
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    8800GTS: eVGA or BFG

    Besides the step-up program offered by eVGA, are there any other reasons to buy eVGA over BFG?
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    Is 27-inch too big?

    I have been using the Dell Ultrasharp 19-inch for the past 1-2 years and I must say that this is a great monitor. I am thinking to upgrade my monitor and I have yet decided on the size. The pixel size of the 24-inch will be too small for my eyes. This leaves me with 22-inch and 27-inch...
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    Confused about Samsung model numbers

    Just look at the 22-inch, so far I see: 225MS, 225UW, 225BW, 226BW, 226CW, 2280HD, 2220WM..... I know some of them have build-in speakers. But why so many models? Is there a chart somewhere to track the differences in these monitors?