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  1. dylanmorris6

    How Do U Show Off?

    thaaaat song oh wow it's an amazing episode that you described. gonna buy some candles..... p.s. I'll go for the smiths
  2. dylanmorris6

    Best chair I ever sat in - $144. Serta Hensley

    lol indeed but I'm trying my best to go through all this without spending extra money (which I have 0$) so many people I know are without their jobs already, and I'd rather think about paying rent, not a chair ;( (but definitely will get a nice one afterward lol)
  3. dylanmorris6

    Harry Potter by Niantic

    thank marlin for letting me find this thread I'm going through the HP phase right now (don't know how else to name it xd) rereading books and rewatching all the movies I even play that old PC game of the goblet of fire )) AND somehow I completely forgot about the era of technologies we're...
  4. dylanmorris6

    Best chair I ever sat in - $144. Serta Hensley

    and then, there is me who looks through the thread and just being extremely jealous. I definitely wasn't prepared for all this isolation thing and working remotely in particular. Now, I have to seat on the kitchen stool and pray to merlin for my back to be ok -____- although, i miss our nice...
  5. dylanmorris6

    Monitoring tool for both iOs and Android?

    oh well, I know about the google results, but it would be more idk safe?? for me to try something that more competent users have experience with. I came across a service called mspy and it looks quite nice, but I still doubt because maybe any of those tools is actually worth it. maybe I will...
  6. dylanmorris6

    Monitoring tool for both iOs and Android?

    Hello people Are there parents with teenage kids here? Recently, I've started thinking about the way my son uses his phone. Maybe I will be considered some paranoid parent, but that issue really disturbs me a lot. But I want to say that we really trust each other, but sometimes he acts...
  7. dylanmorris6

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    oodvj 1190, lil budy, always forget about switching its on-off
  8. dylanmorris6

    Gaming headset for 8 year old?

    my kid used to have LilGadgets Untangled Pro for several years (here they are) it's 50$, but wireless
  9. dylanmorris6

    How long have you used your power supply?

    i've got Ippon black power pro 500 and it's ancient like hell
  10. dylanmorris6

    Anet A8 extruder

    Please help me the suffer :) After printing, the extruder rises slightly above the model and remains there, which is fraught with the fusion of another masterpiece lol. I studied some of the Internet fields where I found the G28 command. The problem is that it is already registered, but not...