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    jumping from amd x3 720

    looking to build a intel rig this time around, have not had one since the first pentium 4 im crossed between the i5 4690 or a i7 i think 4770? it waas around 300 500 is my budget for a cpu memory and mainboard probably will be getting it at microcenter even with taxes its cheaper then...
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    Dead Rising 3 PC

    anyone getting it? i want to get it but worried it will be a port from XB1
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    think my PS is dieing thats my old PS, im going to replace the fan in it if its still not under warranty (i doubt it is. it was bought in 09) but i also am thinking of going with a new one eventually any suggestions? i would like to go modular
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    A10 7850K for medium gaming

    is it worth it? microcenter has with with a mainboard for 150 i was going to go with a FX 6300 with a 4850 i have laying around, but i was trying to keep to on low power usage, and also all my wife...
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    Sim City 15 bucks @MS store i bit, at 15 bucks, was gonna wait for 5 but doubt that would happen
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    PC Games just are not the same

    is there any real solid pc games out there with replay value? im downloading dota 2 right now, my friend and i are looking for a co-op game. we tried orcs must die and payday 2. beat em, or got tired. guess its because we are the diablo 2 generation/quake2/q3/unreal ect, seems like games just...
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    help with wd 3tb hdd

    so i plug it up and boot up, i get into windows (7 64 bit) device manager sees it but it does not turn up in my computer where my other hdd's are at how can i get this thing to recognize, im just using it for mass storage secondary drive basically to dump movies on for plex cpu/mainboard as...
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    xfx 6970 issue

    so i got two of these cards to run xfire, but one of them i think the temp sensor is broken reads -128c but what doesnt make sense is the fan is at full speed, i tried msi afterburner to adjust the fan speed. but it just wont slow down its SOOOO LOUD, i had to take the card out and just run one...
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    would like to upgrade video card

    i have 4850 1gb in crossfire would like to go to a single card set up with equal to better performance i play at 1080 cant really tell you off the bat what games i actually play but the games i have that i used to play where diablo 3 SC, COD. GTA (looking to be able to play the new one...
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    gonna jumpship

    i currently have AMD X3 730 @ 3.4GHZ 8GB DDR# MSI 790fx-gd70 XFX 4850 1GB Xfire i was thinking of getting a 680, wanna go single card setup maybe get another 680 a year from now or something, by then ill be on a intel setup but anyways, will my processor be a bottle neck?
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    Crucial M4 512GB 2.5" SATA III Solid State Drive (SSD) - CT512M4SSD2 $529.99 @

    List Price:$681.25 You Save 22% Our Price:$529.99 + FREE SHIPPING Total Price: $529.99 open a new account and get another 10 bucks off if there still doing that
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    not computer audio but for the gym use

    well im keeping my options open and im looking for 2 totally different style of headphones is there decent ear buds out there for under 50ish? (wired and tangle free) i listen to alot of rock/metal/punk and a wireless set? but i gotta be able to have them loud and ive noticed streaming...
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    how are the swiftech watercooling ktis?

    i wanna move up from the H70 i have was thinking of getting one of these to start with what do you guys think?
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    Worth upgradeing?

    Ihave a 720be @3.3ghz. ... I wanna get a new video card like 6850 or newer to play games at max settings at 1080 or higher (thinking of getting that 30 inch dell) i currently have two 4850 1gb from xfx in xfire, so i was wondering if i got a x4 at like 3.7 and oc it to 4ghz + if it would be...
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    how do i make my headphones louder?

    well for the time being im using earbuds there not loud even with volume turned up max on the pc would anyone be able to help me pick out some nice headphones (over the ear type) i dont care about surround sound, i listen to mostly music more then play games also ive seen these little head...
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    looking at lenovo outlet, need help choosing

    i really dont know the processors out there for laptops, there is so many, i was trying to stay with a i3 but my gf is really needing a laptop now, and it doesn't look like she wants to wait a few more weeks what she does mainly on the computer is Facebook(duh) lol, WoW, Second life and Skype...
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    want to run nvidia 3d vision.. what do i need as for moniters and video card

    doing this for a friend he wasnt to get 3 of these...
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    D-link DGL-4500...not happy

    cant install dd-wrt think im just gonna sell it or trade it i cant throttle the bandwidth either i really wanted a router with a usb so i can share the printer and also xbox live lags me the hell out of my games when im playing on my comp i need to be able to throttle it .. i had the...
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    need something to set speed for certain devices

    im using ddwrt on wrt54gs i want to set the speed of what the xbox can use, like 100KBS down and 40KBS up the kid is always downloading demos and playing live. therefore it lagging the shit out of me when i play on the comp but i can only seem to set it on just everything wireless and i...
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    cant afford SSD what are my options?

    i just want to do raid 0 for gaming and well running a os on i cant afford a ssd ive heard the spinpoint f3 are fast in raid 0 is this true?maybe get 2 500GB? or should i get two used 74gig raptors?
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    which would be better?

    i dont really play any games that need DX11 but ATM i have CF xfx4850 (512mb) and i have this Galaxy 465 laying here that a friend left not doing anything (because he deployed) so i was thinking of just sticking it in my comp, but would it be worth the trouble? will there be any gains?
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    new vid card for 200-250ish

    I have two xfx 4850 512mb is there anything better for that price range then running these in crossfire? Do nvidia cards work? I have 720be 2.8@ 3.5ghz 4gb ram and msi 790fx
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    Mybook 2TB pulled apart to put inside the desktop

    so i got the WD 2tb drive external... but i took it apart to put it in the computer, i boot up but its not showing in windows (vista 64bit) but the bios can see it... does it need to be formatted some how?
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    Magellan SE4 89.99

    anyone know if its a good gps? im thinking of picking it up
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    D2D - Batman Arkham Asylum 50 % off today only ive been waiting for a deal on this for awhile
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    can i put a nvidia card in?

    heres my set up AMD Phenom II 720 BE MSI 790fx-GD70 SLI 4850 can i also add a 3rd video card in being nvidia for physx?
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    cant flash bios

    i have 1.4 im trying to flash to 1.7 using m-flash but it keeps saying i have the wrong version.. then the comp locks up MSI 790FX-GD70 i even tried flashing to 1.6... same thing should i try flashing through dos?
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    buying a laptop ... which has better gpu

    im not even sure there gpu's lol Intel GMA 4500M or x3100 i wanna buy an external blu ray player for it later on and was wondering which would be able to play them better i was looking at these two...
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    good setup?

    LG 22X DVD±R DVD Burner with LightScribe Black SATA Model GH22LS30 - OEM - $25 Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD6400AAKS 640GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - $75 Thermaltake TR2 W0070RUC 430W ATX12V Power Supply- $40.99 OCZ Reaper HPC 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2...
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    Caller ID?

    i have a reg phone that doesnt have a caller id on it i was wondering if i looped the phone though my comp is there a program out there that can tell me who is calling
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    bought a new HDD

    160gig WD i went to install it but it doesnt see more then 137GB do i need a new IDE controller card?
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    just bought a lappy

    toshiba A75-s206 i love it but this is the second one in 4 days and already same problem blown pixel =( gonna go back to best buy later this week
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    widescreen wallpapers?

    got a new widescreen lappy 1280x800 any cool backgrounds you wanna share
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    fastest laptop but yet still cheap

    im prolly gonna pick this up today i can only get it at bestbuy cause im using my moms card there but its 1249 after the rebate
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    how do i block access on a harddrive

    i wanna share my harddrive out to my comps on my room but i dont want the computer upstairs to gain access to it can i put a password on it? if so how?