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    Nested virtualization experiences?

    So I've recently come across an HP DL380 G7, and it's amazing to have some real server horsepower in the house. I've been wanting to play with clustering in Hyper-V for the sake of work and especially to experiment with the RDS VDI. The perfect solution to this is doing some nested...
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    FM2 processor and PCIe 3.0 slots

    I am looking at upgrading my htpc into a gaming steam box. I already have an AMD A8-5600K that I plan to reuse, but will be upgrading the motherboard to a FM2+ MSI A88XM GAMING . The intent is to also add an AMD R9 290 in the mix as well...
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    Cloud management software - OnApp thoughts

    So in my firm(managed services and hosting), it was decided we would build a cloud hosting provider across a few data centers based on Xen v4.3 and using OnApp to manage the entire thing(because it's crazy cheap). I'm wondering if anyone else had used OnApp and if they have thoughts on any of...
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    SAN network bottleneck

    So I've hit an impasse with my boss in regards to our cheaply built datacenter. Currently the entire place is run on a 1GbE network all based on a Cisco 6500 core switch. We went this route because the hardware was stupid cheap, but we are now feeling the performance hit on our storage...
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    Linux based multiple master DNS

    So I just stood up a DNS zone using bind9 in my Linux environment. The main use of this environment is to allow my other Linux servers to connect to one of three openvpn servers and update their DNS records using nsupdate. I currently have this working with bind9 having slave servers forward...
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    Rate HTPC/NAS build

    [H] I need your opinions on this build. I currently have an old laptop with a 2TB external hard drive acting a dedicated XBMC/NAS box (it is always connected to my TV). I am hitting the 2TB capacity pretty easy on this little hard drive, and I'm getting rather frustrated with the USB transfer...
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    Am I expecting too much for a cable card tuner?

    So I am under comcast and my wife wants us to get TV service. Normally, we would get all of our content via web streaming through XBMC plugins Since we have two TVs in the house, we would have to dish out an extra $20 a month to rent two freaking cable boxes just to get the HD channels. I want...
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    Good time to buy? Laptop - 6990M

    I'm sitting right on the edge of buying a Sager notebook with a Radeon 6990M. I know there are rumors of the next gen 7000 series sitting right on the horizon, but does anyone think that new mobile chips will be out any time soon? I'm curious if there will be any major changes coming to...
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    Opinions of HTPC build

    I'm currently planning to build a small system capable of some media storage and to be used as a media player for downloaded/web streaming video. The intent is to go full 1080p with the system, but I can settle with 720p playback. I mainly intend to use XBMC as a full time interface with the...
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    Recommendation for an internal hard drive + USB 3.0 external enclosure

    I'm set to be leaving for Afghanistan this summer and need to grab a big hard drive to keep myself entertained in my down time out there. I'm looking for at least a 2TB internal drive that I plan to throw into a HTPC box later down the road. So, until I get that HTPC box built, I want to run off...
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    [woot] Kingston SSDNow V-Series 128GB - $199 - $50MIR Up on woot now, rebate form is near the bottom of the page in the description. Damn good deal for this type of SSD I'd say
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    iPod/iPohne wifi remote?

    I'm designing a HTPC build and have settled with an NVIDIA ION based system. The last thing really holding me back from pulling the trigger on this system is a good remote. All the WMC remotes I see on sale have those stupid IR dongles that stick out like a sore thumb. I really want to avoid...
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    Thoughts on a medium end gamer laptop

    So I'm selling my desktop and moving over to a laptop. Been wanting to make this move because I hate being tethered to a desk and would like to be able to carry my system to other places for regular lanning. Been looking for one I can carry around and not be too unwieldy, so preferably a...
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    Lucasart's Euphoria engine Yay destructible items Couldnt find a previous post for this, but I figure you guys would munch on it a lil :p
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    Looking to upgrade my file server

    I have a box at home that I have thrown random hard drives into. I just did a simple span via window's dynamic disk cause I was too cheap to get a raid card. Now I wanna get this thing set up right with new hard drives and a proper raid card. I've been looking at buying three or four SATA...
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    Any reason to not get Vista Ultimate over Vista Home?

    Lookin at those hot deals for upgrades to Vista Home, and really wonder if it's worth the difference in money to cheap out. As a gamer, are there any big features I'd be sorely missing from Ultimate? I remember from ages back there was mention about extra features to assist gaming only...
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    any known timeframe for the "reverse HT"?

    Gettin the itch to upgrade again and am right now leaning toward an Intel setup for the new Conroe. Just dont wanna dump AMD without giving them a chance though, I'd like to see whether this will change anything in AMD's favor. Is there any timeframe known as to when this may start to be seen...
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    dual x1800 vs single 7950GX2

    I am debating on what to do here. I can spend $300 and buy a crossfire master x1800 card(refurb from ATI) or spend more on a single 7950GX2. I currently have a x1800XT 512 card. Is there any clear answer on which would easily outperform the other in this circumstance? The x1800 crossfire...
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    Spore-like flash game: Flow Fun way to waste the hours
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    Stability issues upon changing over to a DFI RDX200

    I'm running 2x1GB sticks of Mushkin eXtreme performance RAM, and have been able ot run it stable at DDR500 3-4-3-8 2.8v on my old MSI K8N Neo 2 Plat. I just recently bought a DFI Lanparty RDX200 and now the memory can no longer handle pushing DDR500 at any timings(even setting everything to...
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    Have a 20pin PSU, can it handle a 24 pin adaptor?

    I dont know power supply system nearly as well as everything else, but I have just gotten a DFI board(Lanparty RDX200) and am left with no money left to buy a new power supply. From what it looks liek with the adaptors, they just split two of the 5v and ground rails. Which to my understanding...
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    [out there]How power hungry is RAM?

    I have a buddy who recently upgraded a really old gateway system from 256MB of ram to 512MB, and go figure the system went on the fritz. There's a whole plethora of reasons as to why(being old, and a gateway and all), but his power supply is a mere 160 watter. Kinda joking with the idea that...
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    Lookin for 1GB DDR500 sticks

    EDIT EDIT: Bah just goign to re-write my thread.... Returned my Ballistix cause this is the secodn set that's no good. Pretty much down to two choices here. 2x mushkin eXtreme Performance or G.SKILL Extreme Series How is the quality on the mushkin stuff? I see VERY little mention of it...
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    Best method for actively cooling RAM?

    Got a pair of Crucial Ballistix(2x1GB DDR500), and it quite frankly runs too how to just sit there passively. I want to rig a fan in there to cool them off, as I have been having stability issues since day 1 with these things, but I havent a clue how I would go about putting a fan over these...
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    So, I aciddentially left the fan on my card unplugged

    Was doing regular cleaning of my Leadtek 6800GT. FUll disassembally and redoing AS5. Put it all back together and start playing BF2. Took the card 10 minutes of play to start artifacting, at which point I quit with intent to double check heatsink contact. Touch the back of the vid...
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    Crucial Ballistix or OCZ Gold?

    Been reading up on good RAM, and am pretty much lookin for some that can handle some speed and maintain low timings. Looking for 2GB 4x512 config.(yes I have a venice core that can handle it) So right now, I am looking at either OCZ Enhanced Latency Series Gold Edition 512MB DDR 500 2-2-2-8...
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    Problems with HTT and mem divider

    I can push my 3000+ to 2.GHz fully stable, BUT the system will not boot when I attempt to boot at this clock speed. SO i can get this OC running using clockgen in windows, but the mobo takes a crap trying to start with it. I have tried running my proc at two different settings, both of which...
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    Co-locations in the midwest and east cost....

    My boss is looking for some locations out there(west coast here) to expand our webhosting(and game hosting) ability. We are trying to find a place that will allow us to send our own box there, but we might just rent a server and wait on sending our own. Looking for at least 2GB/mo of bandwidth...
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    Free 512 MB PC2700 stick 200pin DDR SODIMM from BestBuy(NO REBATE),39816,.shtml $60 Kingston 512MB PC2700 200pin DDR SODIMM + $30 installation - $90 cupon for memory & installation(cupon in link) = FREE
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    System crashes when attempting to run FSB >250mhz, workaround?

    Running a MSI Neo2 Plat with an Athlon 64 3000+ venice core. I so far have noticed that I cant push the FSB past 250MHz without either crashign the system(when using clockgen) or just not booting(when setting thru bios). Is there a way to improve stability on this issue? or is there...
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    Looking into making a Linux router/fileserver

    I have had a dual 1Ghz P3 for awhile now, and have just used it as a general purpose video encoding and file storage box. I am currently renting a room in a house with 3 other people, all who enjoy using the internet a lot. We have a linksys router set up that we all share, but it will reboot...
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    Just deleted a 20+ GB file, but 20GB still reported in use

    So, I decided to run IOMeter and see how well my hard drive performs. The result, I found a huge 20 some GB file on my C: drive. After removing IOMeter, the file was still present, so I figure no problem and deleted it. Now the space that should have been freed up on the disk is still...
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    Someone explain this to me...[Stability, AMD vs Intel]

    On another board, there's an argument brewing over Intel guys claiming Intel Xeons are MORE stable than an AMD Opterton. This does not make sense to me, since if neither proccessor doesnt miss a beat, then it is perfectly stable. Are there other factors that I havent accounted for? Thanks...
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    cannot for the life of me find nforce 3 sata drivers

    I have an MSI K8N Neo2 Plat mobo, and want to load win XP 64 on it, but I cannot for the life of me find the 64bit sata drivers required to load upon booting the windows CD. Im sure nvidia has released these drivers, but msi will only supply the 32bit drivers for it. Many hours on google...
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    [802.11n]Where is it?

    Sorry if this has been asked a lot, but search is being difficult on this one. I know this standard was announed many months ago, but when is it finally going to come out? Thx in advance
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    Would a high gain atenna do the trick?

    I am setting up a wireless network across my place, and have a small barn house a pretty far distance away.... When testing the distance, the signal got pretty low, enough to make me try to boost the signal. So, I went into my linksys WRT54G and boosted the Db output by 5. The only effect...
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    X-Bit Labs: Intel proccessors favored in gaming systems Based on the steam survey... Now, am I the only one that has a problem with the fact that they are basing this entirely off a survey sent across all classes of computer users? Granted the lead isnt by much, the context of the...
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    AdAware sold out?

    (I hope his isnt OFN) Sounds like fun times ahead
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    I have an "evil" mobo... ebay it?

    My NF7-S has decided to take up the habit of making any AGP card die in a horrible way(and also has some white crap comigg out of the slot). Since there is that ebay about the ram, do you think I might make some cash if I try to ebay this as "evil"? EDIT: I also got a secodn question...