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    Tesla To Unveil “Unexpected” New Product October 17

    It could be anything.. it could even be a boat!
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    The Transformers: The Movie 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray

    Be Weep Nana Weep Nini Ba Most of the voice actors did a solid job. My mom almost dragged me out of the theater at that "oh shit" line and after my initial reaction to most of my favorite characters dying. However, this was the very first movie I got to see in the theaters and she seemed to not...
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    UPS Tests Saturday Delivery as Web Shoppers’ Clout Increases

    Great, now I can get destroyed packages from Amazon on a new day. Maybe Amazon will up their ridiculous overpackaging and start palletizing singular purchases of a pack of pencils in response.
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    Indefinite Prison For Suspect Who Won’t Decrypt Hard Drives

    Here's the problem with that mentality. Let's say you have a friend on facebook that has young kids. They take hundreds of pictures of them because they are that kind of parent. Normally it's cute and goofy or just a kid playing, but one day they upload a picture of the child naked in a bathtub...
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    FedEx Says Retailers Should Be Paying More for Web Delivery

    It's all about location and numbers really. I respect my drivers where I work, but because of my location UPS is slower and more expensive. On top of that, I've had more UPS packages lost or damaged in transit than FedEx. Couple that with the extra information I get from FedEx, better problem...
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    [DEAD] SMOKING HOT! Canon Powershot SX520 HS (Refurb) $90 shipped!

    In like Flynn, so glad this one came back. I'll update when I get it.
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    [DEAD] SMOKING HOT! Canon Powershot SX520 HS (Refurb) $90 shipped!

    The SX50 HS still shows as $150 but OOS. Waiting to see what happens when they get more in, I've been looking for a cheap but good camera.
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    Star Citizen Gives Backers Their First Taste Of A Fuller Game

    At publically traded companies, the investors push the nepotism card. Most smaller businesses revel in it. Trust me, I work at a place where the owner's son, son-in-law, and both daughters have or had executive level positions based purely on who they were. That aside, Sandi was one of the...
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    X-Men: Apocalypse Official Trailer

    First thing's first, that armor is straight from Ship. So they better include Ship and maybe explain where it came from. Also, he better say that epic line from the cartoon: "I am as far beyond mutants, as they are beyond you. I am eternal!" Also, I think it'd be a good time to introduce Cable...
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    TV & Projector Deals @ Amazon

    The Sony X830C isn't on sale. It's been that price for months. Trust me, I'm waiting like a damn vulture for that thing to go down in price.
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    Formula E Announces 300kph “RoboRace” Championship

    Interesting. Given my company already is in the process of designing motors for Formula E, I see opportunities.
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    Fallout 4 Patches Will Release On PC First

    I have a few amusing ones. -there's a terminal with an off-angle chair at it... and you cannot access it because the chair doesn't move. -If you come out of a terminal near your companion and something you did there makes them want to talk to you. You get weirdly stuck, can't move, and have to...
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    The Escapist Responds To Cloud Imperium Legal Threats

    You realize that most of what she wrote was found on right.. in posts made shortly before the article was released in a glassdoor location (australia) that has absolutely no connection to CIG at all. This article was click-bait
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    Man Takes Selfie With Rattlesnake And Ends Up With $150,000 Medical Bill

    You all realize that even illegals still get billed. They don't magically get ignored when that comes up. Also, I just want to point out that you people seem more concerned about the finances of the situation rather than it saving people's lives. Just sayin'
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    Kingdom of Heaven: Ultimate Edition Blu-ray- $5 at Amazon

    This movie bugged me for one reason. Main character teleport. He was ALWAYS wherever anything needed to be done in a huge city instantly. It pissed me off.
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    If You Could See All The Asteroids Around Us

    I loved using that software for astronomy. So fun to play with and a great tool to map celestial phenomena. Still, it's not like we can do much about them. Not yet anyway.
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    Fandango: $10 off tickets with Visa Checkout

    Not a clue. Worked for me like a minute ago. I had to have Visa checkout selected and completed. One other thing, try all caps VISACHECKOUT10 or something. It was telling me "invalid" or something before I did that.
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    Fandango: $10 off tickets with Visa Checkout

    Thanks! Very little is worth it at the moment but for a under a quarter, I'll watch something. :)
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    Batman: Arkham Knight AMD Issues Being Addressed

    Game in general. A dev post on Steam pretty much hit on a good number of issues. It doesn't really support SLI or crossfire, it doesn't like laptops, anyone with less than 4 GB of video memory should run on low, and the true kicker: You should not run the game above the frame-lock of 30 fps. Let...
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    The Patriot Act May Be Dead Forever

    This is perhaps the one time I like Rand Paul
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    365 Gigapixel Panoramic Photograph

    Poor hiker, probably had no idea he was on camera way out there but I can tell the color of his glasses, color of his shoes, and even the brands of this clothing and gear. Oh.. and that epic mustache.
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    Robot Learns To Put Things Together On His Own

    O.O The robot learned child-proof caps.... we're doomed. In all seriousness, I picture this removing the jobs of engineers and technicians more than fast food. Robots suck at customer service (unless you are in Japan where they love that stuff...). Admittedly, so do a healthy portion of people...
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    Supreme Court Rules Against Cisco in Patent Infringement Fight

    Interesting. It looks like Cisco lost when it won it's Appeals Court case. That's one hell of a thing to remove though and it opens the door for more problems in the future as our broken patent system starts grinding the rust in it's gears again.
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    Two Controversial Cybersecurity Bills Just Passed the House

    I'm hoping I interpreted them right. Then again, it's a political discussion so who the hell knows. In general, you are right though. You'd probably have to go back to the 1800's to answer that question, and Republicans back then were Democrats :P Also, Reagan bloated the deficit to...
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    Two Controversial Cybersecurity Bills Just Passed the House

    I think they were pointing out that the Congress, as it stands right now, as well as the Senate, are both Republican controlled. There's no way this passed without their involvement. Your "anti-Obama hate gene" triggered instantly on the mention of politics so you might miss that important fact.
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    Using a SSD? This News Will Make You Want to Backup Right Now

    Probably because a lot of people don't understand the basic rule of SSD's: Limited read/write attempts. They just install IE or their browser on there and let the temp files pile up then may or may not delete them. Or they format the thing over and over again like total idiots. Most [H]...
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    GreenmanGaming 20% off Codes?

    Last one I got was for GTAV and it was for 22% off.
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    The FCC Is Moving To Preempt State Broadband Limits

    Given how the internet works, I'd imagine they could use interstate commerce laws. They already use them to monitor the stock market and exchanges, this wouldn't be much different... except for hopefully far better regulated than Wall Street.
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    Steam 2014 Winter sale is here! runs from December 18th to January 2nd.

    Not that difficult. Easy rules. Ya got movement, agility, strength, and armor. Die rolls break down as follows: If even strength, roll 1 die, roller chooses. If below strength, roll 2 dice, person getting attacked chooses. If above, roll 2 dice, roller chooses. If either above or below by...
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    911 Call of the Day

    Well.. to be fair.. that would definitely an effective weapon in a driveby of .. well.. a lot of things. Definitely make choppers think twice about following you.
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    Yet Another Horrible Comcast Recorded Customer Service Call

    No. But I know the limitations I have if I don't sign a contract. Verbal agreements have limitations. Still, I did say he got screwed.
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    [H] New Year's Resolutions

    Get down to 190.
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    Yet Another Horrible Comcast Recorded Customer Service Call

    Not to say Comcast was right, but all I really took from that conversation was he got screwed and he didn't sign a contract. Well.. that's what he gets for not signing a contract.
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    Steam 2014 Winter sale is here! runs from December 18th to January 2nd.

    Got off fairly light game-wise: Final Fantasy XIII Endless Legend Overlord II Pandora Valkyria Chronicles Maybe spent 65 bucks. What really burned me was picking up Sonar X3. I've been waiting on some decent sale on music making software and that was the best I've seen in a while. That...
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    SanDisk Ultra II 240GB SSD - $75 Amazon

    Picked up the 960 GB for $320. I don't like the Farcry games so this was a better deal for me than the Samsung. Also, deal is dead for the 960 and the 120 I think. That burned out FAST.
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    The UK Will Quadruple Prison Sentences for Online Abuse

    Really? I mean really? Seriously. Even the article itself mentions it's based on the response of a community who was agreeing with the release of a rapist after 2 years. So now rape = trolling? The only people 'poisoning our national life' are people that want 2 yr. sentences for text written...
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    Shadow of Mordor Graphics Compared: Xbox One, PS4 and PC

    This sure doesn't look like 6 gb worth of vram quality. All that tells me is that they didn't optimize it for PC worth a flip. Amazing graphics and combat for the character, sure, but the terrain is still 2d and looks worse than a decent skyrim texture mod.
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    Which State Is Torrenting The Most

    What the hell is "Witching and Bitching" ? Also, I like how the states that have no threat of getting attacked by Godzilla are the ones that are downloading it illegally.
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    University President Took A $90K Pay Cut To Pay Employees More

    He's still making 250k a year. It's the first time I've seen trickle down work though. That's something at least.
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    Crysis 3 Lead Producer Mike Read Leaves Crytek

    I was wondering why there were at least 4 guys from Crytek that now work at CIG (Star Citizen). They seem to be permanently there and not just helping with the code. They also did a full buyout of the Cryengine 3 source code reportedly (whatever that means) and they're modding the crap out of it...