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    Please, help me locate a part

    Thanks for looking. I'm on my vacation right now, in beautiful Alberta, & when I get back home I want to repair a GPU I have. However with all of my travelling and limited connection I've had no luck sourcing a replacement part. I believe I located the issue as a the part pictured below as...
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    780Ti Classified w/ EKWB, DDR3 Ram

    Moved items from my FS thread in forums to Ebay. I'll be taking a three-week trip in September so I wanted to sell these before then. EVGA 780Ti Classified with EKWB Plexi and Backplate. Water cooled for nearly its entire life. No crazy dyes used...
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    Used Xeon pricing?

    Why is it some 'modern' E5-16**v3 processors are cheaper out in the used markets than the E3-12**v2? Is this a Supply & Demand issue where the older Ivy Bridge units aren't circulating, or does it have to do with the higher expense of 2011-3 boards reducing interest?
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    Getting Started - update regularly

    Evening everyone. With the holidays here I decided to update my home server and transition some of the computing tasks in the house over to virtualization. I'm open to any advice you may offer and do have some questions. I don't have any training/knowledge beyond using Ubuntu Linux as a...
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    XSPC Kit Question

    Back in March of this year I purchased an XSPC EX360 kit to make my transition from AIO or Tower Coolers to the full loops everyone loves. The decision to purchase a kit was made to simplify my installation and reduce and complications while having compatibility with future changes. Now that...