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    GTX titan paired with FX 8350

    hey guys im planning on a major upgrade this summer probably in a months time i was wondering if its smart to pair a titan with a 8350. This computer is mainly for gaming only, although i do a little bit of programming and audio recording too but mainly i just game :D. im doing this cause i...
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    GTX 780 (any info on it yet?)

    just thinking that if titan is only 30-50% faster than the current gen will the 780 be slower than it? cause if it is then its not even worth the money to upgrade cause the only logical thing to do would be to save up money and just get the titan
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    Windows 8 WOW!

    enough with the bashing... i just got my lappy today and let me tell you windows 8 is amazing... i have 7 installed in my older c2d laptop which i think is still very capable. Honestly windows 8 is pretty good. The search function makes everything so accessible and easy to find. When i first...
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    farcry 3

    hows the game? is it any good? ive played farcry 2 and found it to be a bit dull and boring. So is this game worth it?
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    HD 5770 if anyones interested
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    benchmark graph

    is there any program that shows you a graph of your graphics cards performance like how they do it here at [H] cause i want to know how often my GTX 670 stays above 60 fps and fraps data doesnt really tell you that
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    EVGA P67 $50 with mir grab it now! i should have waited... i just bought a z77 sabertooth yesterday :(
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    hyper 212 evo temps

    Uploaded with i have the evo on a push pull config i have 3x120mm fan intakes and 1x120mm and 1x200mm fan exhaust are these temps normal for the evo? or should i re seat it? edit - forgot to mention its a 2500k running at 4.7ghz running prime 95 blend test
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    Think your ready for Crysis 3? Think again

    - source read about this from anandtech and i was :eek:
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    2500k wont go past 4.5ghz no matter what...

    okay so i cant get this 2500k 4.7ghz stable... even though my sig says 4.7 ghz its not stable... it passes IBT (50 standard passes) but after about a couple minute after IBT it bsods with a thing that says secondary processor failed or something... i frogot lol. Idk what to do anymore, right now...
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    planet side 2

    to buy or not to buy? i already have BF3 with premium... is it good? im thinking of getting the alpha member pack. compared to bf3 does it over anything different? i know its a bigger battlefield but are there other game mechanics that are different or new?
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    rage or fallout

    should i buy rage or fallout 3 game of the year? its on sale on steam and idk which one to buy... i like games that are linear as well as sand box games... i know theres was allot of issues about rage but for the most part i think its ironed out now. also i hear rage is pretty repetitive...
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    GK 110 for next gen!? lets hope so " When it's time for Kepler Refresh to go to office, TSMC will have refined its process enough for mass-production of GK110, a 7.1 billion transistor chip on which NVIDIA's low-volume Tesla K20 GPU compute...
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    Metro 2033 $5 @ steam
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    GTX 670

    so i got my 670 FTW today and i plugged it in my 430 watt psu and it worked like i thought it would. been playing BF3 since i got the drivers installed as well as the firmware update so far everything is good :D i wont overclock yet though... im still waiting on my silencer MKII to arrive...
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    bitcoin mining while gaming

    is it possible to mine while gaming for example i mine on a 7950 while i game on my 670 is this thing possible?
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    sub $100 (amazon only)

    whats a good psu thats under $100 and can still support a GTX 680/70 specs are 2500k @ 4.5ghz w/ 8gb 1600mhz ram only running one hdd and 5 fans
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    660ti vs 7950???

    which should i buy? 7950 is $50 more is it worth it? also if both cards are overclocked which one would come out on top?
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    video card for 1280 x 1024

    currently running a OCd 5770 @960/1400 i want to get a faster card within 300 dollars any suggestions?
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    OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W and Lite On DVD burner and 10% off code OCZSpecial
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    crysis 2

    is it worth getting or not? also is the multiplayer community active or is one of those games where mp is dead
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    HD 6870

    im jsut wondering if a hd 6870 can run on my psu which is a antec power trio 430 (430watts) my system is on my sig
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    Looking for new PSU $100-150 recommendations

    so my antec true power trio (430 watt) is now showing signs of degradation after 2 years of faithful service. when i play bfbc2 it crashes when i OC my 5770 to 1000/1400 and when i plug out the fans its all fine. so i guess i now need a new power supply. any good recommendations for a decent psu...
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    i think i clipped my headphones

    okay so i think i clipped my headphones (SRH750DJ) i plugged it in the jack of my m audio AV40 and whenever i turn it off the speakers usually pop so last night i turned it off and noticed it didnt pop so i turned it on again...
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    HD5770 XFX non ref design

    so i OCd this sucker to 1ghz core / 1400mhz memory @ 1.20 vcore via msi combustor is it safe to leave it on like this 24/7? if i bump down the vcore any more it wouldnt be stable
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    Nearfield monitors vs studio grade headphones

    which one is better in terms of sound quality per dollar?
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    for those that have m audio AV40 issues

    i know that these speakers have some quality control issues but they do sound extremely well when they work. So when i was trouble shooting why my speakers would pop when i turned them off i figured out that when you disconnect the wire connecting the two speakers and turn them off they dont pop...
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    leaving speakers on 24/7

    is it safe? or will it damage or decrease the life span of my speakers?
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    Numark NPM5 any know how these speakers fare with m audio's AV40's and Swan d1080's? theyr really cheap amazon has it for 88 dollars i think and most e-tailers have them for 99 supposedly they retail for $200 but for some odd reason theyr only 99 dollars now if any1 has a...
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    newegg shellshocker 8/6/10 till 10 AM this morning
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    FLAC files

    so i just bought a pair of M audio AV40's and limme tell you they are well worth the money. so then i realized that the majority of the files i have are MP3's then i decided to play some FLAC files to my amazement some of the songs are actually worse than the MP3's i can hear every snap crack...
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    AvP $29.99 @ gamestop
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    BFBC2 29.99 in gamestop
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    m audio AV40 makes bump sound with the sub when turning it off

    well i just recently bought these AV40's and what can i say, they are just FANTASTIC, but there is one issue though. everytime i turn these puppies off they make a bump sound coming from the sub is that normal or is this a problem?
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    2TB harddrive for $99! @ newegg
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    1055t and MSI 890GXM combo @ frys $254
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    Asus Xonar DS

    ok so i just bought this sound card from fries first thing i noticed when i got it out of the box was that there were thumb prints on the back plate of the card.... and i supposedly brought it brand new... second is that the audio chip listed here is the AV66 chip not the AV200. Is this some BS...
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    most expensive computer case only for half a million dollars... who ever designed this must be a total nut job...
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    HD 5770 voltage

    well, im one of those unhappy customers that is experiencing the dreaded vertical line problem... so instead of just waiting for a hotfix i improvised.... i DLd ATI tray tools and set the stock vcore to 1.2 on 2d and on 3d.... and so far everythings good... played mass effect 2 for about 5 hours...
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    GIGABYTE GA-EP45T-USB3P does this support ddr2 1066? cuz it says its standard mem is DDR3 2200 but it says it also supports 1333/1066/800 are those ddr3 modules or ddr2? cuz i dont know if there are any ddr3 800 modules out there ive seen 1066 ddr3...