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    Intel Xeon L5639 Hexa(6) Core LGA1366 Price:US $79.80 Used Ebay Seller

    So is there any source for a decently cheap motherboard with multiplier control? (After reading this thread I got motivated and was able to score a Xeon x5660 engineering sample for $62 :) )
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    Warm ? Phen 2 905e 65w $99.99 + ship

    I would imagine people with server intensive purposes would not be looking in a hot deals forum where they can save a buck or two
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    Newegg 12/24 Shell Shocker: Galaxy GeForce 210 1 GB is $12.99 amir!

    Fuzzy math, and pretty sure these things are slow
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    AMD ditches GloFo, goes with TSMC

    So when was that fancy new fab in NY suppose to go online?
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    2 * 8GB ddr3 = 16GB for $259.99 - $60 MIR = $199.99

    Wait for 2011??? I'm confused
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    OCZ Vertex Limited Edition 100GB

    lol. Fine them.
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    NOOOOO!! AMD Cancels Retail Zosma Phenom II X4's

    this move could also be simply to prevent people buying retail chips finding out they don't unlock and returning them (where AMD probably eats a lot more of the cost) compared to OEM chips where the warranty is mainly through the dealer.
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    AMD Phenom II 1055T $149.99AR at TD

    I see you got to 4 ghz with the 1090T - NICE!, now lets hear how those 1055T's are clocking, mine doesn't get here til Monday.
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    [Ewiz] i3 530 for $109 + FS (Even less with Bing)

    bing cashback can not be combined with coupons
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    Newegg Newyear deals

    Folks that don't have $410 to spend shouldn't be buying a $300 video card
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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 7

    Pork Chop sandwiches!
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    One HTPC, two TVs

    Your title should've been "Two TV's, One CUP ....I mean CPU"
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    Athlon II X3 435 release date

    If you are buying a new mobo (or have a mobo that unlocks) get the X2 5000+ quad core goodness for $55
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    Large Raid setup advice/recommendations pls

    Hi trying to build a backup device for my lab (did one earlier this year based on people's advice here - only 10 drives and it was a great success): What we are thinking right now is: Case: SUPERMICRO CSE-846TQ-R900B (can I get an ATX board in this case..newegg has a special with an asus...
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    Unlocking both cores x2 550 with ECS A780GM-A Ultra

    You can not unlock a brisbane chip, this is limited to the phenom II chips that have some of their cores disabled (ex x2 550, x3 720, sempron 140, or for cache x4 620)
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    Sargas (Sempron AM3)

    Probably pair it with a sb750 board and unlock the disabled core(?) for a kick but start to an HTPC for under $100
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    Hot! Asus 24'' LCD Monitor - $179 ($169 after MIR), FS

    Since we learned how to round to the nearest inch?
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    Unlocking both cores x2 550 with ECS A780GM-A Ultra

    I just checked the manual: In the M.I.B. section of the bios, there is an option for Advanced Clock Calibration also called (you guessed it ACC), my hunch is that if you turned this to Auto it would unlock the cores. It's on page 40 of the manual which is page 46 of the acrobat file...
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    Phenom II 550 x4 Quad

    any stress testing?
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    AMD executing with more proficiency while Intel Atom cliffdiving and I7 flatlining

    Agree with many of the comments: Basically AMD and ATI have taken a new strategy vs. Intel and Nvidia respectively. Go for cheap (not just manufacturing but also development costs which need to be recouped) platforms, and get performance by scaling ie. multiple cpu cores, or multiple gpu...
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    APC 1250va (with LCD) 89.99 Frys B&M, Online pre-order

    PIMP MY UPS - and then we put two 24" LCDs on either side of the ups that retract out when the power goes out lambo style
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    Random restarts on a stable oc?

    for what its worth, random restarts on "stable" systems almost always fall on the PSU in my experience (in other words if your not getting any errors but every so often and sporatically the system restarts)
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    ETA's/Sightings on new Phenom x4's?

    weren't these released months ago relabeled as 720BE's? :) mine seems to run fine at 3.4 ghz
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    will amd be making a comeback?

    truth of the matter is amd and intel are both fed, everything is getting smaller/faster economy is in the crapper, all the big corporate bucks are gone and prices are dropping like crazy, i think both companies are going to have downsize substantially
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    frys b&m hp refurb laptop 17inch, bluray,9600m gt for $799

    If your looking for laptops in this price range (refurbs) I would suggest checking the sony outlet store, they had laptops with the ati 3470, and blu-ray burners for around $800, and the screen is 16.4" so likely a bit less bulky then this one
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    Turn that X3 720 into a X4 945 BE

    I'm also wondering how these scale with voltage. I got mine up to 3.3 ghz 4 instances of prime stable at 1.4 V's. But the computer reboots when I start running prime at 3.4 ghz (this could be a problem with PSU as well its only 430 Watts. I haven't tried higher voltage wise because I'm on the...
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    Opteron 8346's $119 for TWO QUAD CORES !

    Got in on this barebone server deal from newegg and bought two of the 8347's Going to be a pretty nice setup for around $500ish if I want dual TB drives
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    For those that bit one the eBay Opty 8346HE's

    Looks like I'm building my second octo-core system. Newegg had a blowout on an Asus barebones server: ($130 after $70 coupon) The ebay store still has these opterons (although now they are 8347's) so I picked up a pair...
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    Turn that X3 720 into a X4 945 BE

    got a 720 be from mwave 0904 epmw won't be able to test until next week when mobo arrives.
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    Finally upgrading from Opty 165..go with 3X 720 or what? please advice

    I would see how the 4th core activation works out. So far it can't be done with ddr3 boards. If a high percentage of people can get an active 4th core at a decent clock, I would stick with the ddr2 boards and a 720 BE as ram is super cheap ($20 for 4 gb). Then use the xtra cash to buy a...
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    Turn that X3 720 into a X4 945 BE

    If AMD was really smart, what they would do is make a true black box processor (completely untested, shipped as a fully unlocked quad with at least 2 cores working at 1 ghz, then it is up to the user to test stability of the cores and max speed - if they could sell these for $100 to $125 range...
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    Turn that X3 720 into a X4 945 BE

    Couldn't resist: Purchased the biostar board from Tiger direct for $110-$11 cashback = $99 and 720 BE from mwave for somewhere around $140 (had a $20 coupon from a pricing mistake they made) Looked later and realized it might just be a better option to get the Phenom II 810 only about $40...
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    Fry's B&M: Intel i7 940 CPU + GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD3R MOBO for $699

    and if you add tax your at basically the same price as newegg at least in seattle (renton frys)
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    UPS is going to dissapoint many this Christmas

    Fedex seems to be the worst for me (in seattle as well) had 2 overnight packages one was suppose to arrive on Monday (when things weren't bad at all) the other on Wednesday. Neither package got delivered and both were just sitting in there seattle location until I picked them up around 5...
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    [H]OT!!!! 2.5in 320GB 7200RPM Hitatchi $69 AF Free shipping!

    you could also just buy this from ebay from the mwave store with 30% cashback and not have to do a rebate (same ~ 60 days wait to get your $30)
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    Post your MS live search Cashback Issues / Failures / and Bait Scam theories Here.

    It amazes me that people complain about this, Microsoft is giving you money basically for free, sometimes there are some headaches involved but something is better than nothing. I too am having problems with one of my HP 40% off purchases, however I have already received over $1k in cash back...
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    Was your Rebate wrongly Rejected?

    I agree with PXC, a simple call will almost always fix a problem with a rebate, however there is a handful of rebate companies you should just avoid, one of these is antec, I forget the others, I think sapphire/Diamond are notoriously bad
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    Dallas Fry's B&M: Q9550 + ECS Mobo for $229, no rebates

    I understand the 9550 is pretty sweet processor but isn't it better to get the new core i7 processor for about the same price through ebay/cashback or i guess with this you don't have to upgrade mobo/ram
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    For those that bit one the eBay Opty 8346HE's

    Jealousy (thats how I feel and thats what you should call it)
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    [Official] [H] 16G of ram thread

    I have 16 gb in a white frys bag, it doesn't really seem to be helping my PCs performance I think I need to buy a wifi adapter for it