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    Gigabyte Motherboard Fan Control

    Gigabyte Z87N-WIFI Apparently the CPU_FAN connector is a standard PWM four pin controller which the BIOS does an okay job of controlling. However, the SYS_FAN connector just applies +5V to the PWM pin causing the PWM case fans to run at 100%. Even then the BIOS seems to do squat about...
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    Flipped PSU Mod

    I was reading a review on the Lian-Li PC-76 server case and it suggested flipping the PSU mounting bracket to allow better airflow with PSUs that fans on the bottom. This really isn't an issue on my PC-75 since the bottom of the PSU cage is ventillated. The thing that was bugging me was the...
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    No case to mod - Going insane.

    I'm freaking out over here. I want to grab a case and start tearing into it. My modding addiction needs FEEDING! :mad: Does anyone know a case that can be acquired for cheap that isn't too bad? I could pick up an Antec locally, but Circuity City rips you off. Suggestions? Going to freak...
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Here is my case. Nothing too special. I know the big mess of wires next to the power supply is bad, but I did hide some behind the motherboard tray and properly routed them through the case. The can fan wires are completely hidden! Wire hiding is much of a big thing for me, just wire...