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    The Patriot Act May Be Dead Forever

    Mr. Smith would be proud. Good for RP.
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    'The Eagle Has Landed’: The Apollo 11 Mission, 45 Years Later

    Pink Floyd played live in the studio during the BBC's Apollo 11 coverage . :) The moon landing was a great day. God Speed Neil Armstrong.
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    Iraq Blocks Twitter, Google, YouTube and Facebook

    The Iraq Gov can't block ISIS ... so they do this ? ISIS just praised Twitter by tweeting ~ Wonder if anybody is Tweeting from inside the Embassy in Bahgdad ?
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    Iraq Blocks Twitter, Google, YouTube and Facebook

    ;) Not sure that The Washington Post, as an example, is exactly a bastion of "conservative" politicians/hacks.
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    US Secretly Created 'Cuban Twitter' To Stir Unrest

    The best wars today are Twitter Wars.... and that's a good place for them. Cuba, yeah that's an old sorta war . Lift the embargo that's been in place since JFK was president. That made sense then during the Missile Crisis , it doesn't make sense now.
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    NASA: Happy Valentine's Day...From Mars

    Mars .. that crazy coo coo planet.
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    Celebrities Want NSA Spying To Stop

    Celebrities in Holly Rock made a PA over NSA Spying . They are outraged , outraged .:eek: Yet strangely they failed to mention the current president. They must be so conflicted. ;)
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    Celebrities Want NSA Spying To Stop

    Truth there. Still, I also enjoyed Oliver Stone in that video. ;) Rather like Oliver's film JFK .. being among the biggest pile of bullshit ever filmed. Though it was entirely entertaining. :)
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    Celebrities Want NSA Spying To Stop

    Only Richard Nixon , as presidents go , was mentioned by name in that video. Odd that. :)
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    Facebook to Release FISA/PRISM Request Orders in Report

    Facebook didn't do this because they're warm & fuzzy.
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    PRISM: Here’s What You Need to Know

    PRISM is only the name of one program .. one of how many ? And what they actually do ? Prism , is just a name. When members of Congress that are now actually being briefed ... come out looking pale .... ? Well, it's not looking for. American citizens...
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    PRISM: Here’s What You Need to Know

    The biggest joke is that : So what are they looking for ?
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    PRISM: Here’s What You Need to Know

    "Govt has to scrape all your phone calls and emails because govt forgot to enforce immigration law on 20 expired visas in 2001."
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    Steve Jobs Dead

    It's not fair at all .. nor am I claiming that it is, Rather, if we were all persons of great wealth and that that wealth may have the power to save our lives ... ... would we try ? Or would we say: well I'm rich .. so I'll just die now ?
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    Steve Jobs Dead

    Well, what good is money if you can't buy a new liver? And if others so blessed with wealth don't try to save themselves ... ?? No no really .. I have all this wealth but I won't lift a finger to try and save myself .. I'm just cool like that.
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    Google Offers Free Calls Home To U.S. Military

    :) Oh dear. Well, that' s nice of Google. I guess they're trying to be nice, and that's good. Nothing wrong with being positive and using power for good. And there is no doubt that Google is a power. But it rather recalls this recent article from Foriegn Policy ~...
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    Bin Laden News Spikes Internet Traffic

    Seriously, people believe we pulled Osama’s ugly dead ass out of a freezer , where apparently he’s been dead for years, just so Navy Seals could put on a show and fake killing him again in Pock-ee-stan. And the U.S. made Osama Bin Laden ? That billionaire bad boy didn’t...
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    24 Geeky Wisconsin Protest Signs

    Captain America meets G. Gordon Liddy.
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    Remembering the Challenger Disaster

    I was watching and waiting for the delayed launch. So I drove down to the corner store for milk, and saw it explode while driving down the highway. Though I didn't realize it, or wouldn't, at the time. I thought it was a plane from the Martin County Airport, or anything else. So I...
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    WikiLeaks Supporters Downloading Botnet Toolkit

    Julian Assange doesn't care if he goes down, because he takes the establishment , so to speak, with him. Everyone goes with him. An aside and as to the mention of the Japenese in WWII. December 7th isn’t mentioned much anymore, it fading more into history. Still the few...
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    Day of Remembrance: September 11, 2001

    9/11 American National Anthem Buckingham Palace
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    Day of Remembrance: September 11, 2001

    United Nations on 9/11 All over the world people and governments stopped what they were doing to pray for and give a tribute to America.
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    Ranking system

    Look right above your post at the sticky.;)
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    Harry Potter Pirate Could Be Found

    Oh darn. Now the Insurgents / smugglers of IEDs / nor snipers in Iraq, will use Canon products to photograph their handy work for uploading to the web, least their identity be discovered. Oh wait, we could just ask reporters.
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    4x4 Pics (con't)

    Yes indeed: Ditto for the other thread. Please recall the :
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    Aftermarket Video Card Coolers Why Bother?

    Recommended further reading
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    Alittle of DC inspiration for your day.

    A little dedication for Scorpionjwp ;)
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    Where'd all the sane people go?

    I am sorry, but I just cannot let this " factual inaccuracy " pass; since clearly StealthyFish you are obsessed with what you perceive that to be, and as long as it doesn't pertain to you..... and since you've decided to use me to misrepresent the case. 1) Thanks to “ Destroyo” , the...
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    AMD confirms quad-core on AM2

    Someone forgot a promise, sincerely made, or not. :(
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    How hard is building a computer?

    A few basic links, some guides are illustrated:,_Help,_and_Tutorials/Build_Your_Own_PC/,aid,82184,00.asp gl :)
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    Idiotic Computer Stuff

    Yep. ;)
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    first boot up problem: single beep but nothing else!?

    I want to say move that one stick of ram to a black slot.
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    Toshiba SD-R5372 - reads OK, no write & no erase

    Welcome whftherb :) Let's try this forum. gl :)
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    Line Conditioner + UPS: Which order to hook them up

    Mouse wheel for the win. ;)
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    just installed a western digital 160gig hd. hd doesnt show up.

    In addition to the above poster points regarding formatting with XP + bios update.. A section regarding the 137 gig barrier to be found here: gl :)
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    Conroe debunked

    Neutral territory , doesn’t belong in the AMD forum as flame bait.
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    Guide to successfully building a computer?

    A few:,_Help,_and_Tutorials/Build_Your_Own_PC/ gl :)