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  1. iRUSH

    2015 mbp 13" or 2017 mbp 13"

    EDIT: I originally bought the 2017 13" MBP. It ran HOT and the keyboard clicked once the laptop heated up. Google that, it's an issue with the 2016 and 2017 models. Not all, but some. I returned it for the 2015 and this is a much better laptop between the two. Aside from the clicking which I...
  2. iRUSH

    7700hq idle speed?

    What's your idle speed? Mine hangs right around 1600 mhz. My 6700hq idles at 800 mhz. My laptop is a Clevo unit and I called the manufacture to verify and theirs in house idle at 1600 mhz too. I find this odd and wanted to confirm with the community.
  3. iRUSH

    [Microcenter] ROG G20 desktop with i7 + GTX 960 $799!

    I think you'd have a pretty had time beating this pre-built in this form factor for the money. What do you think? ROG G20
  4. iRUSH

    1440p ips with a glossy panel?

    I cannot seem to find one with a glossy panel. Price aside, can these even be found anymore? I very much dislike the matte cover that's on these displays and the environment the monitor would reside in suites this panel type. I prefer it as I enjoy the colors more. Any help?
  5. iRUSH

    looking for a Cpu + motherboard

    I'm new here and the for sale section won't let me post. I'm looking for a dual or quad core Sandy/Ivy bridge with a motherboard. Nothing fancy. My budget is $150. I have a very reputable ebay and paypal account if that matters. I suppose if this gets locked up it's understandable...