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    New GPS Technology from Nike is a Winner

    That is an incredible expensive solution.
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    Looking for a cheap printer for college

    every college has a million really don't need your own. on your way to turn it in you stop at a lab and print it out.
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    Here's what I hate about RAID (maybe someone can change my mind)

    Well changing the partity drive is a bit of a hassle, but you never lose your parity. If another disk dies during the process, you can always throw your first parity drive back in and recover the failed drive. Also, seperate file systems are a pain for file sorting, but great for recovering...
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    Here's what I hate about RAID (maybe someone can change my mind)

    Check out unraid I have one and it rocks
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    wireless receiver

    Apple airport?
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    PCI switch card?

    Would be a cool thing to automate your apartment... I believe they are called relay cards
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    funniest pic ever

    Worst thread ever?
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    whats the champ.....AMD 64 or pentium M

    I think the better question is, which is better, a P-M laptop or a A64 Turion one?
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    Got a Qpack - happy, but temp sensor issues?

    Is it between the core and the heatsink? This would be bad.
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    Best Disk Configuartion for a Development Workstation...

    If you want the compile to go faster, put the source code on one disk and the complied output on another.
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    Can RAM just "go bad" after a few years?

    Everything goes bad eventually.
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    Won't boot after Arctic Silver 5

    In the words of the old ECW fans.. You F***ed up! You F***ed up! No worries man. Take it all apart and try again. Just cpu, memory, and video card. Out of the case. See if you can get it to boot.
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    Winbond showing error about -5 v

    The -5V is not used in modern systems.
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    SSD for the Masses "Unlike DRAM-based main memory, the iRam card doesn't lose data when the PC is switched off, said Thomas Chang, a product manager at Giga-byte. As long as the PC is plugged into a socket, a very small amount of current continues to run through...
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    AMD Tech Tour -- Anyone else going?

    I'm going to the Seattle event. Anyone else?
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    is one 120mm fan equal to two 80mm fan?

    Why are the mods deleting stuff from this thread? Delete the whole damn thing -its all off topic, there is no topic because the orginal poster didnt' have a good question.
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    The Next OS X code name?

    10.5 Garfield!! OS 11 will be 64 bit
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    Best Bang For Your Buck 64 Overclocker??? Gaming???

    don't be sorry, He's an idiot.
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    Any PCI express 1x SATA cards yet?

    So, are there any cards that plug into the pci express 1x slots starting to show up on mobos that support SATA devices?
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    cm stacker or keep lian li pc75

    Isn't Stacker 2 that weightloss stuff?
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    Can someone give me some assurance that there will be a difference?

    Maybe you should do the research before you buy..especially when you spend 1000 bucks. But that is just me. /end mean post
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    Some question about "Quite" cooling...

    I'm not so sure about Quite cooling..quiet cooling can be accomplished...
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    Apple IIe PDS card

    its not locked, and you can't lock, and they won't lock it anyway i was bored
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    [H]orde|Stats 3.0

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    T0TAL Noob question....How do you change from intake to exhaust?

    the first sentence doesn't match the second lol
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    dangerden tdx lapping? help!!

    If you care about performance, why are you screwing around with the block when you don't know what you are doing? Practice on a random chunk of metal first.
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    What makes passive CPU heatsinks...passive?

    Take a thermodynamics class and pay attention during the convection heat transfer part or google can be interesting
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    Getting a water cooling system

    Why would you take the advice of a WOW guy? Get on these forums,,, and do some research.
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    5 slot ISA motherboards?

    can't you just buy new modems?
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    Are you joking me? ATX Power Connector Won't Fit

    This is a serious sign you need to start working out.
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    The next best thing

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    So where are all the athlonXP CPUs on the egg?

    They don't make the XP's anymore..its all sempron and a few mobiles. They don't want to have a sub 100 dollar cpu anymore!
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    Can ripping DVDs damage HD?

    Yes using the hard drive can wear it out you should just keep it nice and safe in its original box in the antistatic bag
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    You think dual-core will come in s939 flavor?

    It is theoretically possible that the dual cores will spilt the current dual channel memory subsystem into 2 single channel, 1 for each processor.
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    3 ide hds, 2 identical what are the options?

    Please throw the 40 gig IBM drive away before it dies. Don't put anything valuable on it at the very least.
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    Wow, switching mobos = temp drops!

    The temp reduction was a combination of you remounting your heatsink, and the motherboard readings temps slightly different (they all do).
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    Any Pentium-IV boards with an ISA slot?

    why don't you just have 2 computers?
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    Fortron 530w vs. Fortron 500w (Blue)

    I got one yesterday, along with a nec dvd burner and a bluetooth adapter for my phone. Gotta love the egg!