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    USB LCD for Monitoring Temps, etc?

    I know this exists.. Similar to what is on a Logitech G15, I'm looking for an LCD that I can use to display temperatures, CPU utilization, etc.. I would prefer one that can sit on a desk, but if it doesn't exist 5.25" bay versions are fine too, I figure I'll just get an external enclosure to...
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    Micro Center Deals

    $19 USB External HDD Housing: $19 Powerspec MicroATX Case: 1GB Flash Drive $14.99...
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    What RPG to try?

    Well.. I beat most of Oblivion, and it got old real fast. Hearing the same 5 voices was horrible. WoW is not my thing.. Played it for a while.. I am playing dark messiah but its so badly bugged that it doesnt run on my system, but it got me in the NEED to play RPG's.. So what RPG should I try?
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    Does Dark Messiah lag your system?

    The rig in my sig is lagging horribly with this game. Does this happen for you guys? I had all my settings turn up high, so then I turned them to the recommended settings, and it still lags like hell.. I think its my CPU. What about you guys? Does this game own your system?
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    I think my 8800GTX is bad??

    I'm not sure whats wrong.. First off this is the system in my sig.. fx-62/2gb ddr2-800 xms2/8800gtx (for those of you who dont have sigs enabled). My two friends and I all ran FEAR's benchmarking in game feature. One of them, who has a 7900gt and an x2 4200 beat my score by 3 times. My other...
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    Why do we let them do this?

    Rant follows: I hate Electronic Arts (EA). Its really been aggravating me lately. They have been completely disregarding PC gamers, and I almost feel like they are rubbing it in our faces. They give us a game that has no widescreen support, despite the massive move to widescreen thats been...
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    Continue a torrent on a new install?

    Heres what my problem is.. I'm currently downloading a 26 gig file with utorrent. Its been about a week or so, and I'm at 55%. However, I need to reformat my PC for what I'm doing.. Probably tonight... Which means I wont have time to finish the torrent. Is there a way I can backup my...
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    8800GTX CS:S Source and DOD:S Issue..

    When I first got this card, I played about four hours of CS:S no problem, ever since then, if I try to access ANY steam game, it completely screws up. The screen goes all black, except for a gray box in the lower right, almost like it instantly zooms in REALLY far.. But, if I move the mouse...
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    Microsoft Zune.. Absolutely horrible..

    Theres been a lot of talk on here about the Zune lately.. And people are actually talking about buying them?? Wow.. I thought we had more educated buyers on [H]ardforum then this.. So far I've heard...
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    BF2 Installation error..

    I tried googling for this error, but I havent found anything on it.. I must admit though, I'm on an 11kb/s (work) internet connection, so I am quite hesitant to Google too much.. Anyways, I'm trying to install Battlefield 2 on my laptop, which has had BF2 on it before. However, about 90%...
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    Continuous IO Device Error Message..

    I keep getting a IO Device error message when trying to transfer a backup folder to a USB drive.. I'm not sure whats causing it. I've gotten these errors before. Could my hard drive or USB drive be going or bad? I can access all the files that it gives me the error on.. Also, I can transfer...
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    ClubIT Has Quad Cores In Stock.. ! $1479?? Holy Cow!
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    What do you think about this setup?

    From Frozen CPU I like the look of it, and the case (I was going to buy that case a while back). Is this a good setup? I'm a complete watercooling n00b, and I figured a premade kit would be a good idea, but then I saw these. Being completely internal (which looks great), and it seems...
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    Nvidia Go 7400

    Does anybody have any benchmarks with this video card? I've played BF2 on the lappy in my sig pretty nicely, but I'd like to know how comparable this card is to desktop cards....?
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    Where do I get my hands on an ACS version of a video card?

    I'm looking specifically at the ACS version of the 8800gtx. I want it. Are these usually obtained through eVGA, or do they give these out to a certain reseller? Or what? And how much more should I expect to pay? $100 more is fine, but any more is questionable.
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    AMD is really making me miffed

    Lets put it this way, I am and have always been an AMD fan boy. I love AMD. I have never bought an intel proc for any of my main computers. In fact, every intel processor I've ever gotten has been for free lol. Anyways, this whole socket crap is pissing me off. First it was 939 to AM2...
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    WTH? Shuttle Inc Motherboard from 2000?

    So this is a picture of the computer I'm working on's CPU-Z. I'm trying to find drivers for this motherboard, which I believe no longer exist. Can anybody find drivers for that, or tell me if this "Shuttle Inc" is the same people that make the little tiny cube computers nowadays...
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    Hard Forum WhatPulse team?

    I'm surprised to see there isnt one already? I searched the forums.. WhatPulse tracks how keys are pressed on your keyboard, how many times you click your left and right mouse buttons individually, and how far you move your mouse (measured in miles), and displays statistics. Its pretty cool...
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    Truion X2 work on a Turion Laptop?

    I have an HP Pavilion laptop, that I'd like to drop a Turion X2 in.. Would it work? Right now its got a 1.8ghz Turion 64 mobile in it..
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    Question on cell phone providers internet

    I've heard a lot of controversy between which has faster internet. Verizon or Sprint? I'm looking to get a PDA phone so I can do PAM (Phone As Modem) via bluetooth to my laptop. I also want the convenience of a nice PDA. The phone I'm looking at is the PPC-6700 (on Sprint), and its the...
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    Can hardware be causing Win98 to go into Safe Mode?

    Well I got this PC from a customer to fix. The issue was, as she told me, her son downloaded Kazaa and the next day it would only boot into safe mode, the screen would only go into black and white, the USB quit working, and all these other little issues. So, I figured it was a virus, I...
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    Rule #25..

    As I am not the only one to complain about this I thought it should be brought up. I am a long time forum user. I have been going to forums for 10 years or more. I've been to hundreds, if not thousands, of forums. In those 10 years, I have always signed my posts using "-Brandon". One...
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    PunkBuster Rant

    Punkbuster is the worst anti cheat and piece of software ever. I have updated it, downloaded patches for it, reinstalled it, downloaded a patching program for it, and yet it still kicks me out of the game randomly. Sometimes I can be in a FEAR combat server for 4 hours without any issues...
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    Price of a "next gen" gaming rig..

    Heres what I've come up with.. This is all speculation, and the price figures are not 100% accurate. This is, of course, not going to be possible for at least a few months (whenever QuadFathers come out). And, of course, its theoretical on the graphics cards (not sure if they are actually going...