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    Help to revive a dead Geforce Titan / reference 780ti

    I have a Titan that a friend gave me a few weeks back. It has been working till today when a APW7142 SRBC fried. I decide i would order another and fix the card which does power up but will not post. Upon further inspection i found that a SMD resistor and capacitor was missing directly on the...
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    Rampage III Extreme, 12GB's installed only 8GB's seen.

    Here is the issue: 12GB's of G Skill Ram (two kits of 6BG triple channel memory PC1600 7-8-7-24 1.5v) Only 8GB's can bee seen by the motherboard and Windows 7. Have confirmed both kits on there own are fine. CPU-z reports 12GB's in the electrical level they are seen. The setup is a RE3, i7...
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    Project: Tower Prime

    Total case redesign...these pics minus the hard drive detail is gone with the wind. Scroll down for the new pics. All aluminum 2 to 4mm thick mega tower designed to handle all water cooling needs. These are the sketches to work from. Some things will be changed as it is built. Oh yeah, Both...
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    DFI Flashing LED, no post and no beep codes

    Iv been serching forums all over for help with this problem. Lots of dead ends and unrelated stuff. Im building a media center computer for my dad with a Infinity C51PV-M2/G. I have not been able to get the system to post. I do get a constant fast blinking power LED and no beep codes at all...
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    Another New Cooler Design

    This one I call the Six Shooter. I do not have the fan rendered with it yet, but this is the passive mode. In the poll, it was supposed to say flower in the last choice. :-)
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    New Heatpipe Cooler Design