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  1. gwarren007

    Best bang for the buck Budget video card?

    I do no gaming but recently upgraded my integrated Cpu/Gpu to a Cpu and separate GPU. I am typing this on a ATI300 on win 10. I need passive. No games, surfing and email. YT videos
  2. gwarren007

    Looking a 27 to 30" Monitor

    I'm looking a 27 to 30" Monitor, non-gaming, but for use with spreadsheets and written documentation. Sub $250 p2719h is what i'm thinking is good?
  3. gwarren007

    Thermaltake 350w 18.47 YMMV

    Great for the emachines that need a better psu- At Radioshack
  4. gwarren007

    Xeon 3440, CM212+

    Xeon 3440, CM212+, is retail cpu good working condition. Comes with 212+HS and 1156 bracket, $150
  5. gwarren007 sales thru Dec 4 sales thru Dec 4 Jackets, beanies, work shirts, etc... FREE SHIPPING
  6. gwarren007

    E6500 Pentium DC, DDR3-1333 CL7

    3gb Gskill DDR3 -1333 CL7 (1.5v-1.6v) - $30 shipped For those who don't know, Mi badge
  7. gwarren007


    Looking for ms office, prefer 2007 or better for little $$.
  8. gwarren007

    [H]ard Folding Offical Freebie Thread

    Welcome to the Official [H]ard Folding Freebie thread. The place to get what you need or want for as low as possible (just pay shipping) Everything on this thread can be yours for the price of shipping. You cannot post items you wish to sell here. Only items that you will give away if the...
  9. gwarren007

    Sporatic work? Why do I still get this?

    processed 1 W/U Running WinXP, 3gb ram, VmWare - usually a 8k ppd machine, now at 2k ppd :(
  10. gwarren007

    Antec Earthwatts 430 Nib for trade or ???

    I have 3 Antec Earthwatts 430watt PSU's NIB !!! sold.
  11. gwarren007

    Smp bonus issue?

    I have noticed the last few of my wu's have not posted a bonus, and it only took 7hr to process them. These are non big adv. Anyone else see this? 6014's
  12. gwarren007

    Any folders in Columbus OH with a old case?

    Any folders in Columbus OH with a old case? Needs Full atx - thats all. No PSU :)
  13. gwarren007

    Rosewill Case 15.99 Free shipping!!

    Great to mod or use for boxen, 15.99FS
  14. gwarren007

    PNY 8600gt 40.99---->15.99AR

    Newegg shellshocker today is the PNY 8600gt which comes to 15.99 AR SOLD OUT !!
  15. gwarren007

    DDR2 needed

    I need a single stick of DDR2-800, a 1gb (or 2 X 1gb) stick for a deticated folder. PM me to tell me what you have. I need it really cheap, please. I had to buy a motherboard for my processor because the Nvidia chipset on the motherboard I have doesn't like the processor. I have a P6NG...
  16. gwarren007

    8600gt for Shellshocker WED am

    This appears to be the card for the shellshocker for Wed AM (midnight-noon) And there is a MIR for 3 card limit So traditionally...
  17. gwarren007

    Wanted: Gpu Folding card cheap!

    Gpu Folding card cheap! Looking for a ~9600gso or 88-98XX series for cheap. Pm what you have and your price shipped to 85719. (35-50shipped is my target)
  18. gwarren007

    DFI P55 ITX WOW!

    This is nice. Can you imagine a 860, GTX260, Coolermaster 212+ and 8gb of ram on this beast? BIGADV here we come. Now if we could only get 4gb sticks of ram for $100ea.
  19. gwarren007

    Merry Christmas

    My wife and I wish all of the [H]ard Folding families a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
  20. gwarren007

    Q6600, Heatsink, and ddr2

    Up for sale today: Q6600/GO (SLACR) $SOLD
  21. gwarren007

    p55 hard lock while installing Vista/7

    Any insight why an Evga p55 would hard lock while installing win 7 or vista business? I tried ide and raid mode, and this combo has run Xp for a week, no issues. X3440 p55 le 250gb hd 3gb ram (gskill) EA500 8400gs
  22. gwarren007

    Any advantages of SMP-8 over Notfreds?

    Any advantages of SMP-8 over Notfreds?
  23. gwarren007

    Wanted : 1156 bracket for Scythe

    Wanted : 1156 bracket for Scythe Mini/Mugen I know they are 10.00 at NE, But i'm unemployed and was hoping one of you had one :D
  24. gwarren007

    FS: Athlon 620

    Athlon 620 used SOLD Retail box with heatsink 2gb 667 Kingston ram (2X1)SOLD
  25. gwarren007

    Fixing time in VM's

    This just bugs me, but how do I fix the times in the VM's? Correct time right now here is 16:35 INTEL just downloaded the client not 1 hour ago, but it says it was downloaded 7.25 hours ago
  26. gwarren007

    15 google wave invites for DC'ers

    11 google wave invites for DC'ers FCFS. Post here then pm your addy. They don't go out right away, so be patient.
  27. gwarren007

    HTPC!! Biostar 8200c AM2 $49.99

    Biostar 8200c AM2, perfect for HTPC. Comes out to ~40.50 10% off code BLACKFRIDAY , also eligible for BCB
  28. gwarren007

    Dickies 25% off orders over $100

    Dickies 25% off orders over $100, check out the clearance section for more deals.
  29. gwarren007

    Hot power supply sale!!!EA380,EA 430,EA500

    Hot power supply sale!!!EA380,EA 430,EA500 All done!!
  30. gwarren007

    Need to help another folder....

    Need to help another folder.... I'm trying to walk a folder thru the Vmware client installation, but he just can't get it. I asked him it it would be OK to have someone remote desktop in to set it up for him, and he agreed. Sadly, I don't know how to remote desktop. I think he set it up...
  31. gwarren007

    PD805, AMD 4000+, DDR2

    Moved to main FS/FT
  32. gwarren007

    P5LD2 and celeron 2.53 775

    P5LD2 and celeron 2.53 (SL7TL) $40 shipped in 48 states.
  33. gwarren007

    Question for Athlon 620/630 owners and VM's

    What is you PPD running a single VM and all 4 cores? Stock/Overclock
  34. gwarren007

    Notfreds and FahMon configuring...

    It seems as though I have it set up right, and it did make a difference Smp Log And Notfreds VM I know there is a difference between the A1 units and the A2 units, but 32 minutes a frame to 17.5 minutes a frame? I'm just having a issue setting up fahmon to read the Vm. I went by...
  35. gwarren007

    I need a monitor...

    I generally stay away form the monitor discussions, but I am giving away my HannsG HW191 (family), and I want a bigger screen :D No gaming, just web surfing and 720p movie playback are the requirements . I have ~190.00 to spend and would like the 22"-24" range. I was looking (but not...
  36. gwarren007

    I need a monitor...

  37. gwarren007

    WD6401/CM690 $100 @ NE

    WD6401AALS/ coolermaster 690 combo deal
  38. gwarren007

    Corsair 400CX $30AR/FS

  39. gwarren007

    Regor2.9+ biostar TA790GXB for HTPC?

    newegg has this combo for 119.99AR: Good for HTPC?
  40. gwarren007

    Photochop help-

    here is a screenshot of win 7 media center (poor I know) Can anyone make a wallpaper without the words? Dark blue and black around the edges (no Green)