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    operating system missing -or- misadventures in partitioning

    i was attempting to partition my hard drive so i could install the w7 beta and try it out. i am using vista HP 32 bit. the file partitioning program built in wouldn't allow me access to this functionality, giving the error "Logical Disk Manager Access Is Denied" or something to that effect. so i...
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    doublesight 30" owners

    hello, this monitor seems like an excellent purchase. it's got the newer IPS panel that doesn't have the rainbow effect and better back light uniformity (as compared to say the dell 3007WFP-HC). i think it also may be normal gamut but i don't recall, so if anybody knows and could interject an...
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    i need to remap my keyboard

    my current keyboard has media keys -- most of which are useless -- save the volume up/down which adjusts the windows master volume. due to the way my setup is uh, set up, this is my main volume control and i need to be able to adjust it while in games, etc. i'm thinking about getting a new...
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    Death Adder problem in Vista 32 bit

    as the title i'm afraid. i got a DA yesterday, and it has been nothing but problems. it goes haywire a few seconds after i plug it in, clicking on random stuff and opening windows and programs. the drivers installed fine, but tweaking the options either makes it go haywire, or BSODs. same with...
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    Vista spontaneously generated user accounts (?)

    when i go: computer -> local disk C -> users i find a user account aside from the one i've created. i am the only person who uses this computer, so it's impossible that somebody else would've made it. the account does not appear on the login screen, and is 516kb in size according to the...
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    Crysis collision bug

    so i've got what can best be described as a collision bug, with Crysis. rig is in the sig, and i'm using 163.69. here's a picture: any ideas? i've searched for "crysis bug" and "crysis collision" etc and i can't seem to find anything. i've tried changing graphics settings and resolutions...
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    where have my gigabytes gone?

    the drive is a 500 gig, and the first time i booted into Vista i had 465 gigs free. fair enough, i understand that the formatting and what not takes up space (i assume the OS is included in that right?) less than 2 weeks later, i'm down to 340. the problem is i haven't downloaded/installed...
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    is my OS a 3-pack?

    it says "Windows Vista Home Prem 32-bit English 3pk DSP 3 OEI DVD" on the packaging. the invoice says 1-pack, though, and i was expecting to only get a 1-pack. is something amiss? it only has 1 DVD and 1 code, and i've never ordered an OS before so i'm confused! thanks.
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    any fixes for Vista sleep issue?

    after doing a bit of searching it seems other users have problems with Vista's sleep mode. i figured out that i can fix it by toggling my PSU power switch, and then it will boot properly again, but this is a really big hassle, especially since my case does not provide external access to the PSU...
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    best C2D for a noob?

    i'm an intel noob and want a cheap C2D that OCs really well. budget is $120-180. i was looking at the E4400...would that be a good choice? i could go for an E6420 but it would be close to the top end of what i'm looking to spend. would that one be either easier to OC or give noticeably better...
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    is this OCZ a good memory choice? it's going in a DS3R. i don't plan on OCing the memory much. i see the timings are 5-5-5-12, how much of a difference does this make compared to 4-4-4-12? i'm looking for a cheap 2 gig kit that is as close to $100 as possible...
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    < $1200 build - need comments

    the budget on this cannot exceed $1200, and i would prefer it to be under $1100 after rebates and shipping. i prefer to shop at the Egg when online. the rig is to be used for gaming and standard web surfing and music listening tasks. not much else. what i've got is as follows: Lian Li A05B...
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    what OS should my new computer have?

    i've been seriously toying with the idea of building a new computer this summer. this would be the first time i've built, and i need to know what OS is best right now. i know some about Vista, enough to know that a lot of people don't think it's worth it. my question is: do you think Vista is...
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    Need new cans

    my HD 555s broke the other day, so i have suddenly found myself in the market for some new cans. some info about my situation: setup: audigy 2 soundcard, cheapish Onkyo receiver, sony turntable durability/comfort: they need to be comfortable for 4+ hours a day, VERY durable construction...
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    dell notebook coupons

    if anybody has any coupons or links on where to get coupons for dell notebook comps that would be of great value to me ;) thanks in advance.
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    frozen throne and WS res

    ive seen it said elsewhere that warcraft 3: Frozen throne supports 1680x1050. can anyone tell me how this is achieved? i have searched extensively throughout other sites and google and im coming up short :(
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    MP3 conversion

    i have a number of audio files that play in winamp but id like to convert them to MP3 so itunes (and subsequently my ipod mini) can play them. does anyone know of a program that can convert an entire song while maintaining good sound quality? thanks.
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    i got my iPod mini today!

    ok fine, so it isn't a shuffle or a mac mini or some other new amazing product but im really happy with my (silver) ipod mini! i decided to go with the ipod because the design is so much better than any others ive seen and the ui is second to none...on a side note my HD555s i purchased about a...
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    im looking for possibly a new graphics board. currently have a 9600XT OCd. games i play currently are WoW, FT and CSS. for FT graphics are not very runs fine on most reasonably new computers. the 9600XT works 'ok', but i like to play at 1680x1050 (native res on the 2005FPW) and...
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    New HD555s

    mine arrived yesterday. they sound great overall, worlds better than the altec lansing headset i had been using before ;) but the problem is two fold. one, the treble sounds a bit 'spitty'...if you know what i mean. also at louder volumes they sound a bit strident or forced; im talking about...
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    fast reply please -- HD555

    ive searched the forums and checked out head fi etc. and the general response towards the HD555s is very positive. however the CNet review still troubles me; they gave them a somewhat low 7.7 score and im concerned if they are not good with music as they say. ive looked around and i cant find...
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    odd graphics problems w/ CSS

    ive got a 9600XT and it seems to have odd graphics glitches in CSS. on dust2 there is massive polygon drop out, the boxes and doors/windows etc. are all just black voids. they still act as though they are there, you can jump on and around them and what not but its just really annoying. any...
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    what card do i get?:(

    well, the time has come for a new video card for me. ive currently got a highly OCd 9600XT but its not pulling its weight in CSS. i play at 1280x768; which is already low for my 2005FPW. i need a card thatll play CSS at 1280x768 at a constant 60-70fps, seeing as how my LCD is limited...
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    catalyst control center

    ive got a problem with my ATi control center. i use the catalyst drivers for my screen rotation for my 2005FPW and the control center doesn't start up when i click on it. but if i do 'restart runtime' and then start up the control center, it works. this is a problem because i like to switch the...
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    pivot software

    i recently got my new 2005fpw (monday) and im confused on how to get pivot software. does anyone know of a free pivot software or utility that i could download and use quickly for web browsing? thanks.
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    2005FPW roll call

    well, if you've got a 2005FPW stand and be counted in this thread! ive got mine on the way; $600 shipped. should be here sometime late this week or early next. much thanks to a forum member who shall remain anonymous who gave me one of his codes for the 25% off ;)
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    X800Pro on 2600+

    like the title says ive got a 2600+ and im looking to upgrade from my OCd 9600XT to an X800Pro. VIVO or not is unimportant because im too much of a newb to know how to flash one and do it right :( so im just not going to go down that route. my question is with such a slow processor would it be...
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    power cable for mag 15" LCD

    i need to find a power cable for a MAG innovision 15" LCD; 12 volts and 4 amps. ive checked at radio shack and local computer stores and the MAG website and im coming up with nothing. anyone have any ideas? thanks.
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    can't recognize HDD

    i recently got a new WD 120gig HDD and installed it properly on the IDE ribbon cable line and have it hooked up with the power cable etc. it recognized it when i first booted and a little icon came up that said something like 'new hard disk drive detected' or something and it shows it under the...
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    new card

    im going to be getting a new screen soon, either 19" or 20" LCD screen. my current 9600XT is OCd a bit but it cant really play newer games like CoD WoW HL2 etc at 1280 or higher w/ decent aa/af and the high quality that i like to see. the problem is im running a 2600+ AMD and im not going to get...
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    i bought the standard HL2 retail box package off newegg and it has yet to arrive; just to clarify the $50 one does come with CSS yes? it made no mention of it and i was pretty sure it did but not entirely.
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    is this a good one?

    is this a good 6800NU? im looking to get a new graphics board for HL2 WoW CoD etc because my 9600XT isnt pulling its weight like it did a year ago. im looking at that gigabyte because its got the fanless design and im trying to make my computer as quiet as possible. also, is that one good for...
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    fan cooling sources

    hey guys im going to be doing a projector soon involving some spare 80mm sunon case fans i have. my question is i need to find a power source for them. im a noob at wiring these sorts of things and i need to know how to power them aside from having a lead from my PSU coming out of my case and...
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    new mem

    with HL2 coming out now, im considering getting some new mem with it; newegg is offering some good deals now. but my question is how do i find out what the max speed of memory my mobo can handle? i have 1 gig now but its just some cheap arse ram now...
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    creative's problems

    i recently found out that my creative media source player thing doesn't record anymore. i was listening to internet radio and i hear a *very* rare mix that i was so excited about because i got over an hour on record but when i hit stop record it said something to the effect of 'library is...
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    pbook or ibook?

    ive lately been toying with the idea of getting a new mac notebook. i am a pc user, however when my dad got a mac nearing 2 years ago, i had some extensive use with it. largely it was good and the learning curve wasn't too bad. i like the way macs look and feel, and the OS is simpler yet offers...
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    23" LCD 4:3

    ive been wondering, just out of curiosity has anyone seen a 23" LCD that isn't widescreen? there are models by planar, princeton graphics, viewsonic and others that are in the standard 4:3 format w/ 1600x1200 panels; usuall 25ms from what i've seen. has anyone ever seen one of these or read a...
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    ive recently decided that im going for a 21.3" LCD or maybe larger..depending on my budget and what prices are looking like in the next month or so. the question is has anyone had any personal experience with a PX212M? all ive seen are just the standard reviews by Cnet and what not. i understand...
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    2001fp vs vp201b?

    sorry to beat an old horse, as it were, but what (if any) are the differences between the dell 2001fp? ive been looking around alot and i cant come up with much. apparently some dell users have said they see the "screen door effect"..does this effect the vp201b as well seeing as how they have...
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    anyone heard of mach?

    yea... this computer brand. i saw their website and they seem to be trying to cater to the "professional" type of client..the displays they have are crazy. one of em has a 5 dispaly setup in one housing O_O they dub themselves as being the first creator of the consumer/professional super...