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    KNC Titan Scrypt ASIC 250mhash @ 800-1000w

    Just wow: Figured that was coming after all the other ASIC companies up their specs, but what really matters is who can actually deliver.
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    BTC China adds LTC Holy cow what a price pop overnight:
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    [LTC][DOGE] CoinHuntr Mining Pool

    Figured I'd make an official post here since we have so many [H] members mining over at our site :cool: GEO Located Servers For Super Efficient Mining! Responsive Design That Works Great On Any Device! As you can see, we have put in a lot of thought, planning and...
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    LF Help High Traffic

    Anyone here have experience with large traffic websites and HEAVY sql usage? Would be willing to pay an expert to take a look and help with some optimizations.
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    PS4 DOA (red line of death)

    Fuck me right? Turn it on, its on for a few minutes, starts beeping, red line of death. Tried updating via usb stick, cant stay on long enough to even finish the update. When I turn it on, I get zero fan noise, and feel nothing out the back. Looks like the fan is 100% dead?
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    PS4 Order Status Update

    Anyone had their order status update to packaging or shipped yet? Kind of thought id see some of those today. Mine on Amazon still showing not yet shipped :(
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    Amazon PS4 game buy one get one free

    Anyone else get one of these in their email today? Needless to say mine is used already :)
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    [LTC POOL][PROP][STRATUM][GEO] - Custom Frontend - Jump Aboard!

    After a lot of hard work getting this custom coded theme and server cluster setup, we would like to introduce you all to the all new LTC Mining Pool! Need Help? Have Questions? Feel free to contact myself or LiteSaber here on the forums, or via our Freenode IRC channel...
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    Cisco 2901 VSEC/K9 Router

    Selling a Cisco 2901 VSEC/K9 router. Hardly used in my lab for a few months. Asking $1400. Ebay auction here: Needed ending time and price added to thread title...
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    ATI 6850 display port issue

    So got my new XFX 6850 today. When i have the display port (full size to full size) plugged into the card, my computer will not post period. If i plug it in after the computer has booted, i get picture on the monitor and it works. It is a 6' monoprice full display port to display port...
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    Debian on single hd and windows on raid 0

    I have debian installed on a single hard drive, and my main installation, windows 7 on a raid 0 setup. How can i get these to dual boot? I have tried forever to get grub to recognize my raid setup with no luck, and have tried forever to get windows to boot into linux using easybcd with no dice...
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    G11 G keys do not work, windows 7

    Ive been trying to create macro's/use my G keys and they simply arent working. Rest of the keyboard works fine. i installed the windows 7 x64 profile software. Even the default assignments for the G keys do not work. For example, when i press one of the G keys assigned to a number in...
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    OMG i cant believe i did this

    So i finally cracked and just ordered my second dell 2405 fwp monitor and am waiting for it to get here. 24"x2 is going to be amazing.
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    PHP Problem (Wordpress and Vbulletin)

    Im trying to pull the sidebar from my website that is running wordpress and integrate it into my forum. Here is a picture of the demonstration below: CURRENTLY: TO THIS: I have made the plugin for Vbulletin and can call my sidebar.php file, but it calls all funny, doesn't load the...
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    Complicated question

    Can a P5k delux mobo do this kind of setup? What im looking to do is raid 2x raptors in raid 0 Then in another array, im looking to do a raid 5 with 3x 320gb hds for storage. Is this possible with just the P5K delux mobo?
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    Complicated question

    Can a P5k delux mobo do this kind of setup? What im looking to do is raid 2x raptors in raid 0 Then in another array, im looking to do a raid 5 with 3x 320gb hds for storage. Is this possible with just the P5K delux mobo?
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    Which is better?

    I currently have a Asus P5B mobo with no sata raid and im looking to raid 2 sata hard drives. Would it be better to get a new mobo with raid support or get a pci express card? Which offers better performance? Also, how is this setup. Id like to install windows on a single rapter and raid...
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    Need help, CDROM problem

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    Need help, CDROM problem

    Ok, i recently upgraded the firmware on one of my laptops dvd burner drives and after i rebooted, it didnt detect either the dvd burner or the cd-dvd combo drive. So i need a way to erase the firmware on the drive and put the older stuff back on, which i have. When i try to run the program, it...
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    New Web Design

    Can i get opinions on it? Visit it here:
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    Help Styling Forum

    Was wondering if someone could help me style my forum/change the button colors to match it. Hit me up at Warhawk242 on aim
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    Looking for pro web designer

    Im looking for a web designer to do a new page design. Ive got about $1000 to spend and want something very high quality. Please post here, pm me, or aim me at warhawk242.
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    Can someone tell me if this is a good display?

    Can someone tell me if this lcd is a good display? Samsung LCD Specifications Screen Size 26" diagonal Screen Aspect 16:9 Contrast Ratio 3000:1 Brightness [not published] Pixel Pitch [not published]...
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    Where can i buy this?

    Where can i buy the 9 cell 85WHr battery for a dell inspiron e1405? I cant seem to find it on dell or anywhere by itself
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    64bit Vista hard drive drivers for Alienware m7700

    Does anyone know where i can get these? Im runnin 2x60gb 7200 in raid 0 and it doesnt detect the hd's in setup. Can anyone help?
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    Stretch the Start Bar?

    I have a laptop and am using extended desktop with my lcd. Is there any way i can make my start bar go all the way across the laptop screen AND the lcd?
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    Which CPU is for me?

    I like to do a good amount of gaming with new games (BF2, HL2, etc) but am not what someone would consider a hardcore gamer. I use my computer for about 1/2 gaming, 1/2 running GUI apps and such. Im wondering which is best for me: FX 55/FX57 or an X2 4800 BTW this is going in a laptop...
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    PHP Developer

    Can anyone suggest a good company that does professional php programming? Id need some people that are pretty dang good.
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    Where did you get BF2 and wha'd you pay?

    Walmart - 49.97
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    Network Security

    I was wondering if someone could go into details about some of the different ways you can secure a network. Maybe some stuff about encryption, novell, windows2k etc. and maybe possibly how dialup networking works? Like, can i have a server setup on like cable internet or t1, then be able to...
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    Need some help

    Can i just get a detailed summary of what each one of these things does and what its used for? Router Brouter? <-- does that exist? Repeater Switch Hub THanks for any help.
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    Unraided raptors vs raided raptors

    How much of a performance increase do you get when you raid two wd raptors together over 2 unraided drives?
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    What Is up with this crap!

    Ok, got a new mobo/cpu today. I put everything in, hit the power button, it turns on for like 1 second than shuts off. I switch psu's, same beef. I put it in my main rig, works like a charm? WTF is up? Could it be a bad ground? Something is royaly fucked up. Any ideas?
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    Anyone used gameservers from this place?

    Im lookin at buyin a gameserver soon and came upon this site. It doesnt look like the site is really finished, but the prices are like 1/2 of anything else i can find out there. Ive thought about posting in the forums just to see if i can get a little more info...