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    Logic Supply giving away fanless NUC for picture of dirtiest PC

    The "World's Dirtiest PC" contest was announced yesterday. Uploading a picture of a dusty or otherwise dirty computer enters you to win a weekly prize pack and the grand prize winner gets one of their CL100 systems. World’s Dirtiest PC Contest
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    good, small, powerful mini-itx case (non-black)

    From what I understand, Logic Supply is going to be releasing an orange variant of their MC500 case in the near future -
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    Are there any NUC style PCs with dual NICs?

    Logic Supply was already mentioned, but they've just announced a new system with a dual NIC option - Introducing the Next Generation Industrial NUC: The ML100 EDIT 5/1: Anandtech did a review of the i5, vPro version - Anandtech Reviews the Logic Supply ML100G-30 EDIT 6/15: A review of the...