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    My first watercooled build

    Finally, after many years of just upgrading a component on occasion, I have finally built my dream system thanks to some sneaky saving from my wonderful wife! This is my first watercooled rig and I couldn't of done it without the help of a new good friend. Thanks for all the help JLangevin...
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    MSI 680 GTX @ Directron $529 Free Shipping Not sure how many they have but they're in stock at the time of this posting.
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    eVGA & ASUS 680 GTX in stock at Directron - Free Shipping w/Coupon Prices are a little higher than retail ($525 - $535) but there is no tax for me in California so it's cheaper than Newegg actually. Also, use coupon code march200 to get free ground shipping.
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    2007FP newer revisions all S-IPS?

    Is everything A04 or newer made from LG and therefore has the S-IPS panels or do you still run the risk of getting a PVA from Samsung when buying new?
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    Hitachi 1TB 32MB OEM for $97 AR @ ZZF

    ZZF has the Hitachi 1TB SATA 7K1000 7200RPM 32MB Hard Drive (OEM) for $97 shipped. $119.99 - $30 MIR = $90 + $7 Minimum Shipping
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    Inland Notebook Cooler Pad $8 @ Frys Online

    Inland Notebook Cooler Pad $8 Shipped (Note, some people are reporting that the free shipping deal has been going in and out today... if you check it and don't see free shipping, wait a bit and it should pop back up!) This unit is very similar to the Antec one, which IMO is still a...
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    500GB Hitachi SATA OEM $50 AR @ Egg

    HITACHI Deskstar P7K500 HDP725050GLA360 (0A35415) 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM $60 - $10MIR + Free Shipping = $50 Shipped Don't forget to save an additional 3% with Live search!
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    OCZ StealthXStream 600W PSU + 4GB USB Flash Drive for $38 AR @ Egg

    OCZ StealthXStream OCZ600SXS 600W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready Active PFC Power Supply - Retail OCZ Diesel 4GB Single Channel Flash Drive (USB2.0 Portable) Model OCZUSBDSL4G - Retail Look for the deal in the Combo Deals section. $30 MIR for PSU $12 Coupon Code = EMCAKCDAC You can...
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    Crucial PC2-5300 SO-DIMM 4GB (2x2GB) $35 AR or 2GB (1x2GB) $13 AR @ Frys

    Crucial 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 PC2-5300 SO-DIMM Laptop Memory - $70 - $35MIR = $35 Shipped Crucial 2GB (1x2GB) DDR2 PC2-5300 SO-DIMM Laptop Memory - $38 - $25MIR = $13 Shipped Please note that Fry's charges sales tax for AZ, CA, GA, OH, TX, NV,WA, IL and IN.
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    EVGA 8600GT 256MB & OCZ 2x1GB DDR2 800 Kit - $50 AR @ Egg

    Newegg has a combo deal for EVGA 256-P2-N751-TR GeForce 8600 GT 256MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 SLI Supported Video Card - Retail and OCZ SLI-Ready 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model OCZ2N800SR2GK - Retail all for $50 (Free Shipping)...
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    Fantom 1TB External USB/eSATA Silver GreenDrive $111 AR @ Egg

    Newegg has the Fantom 1TB USB 2.0 eSATA Silver GreenDrive External Hard Drive for $111.36 after rebate and shipping. $119.99 - $20 MIR + $11.37 Shipping = $111.36 Note: This drive most likely contains Western Digital Green...
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    OCZ StealthXStream 500W PSU $30 AR @ Egg

    Newegg has the OCZ StealthXStream 500W Power Supply for $30 after rebate and $10 coupon code EMCAKBGCH. Free shipping. $70 - $30 MIR - $10 Coupon = $30 Shipped
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    Antec EarthWatts EA500 500W PSU - $45 Shipped @ Egg Not bad for a budget build.
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    Anyone BSEL'd a 5420?

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience BSELing a Xeon 5420? Do you only have to cover pin BSEL1 (H30)? Can you provide a pic or diagram of the pin(s) to be covered?
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    SQL Server Virtualization: Why do it?

    I'm trying to figure out the benefit of putting a production SQL Server setup inside of a virtual machine such as hyper-v or vmware. So far one nice thing would be that I could easily backup the vm image and restore the entire sql server database to a certain date should a hotfix or other...
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    RSS Reader Suggestion

    I'm looking for an RSS reader that will sit in my system tray and popup balloon messages or something to that effect whenever a feed receives new content. Are there any readers out there with this functionality? Or, are there any that you'd recommend me to check out regardless? Thanks...
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    3D Acceleration with Hyper-V

    I'm trying to get 3D acceleration working inside of Hyper-V. I know VMWare has a fix for it as well as Moka but I really dig Hyper-V and was wondering if if anyone has any experience with this and does Hyper-V even support doing this yet?
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    ALT+TAB is slow with ATI compared to NVIDIA?

    I recently upgraded from an 8800GT to the 4870 and while so far everything has been peachy keen, one minor gripe I have is that when I ALT+TAB away from a fullscreen game and back into windows (or vice versa) the screen freezes for a good 6-10 seconds before making the switch. Never had this...
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    Sapphire HD 4870 back in stock @ egg! $310 + shipping

    Not sure how long it will last... only the Sapphire appears to be in stock. Sure it's slightly above retail, but with this card sold out elsewhere and with BestBuy screwing everyone, I'd say get it while you can! UPDATE: 10...
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    Desk you use for your 30" monitor?

    I'm looking to buy a new computer desk. The main problems I have are: Needs to support 30" monitor comfortably. Keyboard tray, if any, would have to be wide enough to hold a G15 (the original ver) and mouse. I would be willing to buy a new keyboard that isn't so wide though. Should be...
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    Q6600+IP35 vcore fluctuating even with C1E disabled

    Currently have the vcore in bios set to 1.5 which ends up around 1.46 after vdroop... but, soon as I try and stress test the voltage will drop to 1.44, then 1.42 and it'll even go as low as 1.41ish which then causes my orthos to error out... Any ideas? It's just the plain IP35 with bios 11...
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    Best sub-150$ mobo for Q6600 G0?

    My budget is $150... any recommendations? I want a mobo that would be able to handle this baby at 3.6 or 3.7.... I see a lot of people using the P5K Deluxe, hows that compare to the cheaper P5K? I don't need anything with SLI, just preferably stable with high fsb overclocks.... Thanks!
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    fastest cd-rom today?

    What's the fastest CD-ROM you can buy right now?
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    Paid Subscriptions

    Will buying a "subscription" increase my Private Message storage space? :)
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    NB Cooling on P5B Deluxe w/Tuniq

    Anyone using NB cooling on Asus P5B Deluxe with a Tuniq? What fits and works good? I'm worried about clearance... Suggestions?
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    Does thermal paste expire?

    I have a tube of AS5 that has been sitting around for a couple years... I'm wondering if it's still any good, what do you guys think or know about the life of thermal paste?
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    Tuniq Fan?

    Would like to hear your guys thoughts on what fan to use inside the Tuniq? Looking for something <25db... Also, has anyone tried using an LED fan? I'd think that it would create a pretty cool effects... Anyone have pics? :)
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    120mm LED Fans for TJ09

    I just got a TJ09 and would like to toss some LED fans in all 5 spots. Any good recommendations for something in the blue or green variety, with a good db/cfm ratio? I'm looking for something that is relatively quiet, but still pushes enough air to do the job... Thanks! P.S. Also, if...
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    P5B & Tuniq... northbridge cooling suggestions?

    I recently picked up an Asus P5B Deluxe and a Tuniq Tower 120 and would like to know what you guys suggest for cooling my northbridge? I don't actually have the motherboard yet so it's hard for me to judge the clearance that will be available between the NB and the Tuniq. Do any of you have...
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    Outlook Backup Program

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a good program that will backup all of my Microsoft Outlook mail, accounts, settings, signatures, tasks, etc? I'm looking for something that will work with Microsoft Outlook 2007, or at least 2003. I've tried a little program called ABF Outlook Backup but...
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    Need app to show vdimm in winxp for A8N32-SLI Deluxe

    What windows app can I use to report the vdimm for my Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe? It seems Asus Probe II doesn't have vdimm reporting, only vcore, 3.3+, 5+ and 12+... :\ Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    TWINX1024-3200XLPRO failing memtest86 test #6

    I have some Corsair TWINX1024-3200XLPRO (2x184dimm) (link) that is horribly failing memtest86 test #6. I get somewhere around 700 errors during the pass. I have an AMD X2 3800+ w/ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe and I'm running everything at stock speeds. Now, when I put this ram in another system, it...
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    Dual Core / Affinity problems with explorer.exe

    I recently purchased an AMD X2 3800+ and an ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe. Here's my problem: When I use windows explorer to browse the contents of my hard drive, I'm finding that it is lagging as I work my way into the directory tree. I'll click on "C:" for example, and it will take about 1 second...
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    What is a good "Scandisk" type program?

    Are there any programs similar to memtest86 that will do a complete scan of my hard drive in order to find and/or fix any errors or bad sectors?
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    Best AGP MB for 3800+ X2?

    I was wondering what you guys think the best AGP motherboard is to run the dual core 3800+. I'm hoping to reach 2.6 or 2.7GHz with it and was orignally going to use the ASUS A8N32 SLI Deluxe but I don't have the cash to purchase a new PCI-E card. So, sticking with my BFG 6800 OC Ultra AGP, what...
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    Upgraded from 1GB to 2GB RAM now can't overclock?

    I just doubled my ram from 1GB to 2GB but now I can no longer overclock my cpu as far. Heres what I could do before the RAM upgrade: MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (1.8 bios) XP 3200+ Winchester @ 2400MHz (240x10 @ 1.4v) w/XP-90 1GB Corsair TWINX-3200XLPRO (2x512, 2-2-2-5 @ 2.75v, 3:2, 208MHz...
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    3800 or 4800 x2?

    I've heard a lot about the x2 3800+ overclocking well on air but I'm still unsure as to which processor I should buy for my new A8N32-SLI Deluxe. What kind of speed can I expect to reach with a 3800+ using air? I thought I've read around 2.5GHz... would the stock hs/f be sufficient for these...
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    WD360GD RAID 0 @ 25MB/s

    I'm getting very bad results from my newly installed RAID 0 configuration. 25MB/s avg read. I'm using the following: 2x Western Digital 36GB Raptor's in RAID 0 MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum A64 3200+ Winny 2GB (4x512) Corsair TWINX-3200XLPRO I have 4 onboard SATA connectors and I'm using number...