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    Can't use video in while using Remote Desktop on XP

    My computer that has my Nvidia Ti4200 with video in/out is pretty much only accessed via Remote Desktop. What I am trying to do is get VLC or any other program to stream from my video in to the internet.VLC won't work, and if I try to use Intervideo WinDVR (I used this all the time before using...
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    Firefox wont play stream (asf) via embedded Windows Media Player

    I am using VLC to stream to a webpage with Windows Media Player embedded. The file is WMV with mp3 audio in asf format. It works fine in IE, but Firefox just shows a media player, then it disappears. <OBJECT ID="MediaPlayer" WIDTH="192" HEIGHT="190"...
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    Adaptec ASH1233 not compatible with older MB (MSI 6163 Pro)

    have an Adaptec IDE Controller and I am trying to use it on an MSI 6163 mobo (Slot 1 P2/3, with latest bios). I have no problem booting with the card in place, but if there are any hard drives attached, the system wont boot past the 'Verifying DMI Pool' stage. This card states that it requires...
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    Getting intermittent errors on multiple HD's on same IDE Controller

    I recently moved 4 hard drives (varying sizes between 80 -300 gigs) to and old P2 running Windows XP. I have the drives connected to an Adaptec PCI to IDE controller. Occasionally when copying files from one computer to this one. I get a series of errors. "An error was detected on device...
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    Need help flashing BIOS Bx2000 with DualBios

    I have a Gigabye Bx2000 (Intel Slot 1) that needs it's bios updated. The bios came with a windows based flash utility that gives me an error saying the bios is write protected. There's no mention in the mobo manual about how to remove, or disable the write protection. Any ideas?
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    Cant access S.M.A.R.T. stats on drives connected to HPT Raid controller

    I have 3 drives connected to my on board HPT3xx ATA raid controller. For some reason these disks show up as SCSI, and I cant access their SMART stats in SpeedFan or Everest. Any ideas? The 3 drives I have connected to my on board IDE controller do show up and I can read their stats. The...
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    How to change VLC HTTP remote interface port?

    I am using VLC to stream video over the internet. Is it possible to change the port for the HTTP remote control interface? I have gotten it to work once correctly before, but I cant get it to work now. I am trying to change it from 8080 to 6080. Thanks
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    Simple/Dynamic vs Partition/Basic

    I have a computer holding six various size PATA hard drives. The last hard drive I added (Seagate 300GB) for whatever reason is set up in Disk Management as Layout:Simple Type: Dynamic. All of my other drives are set up as Layout:Partition Type:Basic. I was curious as to what the differences...
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    Is there any way to log Windows XP smb shares

    Im looking for a quick easy way to log when my windows shares are accessed. The computer is running XP. Thanks
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    Certain apps wont run via remote desktop using win2k client

    Basically I am using a win2k machine to remote desktop into an XP machine. The win2k client doesnt allow you to choose color depth and stuff like that. I am trying to run Nero Vision on the remote desktop and I get an error about screen res and color depth but I am not able to change it. Any way...
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    Ethereal type program for routers?

    The headline pretty much says it all. Is there any way to see the traffic passing through a router, specifically Linksys wrt54g (alread flashed with thibor). Thanks
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    Highpoint Raid Controller - Can I use SMART?

    I have an Abit kx7 333R. I have 3 hard drives connected to the raid controller (HPT 372), but not set up in a raid array. I recently installed Everest (after reading another thread on here) and found that I can only monitor the temp of the 3 hd's hooked up to the ide controllers. I checked the...
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    Bypass/ remove ide HD lock

    I have an 80gig hard drive that was locked to my old xbox. I gave the xbox to a friend with a different HD and I forgot to remove the lock. The xbox has since died, and I have no way of using this hard drive. Is there any way to unlock it without the password?
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    Toshiba Tablet dies, ac led flashes

    I was using my Portege m200 and it shut off. Then the AC LED flashes some sort of code like 4 shorts 1 long 2 shorts 1 log and then 1 long, but its hard to watch so I may be off. Either way it wont boot battery in or out, ac plug in our out. I tried some googling and reached other forums that...
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    Certain keyboard keys not working

    I recently moved and right before I moved someone spilled a beer on my wireless logitech keyboard. It still worked even though some of the keys were sticky. I have been using remote desktop to use that pc as it holds all of my media. I just bought a cheapo micro innovations keyboard so I could...
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    Got infected with spyware, adaware keeps crashing

    Hey I got hit with spyware, not quite sure how it happened. I was remote desktopping from work, downloading a MiRC file via I minimized the RDC window and checked it about a half hour later. On my remote desktop, there was popups everywhere, and Windows had a bunch of messages...
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    Use laptop as WIFI AP?

    I want to try to use my laptop is a wireless AP. I was thinking of connecting the LAN card to my apartments network, and then having people be able to connect to my wireless card like it was an AP. Im running windows xp pro and it is an Intel Pro Wireless B card. Is this possible?? I already...
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    IE on XP not redirecting ASP pages

    Im at work trying to fix one of my coworkers computers. She cant get on this website ( becuase it gets the "cannot find server" error page. But if i type in the address of the page that IE gets redirected to, it works. I tested this with my schools email page and it was the...
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    Adobe Premiere Capture preview screen black

    I am trying to import/capture video from a canon dv camera in Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5. When I try to preview the video, I can control the camera's controls and hear sound but the screen stays black. Its not really solid black, like sometimes it gets lighter and darker but it is still essentially...
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    VPN question about file shares

    The computer im trying to access is not logged on to the domain. However from the server box (Windows 2003 Server) I am able browse to the computer I want to access via vpn (its called flyest, and is part of "workgroup"). When I log on to the vpn, I can see workgroup but it wont let me access...
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    How to Access internet through VPN?

    We set up an extra machine we had with Windows Server 2003 (since it was free through school) just to mess around and try to "learn it". We got a VPN set up and I was able to log into it from a remote location, but I was unable to connect to any websites. I was disconnected from AIM and was...
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    Acer laptop. want to addd internal bluetooth

    I have an acer aspire 5002wlmi laptop. It has an internal mini pci broadcom wifi card. Is there any way I can swap out this card for one that does wifi and bluetooth. Where could I buy it. I looked at laptop repair sites on line but to no avail. Thanls
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    Synaptics touchpad problems- driving me crazy

    On my laptop I have a synaptics touchpad and in Linux (fedore core 4) it is driving me nuts. If I am pushing too hard while dragging the mouse around the screen, my browser will go forward or back pages depending on which way I move my finger. It seems like it owuld be an ok feature but it is...
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    Did yum update for Fedora 4. Now two vers. show up

    I did a yum update on Fedora Core 4. The package was almost 1 gig. Now when I boot my laptop, it shows two different versions of Fedora Core 4 to boot to as well as Windows Xp (I was dual booting xp with FC4). Did I do something wrong? I am able to boot to both versions of FC4 but I really only...
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    Wifi networking tool for linux

    Fedora Core 4 came with a tool called KWIFIManager, but I cant figure out how to switch what network Im on. I am able to scan and find all of the available networks, but I cannot select one and switch to it. Is there a better tool I can download and use, or can someone tell me what Im doing...
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    Wifi connection manager for Linux?

    I just started using Linux today, and after much effort I was able to get my broadcom wireless card to work using ndiswrapper. I am useing Fedora Core 4 and the program it came with to use to connect to wireless networks is KWifiManager. I cant seem to get it to connect to different networks. It...
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    First time Linux. Installed Fedora, having problems

    I just installed Fedora Core 4 (64 bit) on my laptop and Im havin some problems. Its my first time using linux. Im not even sure which desktop manager im using because I installed 3 of them (X window, Gnome, and another one I cant remember). First of all, it freezes during boot pretty much...
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    Recover "My Documents" From a different XP install

    My primary hard drive was screwing up a while back so i reinstalled windows XP Pro to a new hard drive but i still have the old hard drive in my pc. If i try to browse to the documents and settings of the old drive and go to the folder for my username it says access is denied. Is there any way...
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    Linksys router and BitTorrent Bottlenecks

    I have a Linksys router (WRT54G) and a network of 4 pc's, 2 xboxes, and 2 laptops (which are connected wired and wirelessly depending on their location.) I am also using a netgear 5 port switch (FS605) which is connected to the router. One PC an xbox, and sometimes the 2 laptops are also...
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    New Acer laptop - Touchpad Screwed Up

    I just bought an acer 5002wlmi about 3 weeks ago and i was using it the other day and all of a sudden the touchpad got messed up. When I click the left button it acts like the right button and when I click the right button it does nothing. The touchpad icon near the clock used to show green when...
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    Weird corruption on a 6 month old samsung HD

    I bought a new samsung drive in the summer to replace a failing maxtor. I used the sammy to store half of my movie collection and all of my mp3s (about 15,000 mostly full cds, all legal of course). My computer had been actin strange, mostly random crashes and lockups but i blamed it on my "c"...
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    Computer keeps crashing even after fresk XP install

    I was running an amd 1800+ with 3 80 gig hds and a 160. My computer started running like crap and when i would play mp3s (all from the same hd, a samsung 160 about 6 months old) the mp3s would skip and stutter. If I loaded a new mp3 it would be fine as long as the load wasnt too high. This...
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    Need quck help with dualies

    I have a geforce4 ti4200 (old ish i know) and i finally got a second monitor hooked up to it via dvi to analog adapter. What im trying to do is have my primary monitor be able to house my entire desktop and "start bar" but if i turn on the secondary monitor (hooked up via dvi port with the...
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    SB Live coax digi input need 5.1 analog output

    I am using a coax digital audio out on my xbox and have it hooked to my sb live 5.1 platinum. I just got a set of logitech z5300 5.1 speakers. They have 3 plugs that connect to my soundcard (front rear and center). For some reason i cannot get my xbox to play through the speakers. the program i...
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    New samsung 160 only showing 128gig

    I just bought a new 160 gigabyte HD to replace my dying 80 gig maxtor or wd( not sure which one is dying). I installed SP1 and my bios (KX7333R with highpoint raid controller, which the drive is connected to) recognizes the drive as 160 gigs but in windows it only shows up as 128. i tried...