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    Borderlands: The Handsome Collection 94% OFF on Steam

    “If that money doesn’t show then you owe me owe me owe”
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    98$ - 512GB XPG NVME SSD

    That makes sense thank you!
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    98$ - 512GB XPG NVME SSD

    Seems incredibly slow for NVME. Maybe I misread.
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    Crucial MX500 SATA M.2 1TB - $199.99

    I was pretty stoked then realized that our MC has it for $205. The prices of these are getting pretty reasonable!
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    Switch to Sprint offers FREE Year of Unlimited Data.

    Sprint customer for 9 years and I’ve been all over the CONUS. There was a few bumpy months here and there but after their last tower upgrades it has been surprisingly wonderful. Two paid for phones with unlimited everything for around $100 per month.
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    Full Spec Dell G7 or Asus GU501GM (Zephyrus M light)

    A hopped up Civic vs a low end BMW I’d go with the Asus. I have a G7 7588 in my possession. The Dell is great at $1k but spec’d out is getting into better product territory.
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    Asus GL503VM-BI7N13 1060 Laptop $1050 Best Buy
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    Asus GL503VM-BI7N13 1060 Laptop $1050 Best Buy

    You are correct.
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    Asus GL503VM-BI7N13 1060 Laptop $1050 Best Buy

    It's a gamble. Mine was great and I bought another panel (same panel model) separately to install in another laptop and it too was nearly perfect regarding BLB. You just never know. This particular panel is not notorious for BLB issues.
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    Asus GL503VM-BI7N13 1060 Laptop $1050 Best Buy

    I’ve reviewed this on my channel. The panel is the auo42ed same as the Asus Zephyrus. It’s stunning. The build quality is fantastic and the all black look is very welcome. The temps are high but it’s .9” thin. Repasting is a 30 min job tops and you’re on your way to better temps. Best...
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    PS4 Pro 1TB $320 @ Target

    Woah! I just bought the GOW 4 bundle on Friday. Otherwise I would have snagged this. Good find!
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    God of War 4

    He has a point. By all means wait I have no problem with it. It wasn’t till that fact was brought to my attention when I was confused too.
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    GTX 1050 Ti for $179 @Amazon

    I don’t think the apu is more than half a 1050 ti performance.
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    WARMish: Steam Link + Hollow Knight $10.89, Steam Link + DOOM, $15.99

    I finally opened mine up today after purchasing last year. I should have done so sooner! It’s like having a console in my basement now.
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    Ryzen 5 1600 at Micro Center now at $149.99

    That’s not all! 8700k for $299 and the 1700 for $199! Wow! Too bad RAM and GPU pricing isn’t in-line these days.
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    Perhaps the best headphones at...$50?

    I only clicked this thread to see what headset could possibly dethrone the sp9500. To my surprise it was this headset you have linked. Carry on
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    Microcenter In Store: Powerspec Laptop w i7-7700 & 1070 - 1299

    I 100% agree! Pixel density and view distance are major factors that are way overlooked.
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    Microcenter In Store: Powerspec Laptop w i7-7700 & 1070 - 1299

    Here’s a thread I started on NBR with a few people who’ve bought some of these.
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    Microcenter In Store: Powerspec Laptop w i7-7700 & 1070 - 1299

    The 15” is 60Hz and cant OC well and the 17” is 75hz and will OC to 100hz while maintaining Gsync.
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    Samsung CHG90 49" 32:9 Curved 4K 144 Hz FreeSync HDR LCD Monitor - $999 at B&H

    Had me fooled with the title. I was excited for 144 hz and 4k.
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    4 day newegg sale

    Not to mention 32 gigs of DDR4 at $340 LOL
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    Used XB1 and PS4 games at Redbox $5 - Doom, Deus Ex, Dark Souls 3, etc.

    I can only imagine the condition these are in.
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    Warm? Blue Yeti Blackout Edition w/ Assassin's Creed: Origins $99

    This mic is my daily driver and I get compliments on it all the time. This is a sweet package for $99 with AC:O
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    FX-8320E @ MC: $79.99-$40MIR=$39.99+$30 off AM3+ board = $9.99

    But most stores no longer have AM3 boards in stock.
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    BestBuy BlackFriday Logitech Deals - Up to 50% off

    These are great mice with amazing response time.
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    Replacing Lenovo Thinkpad T440

    Take a look at the Lenovo 720s for $799 at Microcenter. It’s beautifully built, 14” amazing 1080p glossy panel, i5 8250u 4c8t chip, MX150 Pascal gpu, 8gb ddr4, m.2 256 gb storage and Windows Hello.
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    [H]ot or not? Dell 4k touchscreen laptop

    Wonder how this panel compare to the XPS 15 display I wonder?
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    help choosing gaming laptop

    It might have G Sync Check out this small thread especially the last post #5
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    How to differentiate between MSI GS63VR vs the max q version?

    No doubt! I've contacted them and their aware of this. Expect an update on their site soon.
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    How to differentiate between MSI GS63VR vs the max q version?

    It's Max Q. Have a google about it. Dell just needs to update their website. Here's some more information about it as well...
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    How to differentiate between MSI GS63VR vs the max q version?

    There is actually. I was surprised myself. The new Dell 7577 has a MaxQ 1060. Just in case you haven't seen this..
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    The iOS 11 Thread

    iOS 11 has been a nightmare on my iPhone 7 till I did a factory reset. It’s wonderful now.
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    How to differentiate between MSI GS63VR vs the max q version?

    I would call XoticPC. Their customer service is great and they should be able to help you.
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    Alienware 13 R3, 1060 6GB, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, I5-6300HQ IPS Screen, Win 10 - $880 After Rebate

    Is this deal dead? The link doesn’t say but it doesn’t link me to the “deal” either.
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    2015 mbp 13" or 2017 mbp 13"

    I had the 2017 and found it HOT, loud of course and the keys clicked when the laptop was hot. The latter is an actual problem with the 2016 and 17 MBP, look it up. I ended up going for the 2015 and couldn't be happier. The chassis has a far better ventilation solution too.
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    17" Suggestions

    Have you tried Eluktronics and Sager yet? Should meet your criteria pretty well. I can't speak for their ips panels yet but their 120 hz TN is the best looking TN I have ever seen.
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    Eluktronics: Go for it or run away?

    It's a Clevo based unit. Sager sells it with their name. It's top notch stuff. I use the p650hp6-g pro-x. They're awesome!