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    best games of all time (PC)

    Cant pick one. My top five: Kings Quest (showing my age) California Games Ultima III WIzardry Tie Fighter
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    Free Raffle from and MicroTemp

    I never win anything.....good that is. Count me in pls.
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    A LED That Can Go 80yrs On One Battery?

    Dont be so harsh. In this one; He changed cool to sincere. :p
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    HL2 if anyone wants it

    Gone now. Thanks for looking.
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    Is 2008 shaping up to be a dry year for PC gaming?

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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    Would it be better than my X850? ;)
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    ~PORTAL! Thread~

    When I try to start Portal, after the Valve splash screen, the game exits. I get an error: Game Engine Could not open library client Anyone else seen this, or have a solution? Update: If I try to copy client.dll from one of my other <game>\bin folder to portal\bin, that client.dll is removed...
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    CoreTemp CPU usage

    Task manager and speedfan both show the CPU use between 10-18%. I just noticed that it is not actually coretemp itself that is using the cycles, it's explorer.exe when coretemp is loaded. ??? Weird. I quit coretemp and explorer goes to 00.
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    CoreTemp CPU usage

    Core temp seems to be using (fluctuating) around 20% load on both of my cpu cores. I have an Opty 165@2710. A8N5X MB. Anyone else see anything similar?
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    The game that started it all!

    Ahhh the memories... I used to dial up my buddy (with a PHONE modem) to play Jedi 1 v 1. Sometimes with bots... That game ruled. Not 12 though:eek:
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    The best fighter pilot game out to date?

    +1 Tie fighter comsumed several weeks of my life....
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    Your Top 3 PC games?

    Ultima III (telling my age here...) HL 1 (2 was almost as good) Thief (enjoyed all three, but the first was best)
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    Why isnt my ISP letting me route my cable connection...

    I have a WRT54G, and it does have an option for cloning the MAC or manually entering it. There is a MAC address clone link on the main setup page. I had the same problem as you.
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    20pin, 20+4pin, 24 pin....?!?!?!? :S

    Yep. It's idiot proof. Open holes to the left.
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    20pin, 20+4pin, 24 pin....?!?!?!? :S

    Which pins should be left exposed? Left, or right (assuming the locking clip is the "top")?
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    Vantec ICEBERQ for chipset cooling

    Not sure about the "Iceberg 4" ones, but this one works well on my nf7. It just doesn't have the bling factor.
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    *** The Official [H]ard ORB ***

    Oldie, but a goodie. 20146 . Who needs a 6800! :D jk edit: Score posted, sorry bout that.
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    NF7-s rev 2 chipset fan question

    This works pretty well (and looks cool) ;)
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    Myst was first; Riven was a sequel to Myst; is there a sequel to Riven?

    Part 3 is Uru. Actually just picked it up last week in the bargin bin.
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    Just for fun, what was your first PC?

    Sinclair ZX-81. It was quite the machine. 1k of RAM combined with a raging 3.5 mhz processor. Eventually upgraded to a Commodore VIC-20. i'm old... :(
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    Which HSF?

    You need a 3 1/8 hole saw. And a good drill;) Be warned though, I've made a blowhole with a holesaw, and it can be a pain in the arse. I tried the dremel, and got impatient. If your case material is not too thick, the dremel may be the way to go.
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    Which HSF?

    If you are talking about the Silentboost, sorry, it does have copper fins and works very well. The only aluminum part is the fan bracket. The construction is as good as my sp-97.
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    4.2 in Windows XP

    I'm guessing that this guy couldn't find his own ass with both hands. I'm not even going to comment on the CPZ-Z in DOS thing...:rolleyes:
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    Broken cut-off wheels and aluminum in my eyes

    Could be getting a venturi effect through the rad which would cool the air slightly below ambient.
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    Is there any utility to monitor the video card fan speed?

    Only if the fan has a three wire connector. If so, you can connect it to a motherboard fan header and read the RPMs with any monitoring program, i.e. MBM. I don't know if any stock fans have this type of connector.
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    New to the NF7-S. Little help plz?

    You better believe it does. I went from 205FSB before the mod to 230 after. Both with 11-2-2-2 RAM timings.
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    NV40 & R420! Video!

    Who exactly is this "we" you are referring too?
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    North bridge cooler for Abit NF-S V2

    I use this one. I works well and looks nice to boot. I dont know what my actual NB temps are, but no problems running 230FSB with VDD at 1.7. Unfortunately the Egg is currently out of stock.:(
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    Tell us why your Linux distro is the best

    You have to reboot. Don't worry, knoppix runs completely in your ram so as to not screw anything up.
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    Startup lag in XP

    I've had a similar problem with DSL before. Oddly, I was able to solve it by forcing the DNS address in windows. I know it sounds wierd, but give it a shot. Come to think of it, I was using SBC at the time as well. They have gremlins in their DHCP servers...:confused:
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    my 2400+, just sittin around

    My AQYFA will do 225x12 prime stable with 1.95 vcore. It will run everything except prime @ 2800. Mine is a mobile though.
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    Best CURRENT pc3200 ram for overclocking

    I'm running two of these dual channel @ 230FSB/2-2-2-11. Good shiznit:D
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    Pin Modding my 2400 Mobile.

    Yep, that's the one.:)
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    Pin Modding my 2400 Mobile.

    I did this mod using the "wire in the socket" method. Pretty simple and very effective in my case. I went from 205 FSB to 235 FSB Just by doing this. I couldn't tell you why it works, but it does (for most people, YMMV). Here is a link . That board has several good posts on the pin mod if...
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    ROFL look

    :eek: WTF! I just noticed that as well. Every score in my database on the orb is jacked like that now. Anyone else ever had that happen?
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    ROFL look

    9500 a gimp card you say? Hhmm, I beg to differ. [H]9500 :D
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    Best RAM for an oc'd Athlon XP M w/200mhz fsb

    You are correct that pc3200 would be the most appropriate for a 200Mhz FSB system. Higher speed Ram would work as well. You should only need to increase your RAM voltages if you are pushing the Ram beyond spec. As far as brands go, I only personally have used Corsair and Mushkin. They are...
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    Thermalright SP-94 good for silent cooling?

    I use the SP-97 (comparable to the 94) with a Thermaltake 80mm smart fan. I use the fan bus to keep it around 3000 rpm when not gaming. At that speed it is practically silent and cools very well.
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    Scared to run Prime 95

    So how do you know it's not going to give errors after two hours?
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    Scared to run Prime 95

    How long do you run prime before you call it "stable"?