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    Suggestions on pumps for my setup?

    Ok guys, I have 3x MCP655's and 3x MCP355's sitting here for my build. This build will consist of three loops(1st CPU/2nd GPU/3rd Chipset & MIPs ram block). Each loop will be as follows: CPU: 1X EK 120.3, EK Supreme Block w/Long hose runs with a total of around 6-8' GPU: 1x EK 120.3, 3x...
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    The Mighty Mini

    First off i'm not sure where this should be posted, So if this is not the place could a Moderater please put it in the correct place. ;) I have posted pictures of my rigs before but never a work log so please be easy on me and guide me in the right direction. :D Please commit and...
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    Any Ideas On The Smallest Rad Size For This Build?

    Anyone have any idea on the smallest rad to cool a i7 875 with a ATI 5850 in the same loop? This is for a Mini-ITX build i'm thinking about doing. Spec's: Open to suggestions or ideas on any part of the build. Thanks :D
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    Project BlackOut (1st Build Log)

    Removed from this forum