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  1. Carouselambra

    Switching back to Android from Windows. What phone?

    Like the title says. I have a Lumia 950 that I love. However it's gotten to the point where the app store is my breaking point. I use my phone for Calling, Texting, Pictures, and Instagram. I don't use the internet much and I don't play games on it. However, recently I've run into things I...
  2. Carouselambra

    Mad Max game

    Does anyone know what is going on with the PC release of this? Even there site links to all the places to pre-order yet they are only carrying PS4 and XboxOne.. Could this be another Arkham Night?
  3. Carouselambra

    Odd Win 8.1 Booting issue

    I'm having an odd issue that for the life of me I cannot figure out. The issue: Windows will not display anything on boot up except a periodic flashing of the network icon This began after I did a "Restart and Install Updates" on Tuesday. This is a NAS box so this is what I've noticed...
  4. Carouselambra

    Temp monitor software

    Can someone point me in the direction of a temp monitor program that can display everything through an overlay on the desktop or possible an overlay that can be toggled in a game? I'd like to keep and eye on my temps for my cpu, system and video card while I'm in a game or at the very least...
  5. Carouselambra

    Joystick for fps?

    Has anyone tried to use a joystick for wasd? Or does anyone know if it will work? My reasons will take far too long to explain but I'm essentially looking to do joystick + mouse for fps games (replacing the keyboard with a joystick). Thought?
  6. Carouselambra

    Mod: Battle Phenom XL

    In this mod I will attempt to combine 2 Bitfenix Phenom Micro ATX cases into 1 Full ATX horizontally mounted mid tower. I will then attempt to cram 2 240 radiators and a 4 drive Intel hot-swap caddy inside. Hope you enjoy!
  7. Carouselambra

    Painting Rubberized Texture?

    I have a project I'm working on and I will need to paint it in the coming weeks. However the case that I'm working with has the rubberized texture on it. I was wondering if anyone has experience working with this in their mods. How should I go about painting over it, working with it in...
  8. Carouselambra

    Raidmax Hyperion

    I'm looking to start a new project soon and I'm looking into using this case. Has anyone seen anything on it or do they know if there is anywhere else besides Newegg to buy it? Newegg only seems to have the black and blue version. I'd like to get the...
  9. Carouselambra

    Scratch Build: Caustic Elegance

    This custom built case is in preparation for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. I originally started this case about 2 years ago with the idea to make a case that would eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of dust that collects inside a case. Recently I picked the project back up and the following...
  10. Carouselambra

    internationally Unlocked Phone

    Can an internationally unlocked phone be used on straight talk/ net10 / cricket? Specifically
  11. Carouselambra

    Straight Talk/ Net10 Question

    My ATT contract is up in November and I intend on switching to either Net10 or Straighttalk. I would like to eventually get a new phone but I'm wonder what carriers I'm limited to. Can I take a Verizon phone to Net10 or am I limited to ATT and Sprint phones? I'm interested in the Lumia Icon...
  12. Carouselambra

    Water Cooling Product Question

    Does anyone know if these 2 products would work together and is it a smart idea if done. EVGA 100-WC-S201-BR Watercooling Kit Kraken™ G10
  13. Carouselambra

    Price Check on Gaming Laptop

    I'm thinking about selling my laptop to fund a desktop build and wondering if it's worth selling. MSI GT70 CPU: 2.4 GHz Core i7-3630QM Memory: 12 GB DDR3 Video: GTX 670MX 3GB SSD: 120GB Mushkin HDD: 500GB Seagate Screen Size: 17" Native Res: 1920x1080 Warranty: 2/24/2015
  14. Carouselambra

    Home Network / VPN Question

    I have a newer router that is 10/100/1000 currently set up on my network. I would like to add an old firewall that is 10/100. I would like to have the old firewall parallel to the router and not in line so that my connection is not slowed between the modem and router. I am setting up VPN on...