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    PC won't cold boot unless I boot once without graphics card

    A few days ago I force shutdown the PC using the power button on the case. Once I tried booting, I only hear a *CLICK* from the PSU. If I hold the button, I can hear a very quiet, consistent, ticking sound, also from the PSU. I did a little searching and found a suggestion to boot without the...
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    Your drive setup

    I have been away from the scene for a while now and back then, it was a best practice to put OS on its own drive and other high IO things like VM's on another drive. Is this still applicable with modern SSD's? I'm about to assemble a new desktop build and I already have one 500gb Samsung 850...
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    Build for photographer/photo editing

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Photoshop/Lightroom for photo editing. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Range been 500-800 (budget is tight). 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the state and city if...
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    Pointing www subdomain to non-static IP hosting

    -I have a domain at -Just setup hosting at Hostgator -Went to go change nameservers to the ones provided by hostgator, but said they should not point elsewhere. Reset to default, and browsing my domain resolves to my hosting account. No problem. Now how do I add the subdomain...
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    Microsoft hosting WP7 Event in NYC Nov 7th Now that Nokia world is over and the EU is going to enjoy some small 3.7" phones, I'm ready for MS to officially announce prices and dates for the Focus S and the Titan. I'd be VERY excited to see a...
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    Error booting to W7 vhd from Server 2008 R2

    My primary OS is Server 2008 R2 Enterprise. I created a new VM in Hyper-V. I loaded Windows 7 Professional iso into the VM and installed Windows. Once I had this complete, I followed this guide to configure boot to vhd. Primarily the section Adding the VHD Entry in Boot Menu and then Boot from...
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    Looking for very comfortable headphones to wear all day

    As the title says, I'm looking for a pair of headphones that I can keep on for 8 hours a day, but be able to take them on/off multiple times in the day. I don't want my ears to hurt or get sweaty. I'd obviously like some decent sound too :p So what's out there? I'd like to keep it as...
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    The difference between 'cheap' and 'expensive' lens filters

    I picked up a D3100 a few weeks back, and bought this UV filter. $10, nice and cheap. I don't anticipate using the kit lens too often. I've got a Nikon 35mm 1.8 on order from Amazon, and I'm wondering if I should be picking up something more than the $10 UV filter, or if the extra dollars play...
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    eSata external hard drive randomly disconnects

    Whenever I transfer TO the external, over eSata, the external will randomly disconnect and the transfer fails. I'm transferring a 45GB VM, and it keeps bombing out. I was able to transfer FROM the external to my internal hard drive, and it transferred all 45GB fine. But when I transfer anything...
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    Did my 8800gt just crap itself?

    Or can it not handle Black Ops single player? I've played a few hours of MP so far and that's been ok (with the sputtering of course). But right at the same point in Black Ops, this happens. My PC rebooted itself the first time. I have an XFX 8800GT Zalman edition. Doesn't this card have a...
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    How do game server admin tools work?

    I posted in the Programming forum, but I think I'll get more in here. For example, I'm thinking of games such as Call of Duty 4 and 5. How do the admin tools like ModernRcon and such interact with the server? They only require a server IP, username, and password. Does the game server have...
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    How do game server admin tools work?

    I think I may have posted this once before... For example, I'm thinking of games such as Call of Duty 4 and 5. How do the admin tools like ModernRcon and such interact with the server? They only require a server IP, username, and password. Does the game server have an API that's used to...
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    Looking for a free byte level file replicator/sync application

    What experience do you have with what software that does byte level sync'ing? I'll be working with 20-60GB VHD files that I'm going to be running on an e-sata hard drive (to get my VM's off the host drive). However, there may be times that I need to undock, and take my laptop in to a meeting...
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    Structure for an app

    I’m looking for some input on building out a structure for a project & here’s what I want to do: Annoyed with Yahoo’s fantasy football iPhone app, I wanted to build a fairly simple web page for viewing stats. I’m writing this in & c#. I thought, once this is complete, that I’d be able...
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    Issues with OAuth + PHP

    I'm try to authenticate with Yahoo's OAuth system. I've successfully gotten a request token, launched a popup that forces a user to log in to their yahoo account, and approve my application. The next step in the process is to refresh the access token. Yahoo's documentation on this process is...
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    Need to test your web app in multiple browsers? Check out this site. A co-worker showed it to us today cause we needed to test our app in IE7. Just click the 'Play' button on each one you want to launch.
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    iOS 4 Geolocation

    I'm looking for information about an API for the GPS unit inside of the iPhone that can be used from a web browser. All Google results give information prior to iOS 4, and it seems the API has changed since then.
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    Streaming a live radio station

    Does anyone have any experience in doing such things? Primarily it would be AM radio. The thing that got me thinking was going for a run + listening to the baseball game, which is on AM radio. Does anyone know how I'd go about doing this? I really don't know where I'd start. -The radio...
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    Configuring Hyper-V Server for remote access

    Fresh install of Hyper-V Server 2008 R2, and I can't figure out how to get remote access working. I've tried using HVRemote to configure it. I'm following the 'quick steps' except it won't finish because the last step, no networked PC's can ping my server. Can anyone lend a hand? Who has...
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    Stuck on 'Setup is starting' when installing hyper-v server 08 r2

    Originally posted in Virtual Computing forum...Now posting in here (closed other thread). Has anyone else run in to this? I boot to the dvd, it prompts me to select my language, then it goes to this 'Setup is starting' screen. I sat like this for 11 hours over night. So I thought maybe my dvd...
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    Stuck on 'Setup is starting' when installing hyper-v server 08 r2

    Has anyone else run in to this? I boot to the dvd, it prompts me to select my language, then it goes to this 'Setup is starting' screen. I sat like this for 11 hours over night. So I thought maybe my dvd was bad. Downloaded again from technet, and this time burned the DVD at the slowest speed I...
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    Discussion: Subscription or Free + ? [Advertising, other]

    I'm interested in what some peoples opinions may be when it comes to a 'website' with an intention to produce income. What distinctions do you make to determine whether or not you'd want to enforce some sort of pay/subscription system or advertising? How about the free into pay?
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    Looking for some very comfortable ear buds

    I currently have a pair of cheap skullcandy ink'd earbuds. Often at work, I'll have my earbuds in for the entire day, but often take them out/put back in. That leads to them being very uncomfortable and causing my ears to hurt. Does anyone have some different options for some quality...
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    Server 08 R2 + SP1 + SVGA

    Server 08's standard VGA drivers are like the following: Here's a posting about SP1's 'Remote FX'. I'm not an expert in the area, but I'm wondering if there will be any enhancement to the SVGA drivers built into Server with this SP?
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    Right click > RunAs into a .cmd file

    I'm setting up a few applications to install silently when a user logs on. The login script calls a .vbs file, which in turn calls my .cmd file. I have it calling the vbs file because this allows me to run it hidden, and not minimized. What I'm finding with users that don't have the rights...
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    .NET - Getting list of PC Names from via LDAP into a DataSet

    I'm trying to query LDAP for a list of PC names, and input them into a DataTable. I can get the query to run, and input them directly into a ListBox, but I'm not able to sort that way, which is why I'm trying to use a DataTable. public void ldapQuery() { string...
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    Will group policy auto reboot a pc that isn't logged in?

    Group policy refreshes ever 90 minutes + random, right? If we have a PC sitting at a login screen, and GP recognizes that there is a new policy that requires the PC to be restarted, is it going to auto restart itself? Or does it wait to be rebooted on its own?
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    Group Policy Software Install/Novell Server

    I'm trying to push out Adobe 9.3 via group policy. We have 44 locations. Each location has a Novell server, and Windows XP workstations. What 'user' is trying to access the file when it tries to install? It's attempting to install the software upon startup (before login). If, in the policy...
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    Installing 2nd video card

    I have an 8800GT and I'm connecting both of my monitors via DVI. I've installed a 2nd card, a radeon x1300 to use DVI to HDMI to connect to my TV. Do I need to install specific drivers for the Radeon? Should it be auto detected by windows? I don't want to install any drivers that might...
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    Hyper-V: Web servers in VM's. Load Balancing and Failover?

    Looking to learn about said topics. I have a box with a Q9400, 6GB ram, and a few hard drives. Currently, I have Server 08 R2 installed with WHS as the only guest. I'd like to set up a few VM's running Server 08 R2. I also want to know of a way to set up some sort of load balancing system, so I...
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    Exchange 07 - Appending 'User name' in from section of emails

    We use a ticketing application called Helpspot. A quick rundown is that is scrubs our support inbox, automatically creates tickets from those emails, etc. The application sends out emails using one of our exchange servers. The problem that I THINK I'm having is that when the email goes out, it's...
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    2 domains, 2 networks and authentication (IIS6/

    We've recently acquired another bank. We have some hardware installed at their sites (routers) that are connected to the T1's that come back to our operations center. They run a different IP scheme than we do so there is no overlap with IP addresses. I had built a pretty simple web...
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    XP Tablet 2005, old IDE hard drive, not recognizing hdd

    Trying to do a fresh install for someone on his Gateway Tablet (CX2610). Once the XP setup disc loads, it says it can't find any hard drives to install to. The laptop boots find to the hard drive and loads windows, and the BIOS detects it too. Do I need to install additional drivers? How can I...
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    Need [H]'s help for a laptop recommendation

    Fiancee's dad wants me to find a laptop for the future mother in law. She will be using it for basic tasks. Email, web browsing, music, movies, etc. Nothing special. The reason I'm coming here for a recommendation is cause I don't have much time to look around this week, and he wants to have...
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    W7 can't ping internal network by host name

    Here's my original thread. I closed it and am moving it to the Networking Forum. Please review it and try to help me out. I'm absolutely lost and it is driving me crazy. DNS settings have been switched back to and after the last post of the original thread.
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    W7 - Can't ping anything on network by host name

    Has anyone run in to this problem yet? Fresh W7 install on my laptop. I can't ping my WHS by its host name. I can ping fine by IP. Same thing applies when VPN'd in to work network. I know there are various firewall settings that can be changed, but there are a ton of them and I have no idea...
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    DHCP release via logmein, can't connect anymore?

    I was connected to my PC at home. I forgot that I didn't have a static IP set up, and needed to release the DHCP leases from my router. Of course, it disconnected since my IP isn't static. However, I can't connect to my routers web interface over the internet now (before I connected with my...
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    Untangle in Hyper-V?

    Has anyone run Untangle in Hyper-V? I'm currently running a server with Server 2008 Standard with a few VM's in hyper-v. I never touch the host so I was going to start over with it and install Hyper-V Server. I'm not sure whether or not I would like to run it as a router or transparent...
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    Repairing Win XP Registry - Saving program info?

    Not sure what version of XP were talking about. For a friend. They receive a message of He doesn't have a recovery disk. I'm going to burn an XP disc for him, and have him make backups of the current registry files, then copy over the new ones from the recovery disc. This should allow him...
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    What do you think these classes consist of?

    Web Development for Open Business Systems Business Process Integration Business Intelligence Global Information Systems Management Some of these seem pretty obvious, but i'm wondering a little more in depth on what they cover. I'm trying to pick my last 2 MIS classes for Spring...