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    Creating temp access to cpanel for webdesigner

    Ok this is probably a very stupid question but I can't figure it out. My webdesigner was going to transfer the new barebones website over to my current host. I can create a subdomain and an ftp for him to log in on but won't he need access to cpanel? If so how to I create an account for...
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    Help with some Macbook Pro LCD questions

    From what I know there were something like 4 different LCDs for the C2D Macbook Pros: Samsung, LG, Chi Mei, and some generic compatible. Are these all the same? Can I mismatch replacements? From what I remember the only physically different one is the Chi Mei brand which had different bezel...
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    So I finally plated the 3G iPhone in gold...

    Let me start by saying it's a prototype. I have a feeling there's going to be some reception issues with a plated case but maybe some of you can help where I'm not an expert. Since the 3G housing is plastic that means I can laser engrave holes, squares, whatever into the housing before...
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    Dream Machine 2008 (Blackbird)

    So I was told the september issue of maxpc came out this week so I guess it's ok to post this. Here's the smoke nickel plated Blackbird I did. My photos were not professional shots at all so they sent this over. Turned out pretty good especially considering the time constraints.
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    How did I manage this? (pic)

    In between all these gold laptops, I managed to get these two things. Shipping had to be expensive, they weigh a good 40-50lbs. Teaser pic. More to come in a few weeks/month/whenever it's published.
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    What a celebrity Macbook Pro looks like...

    Originally aiming for the polished gold keyboard and trackpad but after 20-some odd test panels, all of them looked too lemon yellow to match. So we stuck to the standard flat/metallic look. I'll save saying who it's for till I know they've received it as it's supposedly a present. Don't want...
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    24kt Gold & Sapphires Macbook Air

    So I've had this sitting in the shop for the last month waiting on the jewelry. I wasn't really happy with the look of the jewelry (the green isn't as dark as I had hoped) but I couldn't stand waiting any longer for different stones to arrive...can't complain too much. Anyway it's done enough...
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    Christian Audigier/Ed Hardy artwork?

    Hey all I've been looking for some Christian Audigier artwork (like what you see on the clothes) but in a high res wallpaper, or better yet, vector art. Anyone know if such things exist?
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    24kt Yellow Gold 24" iMac

    I've got rose gold and platinum frames here as well....getting to them shortly. Too many things on the desk, not enough room! :D
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    Looking for a graphics artist for something

    Not sure if this is the right place (if not, mods please move it) but I'm looking for a graphics capable guy or gal to design some a cd insert (10 or so squares front and back) for me. Willing to pay whatever it takes for the right stuff. Or if you know of someone, that'd help too. Just...
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    Chrome 24" iMac

    I'm no photographer so forgive me..The editing is terrible too. I should have some professional shots done up sometime soon. I originally went for black nickel but decided against it. I ordered quite a few frames to try out so my next choices are probably yellow 24kt yellow, rose, and maybe...
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    Odd problem with MBP backlight

    Go figure something completely random would mess with me this week. One of our MBP's was working perfect and randomly the screen went dark (2% backlight?) after rebooting. At first I had thought one of our diamond inlays was pressing too hard against the screen or had damaged it. Tried and...
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    24kt Gold 17" Macbook Pro

    Finished this 17" MBP up earlier this week. I received a mess of different sample finishes earlier this week also.. I've been meaning to post them but haven't the time to photograph them all. People keep asking for platinum and white gold (though white isn't very pretty at all) so I'm working...
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    24kt gold ipod touches

    24kt isn't exactly practical for these things especially polished but they look good. 18kt brushed would have a been something a little more durable. Also, if anyone knows the secret to getting the glass out of these things, I'm all ears. I'd really like to finish it up by plating the bezel...
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    How many language variations are available for the MacbookPro keyboard?

    I noticed they sell the regular english version as well as the spanish version. What other places get different keyboards and does anyone have pictures of said keyboards?
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    Final pics: Gold Macbook Pro w/ diamonds

    So...I think my warranty is now void. :D On a more serious note, I need to do another Apple mod, probably an imac.
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    Gold macbook pro......almost.

    Not quite finished with the MBP but here's the bottom side of the laptop. Things aren't going as fast as I had planned but if all the pieces would turn out like this, I'd be happy. Easier said than done though, the top cover was destroyed by a careless plater.
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    Post Your Workstation 2007

    Rules of this thread: -Post Your Workstation for everyone to see. This is a pictures only thread. -LIMIT YOUR COMMENTS PLEASE....Stay on topic.
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    best selling laptop?

    I was curious if anyone ever knew the stats on the most popular laptops year to year. Do the big name brands like dell/lenovo/toshiba/sony/apple ever release that kind of info?
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    Computer Choppers / Qtip42's Gallery

    I've been meaning to start this thing for a while but I don't often take pics of my work unless it's a major project. I'm working on fixing that. Most of this work is for different clients. I'll just bump once I have something to update. Enjoy. (edit: I really need to update this more...
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    Another Painted Laptop

    So apparently christmas = laptops for everyone. Here was one of 4 I've done since thanksgiving. There's a few more on the way to the shop this week so that should be fun. I don't usually get requests for girly colors so that's why I took pics. This one is leaving for pinstripes but I'm not...
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    Painted a laptop (silver)

    Been meaning to post this. Painted a laptop for a fellow the other day. The color code was from a BMW. Blended nicely with the keyboard.
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    Painted a case

    Just finished this case the other day. The guy wanted a transformers theme and listed off what he wanted on each panel. Black paint, show quality, etc. Sorry for the bad pictures, I only had it completed for a few minutes before he came and got it. I usually don't take any.
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    What do normal people think of the Tulip Ego (in terms of looks)? What do you folks think of this laptop? It pains me to see something so simple be marketed only to the rich. The idea for adding interchangable parts (whether fabric or otherwise) has been around forever but they're pretty much the only...
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    Macbook panel replacement

    Hey all, I'm in need of a new macbook cover panel (the panel with the apple logo on it), is there any way to order just this part?
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    If money grew on trees, what would your case look like?

    If money grew on trees, what would your case look like? Answer the question seriously and the more detail the better.
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    Logitech G15 keyboard keys question

    Does anyone know what font is used on the Logitech G15 keyboard keys? Here's a pic for starters:
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    The apple collection

    I was looking at the apple collection (website) the other day and was actually impressed by the amount of people who draw up ideas for apple products...Most of the products are lame because the designers have no idea how computers function interally but it's still a pretty cool page to check...
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    The "need a new case / can't decide / what do you think? / etc." thread.

    Do you need a new case? Need advice on a purchase? Need other's opinions of said case? POST IT HERE! Modders are standing by to answer. (this is just a temp thread to see if it might help the newcomers out...)
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    Looking for a Digg background

    edit: got one, please delete :D thx.
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    Putting production dates on cases

    Can anyone think of an argument as to why case manufacturers shouldn't put production dates on their cases and production totals on their websites? For example, cars have production dates: 2006 Toyota Camry ...... 80,000 sold in 2006 (made up figures) Why don't cases have production...
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    This might look bad but this is the level you should all be at.

    I expect nothing less than this when you mod for now on :D When I do this on a case, don't laugh at me. The Digg case needs some diamonds too. Not so much the etching because that's expensive. Grill = CZ Logo = real diamonds
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    How to get a 24v out of a regular power supply.

    Before I start, let me just say I know jack about power supplies and electronics in general. A VFD I'm using needs a 5v and 24v input. Seeing as though a regular ATX has only 12v, what are my ways getting 24, if any. If you're wondering how I'm getting the VFD to work, I have others doing...
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    Quick question about 2405 height (top to bottom)

    I keep looking around for the dell 2405 dimensions but they are of no help. I'm trying to get an average height of most 24" monitors. I was looking for the height of a dell 2405. Height from the bottom of the monitor bezel to the top. Anyone got an answer to that, it'd be great. It beat's...
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    Project: Digg (custom case) Finished

    It's time for another big project. Not as big as the last case though. This time I'm turning my attention towards a tech related theme: The goal of this case is to make it as user friendly as possible and, of course, to look good. Some of my other cases have required a bit of effort...
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    Looking for long-thumbscrews

    Hey guys I'm at a loss of where to find thumbscrews that are long (like 1" or so) with a regular thumbscrew head or even something decorative. Regular size 6-32 Looking for an online place.
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    VFD as a news ticker?

    I'm a complete newbie when it comes to VFD's so if anyone can answer this, that'd be great. I'd like to have a VFD display news site feeds like cnn, fox, digg, etc. I've seen a few VFD's that can do it through cat5 connections but is it possible to have it through USB instead? Can any VFD be...
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    I'm batman!

    This is probably better suited for the worklog forum but I just don't care to reopen the batman worklog till I'm finished. Anyway here are a few pics of what the case looks like without the lid. Minus the hard drives also since I don't have any satas at the moment. I've been pluggin away...
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    Erasing data with thermite ...and other theoretical mods

    A few years back, the forums had very interesting and mostly funny threads about destorying hard drive data. For those that weren't a part of the thread, people blurted out all kinds of wacky ideas to destory hard drive data. I haven't seen a thread like that in years. So I feel compelled to...
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    Worklog of the week?

    Poll: Worklog of the week? I wanted to see if you guys would be interested in me stickying a worklog for a week to whomever did a particular good job on a mod. No prizes or anything, just a little added attention for your worklog. Yes/No