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  1. AngeloBJ

    i5 8600K issues, questions, and request for recommendations

    Issues: I have an 8600K that I picked up this past summer. It ran stock until about a month ago when I decided to try to get an OC out of it. I started with a Mugen 5 Rev. B cooler. I was able to get it up to 5ghz before hitting hitting 80c but I had to push 1.135v to it. But at that speed I...
  2. AngeloBJ

    011 Dynamic Second Side Panel

    Does anyone know where one might purchase a second glass side panel for the 011 Dynamic? Most of the retailers I've contacted offer no help. I've also emailed Lian Li directly, but I thought some of you might have more info.
  3. AngeloBJ

    Destiny 2 on PC = Free

    Which is about $30 more than it's actually worth but news is news.... It's for PC only and only available through November 18. Read the full article here: If you already have the launcher you'll see a gift box...
  4. AngeloBJ

    Clock's Dropping on my 8600K

    Let me preface this by saying...I haven't OC's a processor since Intel released the Pentium 3, so my knowledge is a little...dated. I'm running an i5 8600k on an Asrock Z370 Extreme4. I have been planning my first water cooled rig and after reading about modern overclocking, and seeing what...
  5. AngeloBJ

    Project: Fu*k Cancer

    I've been in IT a LOOONG time. And I've done it all at some point in my career so of course it always seems like I'm working on someone else's $hi+ So I decided that it was time to quit cramming my PC under my desk, and build something nice. A show piece if you will. Something I can be proud of...