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    Video card not initializing but computer still boots up!!?

    As the title says, when I boot up my computer everything is humming a long but the monitor is on standby mode. However throughout this whole process I actually hear the Windows 7 intro sound, which tells me the computer is ready. Now when I disconnect the monitor's DB-9 cable from the GTS-250...
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    Windows 7 Family Pack to Return in October Thought someone might like to avail of this offer. :) Incidentally, MS is making it coincide with the October 2009 release of Windows 7.
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    LP-8186 Router Help Needed :(

    It's a wireless router with 4 Ethernet ports. This router usually has two computers connecting to it, one of the computers are experiencing problems with browsing the Internet. Sometimes web pages error out or the pages just refuse to load. The other computer meanwhile is downloading some...
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    Windows 7 HP Family Pack License

    So a friend of mine took her laptop to a local tech shop and had Windows 7 Home Premium installed on it. She had some issues with installing a card reader driver for the HP laptop, so she called the shop to ask why the driver was installed, but they said everything was installed fine and that...
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    Windows 7 & 2 Hard Drives (SSD and SATA)

    Okay, so I have this friend whose been a open source guru all his life. Brags about his 10+ years experience in Linux and Unix. Flash forward to 2010, he decides to install Windows 7 on his computer, which has a 320GB SATA hard drive. Along with Windows 7 he installed MS Office, several games...