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  1. TeeJayHoward

    Chair mat for carpeted floor?

    Rolling chair. Thick carpet. Bad combo. My only experience with chair mats was about 20 years ago when my mother had a relatively thin piece of plastic she unrolled and laid down under the desk. It's been decades. Surely there's better stuff out there. Can anyone recommend a good, large mat to...
  2. TeeJayHoward

    No volume control through HDMI-CEC?

    I just bought a Sony A8H to replace our ancient TV. I can't get the Xbox One to send any volume commands to it via HDMI-CEC or the TV to accept any via IR. (IR out on Xbox connected directly to IR-in on TV.) Power on/off works just fine through the Xbox. It's just volume that's wonky. I'm not a...
  3. TeeJayHoward

    What's next?

    I've not paid attention to GPUs in about 5 years. Looks like nVidia's got the 30x0 series coming out soon. AMD's last card release was the 5700XT a year ago. Is there any news from the red team, or are you pretty much stuck on team green for the high-end market? edit: My Google-Fu was weak...
  4. TeeJayHoward

    ._ files on NFS prevent use of share

    This is an odd one for me. I'm connecting to a CentOS 8 NFS share from a MacOS Catalina box, and I've noticed that if any ._ files exist on the share, I can't use the NFS share. Even connecting to it times out. If there are no ._ files, I can connect and get a directory listing without any...
  5. TeeJayHoward

    "Always on" tweak for Apple Watch?

    Looking for a way to keep an app running on my Apple Watch series 3 all the time without the screen dimming or turning off. The wrist-flick motion works about one in four times, and it's annoying as hell. Since you can't do custom watch faces, I've been using something that is basically a...
  6. TeeJayHoward

    No display from GPU

    Hacked up an old X9SCM motherboard so that a x16 GPU (GTX690) can fit in the x8 slot. Fired it up. Can't see the BIOS screen. However, once it gets past that, I can see Linux booting and all is right with the world. 'Cept I want Windows on this box. So I boot off a USB installer, and... Can't...
  7. TeeJayHoward

    Building a home vSphere lab - licensing?

    Been out of the VMware game for too long. I think the last version I used was 6.0. Work was pushing towards RHEV, so I killed my lab and started learning that. Now I'm pretty well acquainted with it, but I miss my VMware setup @ home. So... Let's talk about doing it legally. If I go with a...
  8. TeeJayHoward

    Car seat -> Office chair

    My office chair was falling apart. It's a "Cross Island" chair by Ashley furniture. You know the kind. Particle board with a veneer, screws start falling out the day you buy it. It lasted a couple of years, so I guess it wasn't all too bad. But I'm in it for at least 8 hours a day. The arms piss...
  9. TeeJayHoward

    Licensing Server 2019?

    Playing around with Server 2019's evaluation version and I'm impressed. So, I want to buy a legit copy. Unfortunately, MS's licensing schema is ridiculous. I can't figure out how much of what to buy and from where. What I want is to be able to use Server 2019 Standard (With Desktop Experience)...
  10. TeeJayHoward

    Which filament?

    I'm curious about AmazonBasic's filament as I love their spool design. Being able to tell at-a-glance how many grams are left on the spool is something everyone should have implemented by now. 'Course, I know nothing about the quality of the plastic on said spool. Anyone used them before? If not...
  11. TeeJayHoward

    MacOS block select / replace text?

    So in MacOS, you can block-select text by holding down option (alt) and selecting the lines you want. Cool. Works well. But I'm a little spoiled by Notepad++ which allows you to replace the text you just selected just by typing. Is there a way to enter the same text on multiple lines in MacOS?
  12. TeeJayHoward

    High-Availability IPs

    Can someone explain this to me like I'm five? Our work configuration has me scratching my head. We've got two servers, both with the exact same IP. It's what we call our "HA IP", and as I understand it, the primary server uses it, and the secondary ignores it. How is this not a duplicate IP...
  13. TeeJayHoward

    Apple Maps Street View?

    I was adding some oil to my car last week and noticed a white vehicle driving slowly down my cul-de-sac. It had the typical camera/radar/laser/whatever stuff on top of it, and "Apple Maps" written on the sides. The lady inside waved, I waved back, and the encounter was over. I didn't really...
  14. TeeJayHoward

    High PPI curved monitors?

    Right now, I'm rockin' a Dell U2412Mb from 2011. It's served me well for the last 7 years, but I think it's time to retire it. See, I got a MacBook Pro as a replacement work laptop, and holy freaking moly does that screen kick ass. 15.4", 2880x1800. It's amazing. It's awesome enough that I kinda...
  15. TeeJayHoward

    Internal-External RJ45 passthrough?

    I'm trying to find a part, and not having any luck. It's a PCI bracket that has an RJ45 passthrough in it. Example (on the right): I looked up the part # for this (CBL-NTWK-0587), and it doesn't look like it comes with the bracket itself: Anyone know where I could get the missing part?
  16. TeeJayHoward

    3.5 still the way to go for capacity?

    Looking to upgrade my NAS from 48x2TB to something like 10x12TB. However, I'm seeing stuff online about 128TB SSDs. Is it worth still running spinning rust these days, or should I hop on the solid state bandwagon?
  17. TeeJayHoward

    Mature Video?

    Links to It popped up in the area that I normally see the latest [H]ard|OCP articles and such. OSX, Safari, only on this one tab, doesn't show up always. Not sure what's going on - Are twitch streams something the [H] has been doing...
  18. TeeJayHoward

    Sleep deprived iSCSI/ZFS/zpool/VMFS/VMDK Q

    deleted. I'm a maroon.
  19. TeeJayHoward

    User CP busted?

    I've had a bookmark for the site for as long as I remember. Whenever I open up the [H], I always go to This link no longer works. Was the user control panel moved or removed sometime this weekend?
  20. TeeJayHoward

    Running hot

    Hrm... Should I be worried? Damned server sounds like it's about to take off.
  21. TeeJayHoward

    Routing a static IP

    I've got a Comcast business connection with a static IP that I'm finally getting around to setting up. On my old connection, I used the modem as a gateway and set up port forwarding. There was only 1 static IP assigned. It was assigned to the modem. Everything worked, and the world was good. On...
  22. TeeJayHoward

    External storage recommendation

    We're going to be selling our house soon and moving in with the in-laws while our new house is built. That means 6-8 months with all my gear in storage. I will be bringing my Mac Pro (trash can) as my only computer for this time period. Unfortunately, it's lacking in storage, and I'd like to...
  23. TeeJayHoward


    It looks like Red Hat removed this file somewhere around RHEL 6.5 and replaced it with some sort of kernel module. Does anyone know a site that lists this change, what the official method of NIC-to-Interface mapping is now, etc? I'd love to get some background on it.
  24. TeeJayHoward

    vSphere power management?

    Under cluster features, DRS, it looks like vSphere can power on or off hosts as needed to save power. Does anyone have a good how-to guide to set this up?
  25. TeeJayHoward

    Storage Spaces disk integrity?

    How trustworthy is Powershell's "Get-PhysicalDisk" commandlet? It shows that all 26 of my disks are "Healthy". Where does it get that info from? SMART? Is there a better way to verify disk / data integrity?
  26. TeeJayHoward

    15.36TB SSDs now shipping!

    No idea what the price is, but dayum. link
  27. TeeJayHoward

    Switching to Openstack?

    Work's made a decision to go with KVM and such for their next upgrade. I'm a VMware boy. Looking to swap my whole home setup over to KVM and start fiddlin' around. Anyone done the switch before? What gotchas do I need to look out for? How's Infiniband support? IPoIB support? I'm running pretty...
  28. TeeJayHoward

    ESXi drops Win2K12 datastore on new VM creation

    Got an odd one for ya. Windows Server 2012 R2 = vCenter Server + Datastore (NFS share) 5x ESXi 6.0 hosts Everything was working great for the longest time, then I had the audacity to attempt to create a new VM. Whenever the installer (Windows/Linux/whatever) gets to the part where it needs to...
  29. TeeJayHoward

    Recommend a Mech KB

    I want the numpad. I don't want any media functions. If they come on the keyboard, they must be able to be disabled. I need the Windows key. I want arrow keys and Ins/Home/PgUp/Del/End/PgDn in the standard location. ANSI preferred, ISO OK. I want HEAVY. Steel base self defense heavy. Strong...
  30. TeeJayHoward

    VoIP lab?

    Applying for a job as an entry-level IMS guy. I'd like to set up a quick and dirty lab to help me play around (as much as possible) with VoIP tech. Software only, as I don't have time to order hardware and have it come in before the interview. Can anyone recommend something to me that would help...
  31. TeeJayHoward

    vSwitch tunneling / encapsulation?

    VM1->vSwitch on host1->Physical Switch->vSwitch on host2->VM2 My goal: Replay a traffic file (.pcap) on VM1 and have all the packets show up on VM2. My problem: The physical switch will not pass through VLAN tagged traffic. It drops it. My concept: Encapsulate the traffic on the vSwitch so...
  32. TeeJayHoward


    I've been a Linux user for almost 20 years now. I've been a Linux SysAdmin for about 10 of those. And yet I've never heard of the "cal" command before today. It's pretty nifty. Displays a command-line calendar. Anyone else found something cool they want to share?
  33. TeeJayHoward

    vSphere NFS datastore

    Using the thick client, I can connect to the vCenter server and add nas:/datastore to each individual host. Using the web client, I can't. It complains about there already being a datastore with that name (after connecting it to the first host). Am I doing it wrong? Is there a way to add the...
  34. TeeJayHoward

    vSphere Virtual Flash?

    Could someone please explain to me how Virtual Flash Host Swap Cache and Virtual Flash Read Cache work? I get that they speed up VMs somehow through the use of a local SSD. What I want to know is what's behind the magic. HOW does it work?
  35. TeeJayHoward

    Broke my first mouse

    I've been playing around with computers since the 286 era, and I've never broken a mouse before today. This morning, I grabbed the mouse and wiggled it around to turn of my screen saver while putting on my pants, and ***ZZZZZAAAPPP***. Static electricity. Now the buttons work fine, but the mouse...
  36. TeeJayHoward

    ESXi 6 lockups

    SOLVED! Issues with the X10SL7-F and ESXi 6.0: ===================================== 1) Do not use vmnic0 (The left NIC if looking at the motherboard from the rear faceplate). vmnic1 is A-OK. Yes, I know they're both i210ATs. I don't know what the difference is, but ESXi hates the left one on...
  37. TeeJayHoward

    vCSA: No Admin GUI?

    I've got a vCSA 6 Beta 2 appliance that I'm trying to upgrade to vCSA 6 GA... But the https://vcsa:5480/ web site doesn't look to be working. I can access it via the web client or SSH just fine. I just can't get to the magic 5480 port. Did something change in Beta 2, or is some service offline...
  38. TeeJayHoward

    Need more speed!

    I've got 24x2TB SAS drives. I'm getting 193MB/s out of my setup (with about 10 VMs idling). 40 gig NICs are getting dirt cheap. I wants them. Ain't no point to buying them when I can't saturate a 10 gig link, though. When I put this together, I figured that I needed about 35TB of space. Turns...
  39. TeeJayHoward

    I am Bread

    Anyone play this? I had a surprising amount of fun. Worth the $10 purchase price in my opinion, even if there are only four levels right now. Sure, the controls are frustrating, but the environments are set up like a proper puzzle game, the physics make me laugh, and the story makes me giggle...
  40. TeeJayHoward

    >135g wired gaming mouse?

    I'm looking for a mouse for my second rig. I'd like something heavier than my Razer Naga Epic mouse, which is 135g. Everyone seems to be focusing on going the other way with lightweight mice. Is there a super-heavy mouse out there, or have I missed the boat? Preferences: Click-type scroll...