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  1. Halloween

    Passively cooled 1440p capable GPU with display port?

    Does anyone know if there is one? Many thanks.:)
  2. Halloween

    Cooler running upgrade from gtx480

    I would like to upgrade my gtx480 to a quicker card that runs significantly cooler. The main reason is I have moved house and my new study is tiny. Whilst the gtx480 itself doesn't overheat as it is watercooled the amount of heat it outputs into the small room becomes unbearable after a couple...
  3. Halloween

    PC to Arcam rDAC to Arcam Solo Mini?

    Will this set up work and produce good results? I have an Arcam Solo Mini that i want to move into my study (currrently used as stereo in lounge). I want to use this and my Monitor Audio RX1's as my PC sound system. The plan is to connect the Digital Audio Out (sPDIF) connection out of my Asus...
  4. Halloween

    MSI Afterburner

    Does this program need to be left running everytime you start windows in order for the overlock to be applied? I have the 'Apply overclocking at system start up' checked its just in CPUZ the graphics card speed is default but if I open up Afterburner CPUZ then shows the overclocked speed not...
  5. Halloween

    Fear 1 no sound?

    Having issues with there being no sound in FEAR 1, looked at a few 'solutions' online but nothing working. Anyone experienced any issues and managed to resolve it? Cheers in advance.
  6. Halloween

    Second Monitor?

    Looking to get a second monitor, not got a lot of room due to my main monitor, not bothered about widescreen due to space. Suggestion of a good 17" monitor? Cheers :).
  7. Halloween

    Two Worlds II

    This looks fantastic, any indication how it runs on present hardware? Hope it can run ok with what I've got with all the bells and whistles turned on :) Trailer for those that haven't seen it.
  8. Halloween

    GTA4 or The Lost and Damned?

    Which is the better and why?
  9. Halloween

    New build buzz

    Just upgraded my rig see sig, this is why i love PC's that great feeling when you plough a ton of cash on one and reap the benefits in terms of gaming and increased productivity. I was suprised how much of a difference the SSD would make to boot times. Anyone else with that recent new...
  10. Halloween

    GTX 480 jump from 8800gtx

    Its like night and day, so glad i made the jump. Refreshed my whole rig and tried to go all out this time. I was worried about the 480gtx heat so decided to have a dedicated watercooling loop to handle it which it does greatly so much so that it is also stable at 852Mhz now. :) I've not tried...
  11. Halloween

    Motherboard compatible with 980x out of the box?

    Is there one? I want to buy an 980x but most motherboards apparently won't recognise the CPU without a BIOS update? Cheers in advance folks.
  12. Halloween

    Best cheap case?

    Looking for a cheap case sub £50 for my parents PC, any ideas?
  13. Halloween

    Crossfire HD5870 2GB?

    I'm currently building a new rig which consists of Intel Core i7-980X and potentially 2 x HD5870 2GB but i'm hearing about issues with running 2 x HD5870 (especially in games like BFBC2). I WON'T be running eyefinity, will I come across issues with Crossfire and stuttering etc? Cheers in advance.
  14. Halloween

    ASUS VK266H UK availability

    I can't seem to find this monitor anywhere in stock :(. I've tried to order from Dabs but i'm not too hopeful, has this been discontinued?
  15. Halloween

    Graphics card dead, RAM?

    Been having some issues recently with my display drivers, specs in sig. Games would crash and Windows would lock up. Now it will start up Windows then the screen goes all weird and the display drivers not working notification in Windows appears swiftly followed by BSOD. It keeps crashing on...
  16. Halloween

    24" 1900 x 1080 IPS monitor?

    Please could anyone let me know if there are any? The closest I can see is a 23" NEC monitor, but I want it to be 24" as i'm moving from a 20.1" display so want a bigger screen by a larger margin. Cheers in advance.:)
  17. Halloween

    Stalker Clear Sky

    What is the best graphics card for playing Stalker Clear Sky at high settings dx10.1? Looking at a reolution of 1920 x 1080. Cheers in advance.
  18. Halloween

    SFF Case for Corsair H50

    As the thread title suggests I'm looking for a sff case that will fit the Corsair H50 with no modding. I also want to house a 8800gtx (with xtreme accelero cooler), and an atx psu. All my current specs in the signiture, I will be moving to a matx obviously.
  19. Halloween

    NZXT Rouge - Corsair H50?

    Does anyone know if the NZXT rouge will fit the Corsair h50?
  20. Halloween

    Neverwinter Nights 2 Vista?

    Hi all i was wondering how this game runs in Vista? I'm a bit fed up with a less than smooth performance in some games. Oblivion runs well for the most part, stutters in big environments though, Titan Quest can't even play it performance sucks! C&C 3 is smooth, want to get Neverwinter Nights 2...