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    3900x issue

    This might not be a solution but I had temperatures issues on a new 6700K that I had sent to siliconlottery to de-lid and see what numbers/temps he got. I was using the AIO cooler that I had been using on my older system and after reseating multiple times with no luck I purchased a new cooler...
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    2080 ti reliability

    I just recently had to RMA an FTW3. The memory temps closest to the PCIe were 96°, it produced color artifacts at anything above default clocks and when I did overclock it performed quite poorly. I spoke with a rep on the phone and they decided to RMA it. My only spiff with it was they charged...
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    WiFi Woes - Cannot Seem To Get Whole House Covered

    I second this. Closing on a new house this Friday and I went with Unifi's AP in-wall pros. Prevents me from having to stick an AP on the ceiling and simplifies my setup.
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    Blower coolers

    Is the water cooled Vega 64 out of the question for you? That might fit the bill for everything you're looking for unless the price is too big a factor.
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    New Freesync Monitor - do i dump 1080ti?

    I own an Acer X34 gsync monitor and while it was pricey I won't be going to anything else. I had an Asus PB278Q and while it would overclock to `82Hz I still had tearing and low quality play at lower framerates. If I drop into the 40s with my current monitor it's still smooth and tearing has...
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    Warm? - Acer X34 Predator - $999 on Newegg

    Purchased this back when there was the refurbished deal for $720 and have really enjoyed it. After this I'll never go back to a monitor that isn't gsync or comparable.
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    1080 or 1080TI

    If money is not an issue and you don't want fluff then just get any high end 1080ti from one of the big names. You also might take a look at B&H photo instead of newegg.
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    Choosing best cooled 1080ti..Asus Strix, EVGA hybrid or other?

    I went with the EVGA 1080ti FTW3 and have loved it. The fan noise profile isn't annoying and it'll keep it around 70 degrees and 2ghz while gaming.
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    Am I crazy? Went from SLI 1080 to single 1080Ti and it's smoother??

    The FTW3 hasn't been released as of yet and while work was busy I figured I could wait a couple more weeks until it is.
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    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    I pre-ordered a FTW3 1080ti from B&H photo but I agree, I wish they had released their top tier cards at the same time that everyone else did. I can't help but think that they lost out on quite a few sales because people didn't want to wait.
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    Am I crazy? Went from SLI 1080 to single 1080Ti and it's smoother??

    My only SLI setup were 680s. Some of the games that I played utilized them fairly well but it got really old having to drop a video card just to play something without stuttering. Crossfire 290s drove me nuts after that. I finally moved onto a single 980ti and a gsync ultrawide monitor. While...
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    I just bought a 1080ti, I'm going to hold out till 2019 for my next GPU, who's with me??

    I tend to agree with what whateverer has said here. I find the more money I make the less I'm concerned with value/time. When the next best thing comes around I buy it and use it until the cycle repeats. However, titans have been my limit... If the next xx80 performs better than the 1080ti and...
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    evga gtx 1080 ti FE

    Well, I watched this series of videos and while he was a bit more carefree with the card than I would have been I didn't see any issues with his results. It gave me the info I wanted and i'll be able to make a semi-informed decision moving forward.
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    evga gtx 1080 ti FE

    Take a look at Gamer Nexus's hybrid mod video. This is the third video in the series of making it. This should give you a better idea of what to expect. For voltage I think Tom's Hardware had\has access to an early MSI afterburner build that allows more voltage so you might check that out as well.
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    GTX 1080 vs. EVGA GTX 780Ti Kingpins in SLI

    Yeah I wouldn't say it makes 30 feel like 60 but i have a hard time telling when it drops into the 40s. I went from 2560x1440 to 3440x1440 with g-sync and while I lost a good chunk of fps I gained a more pleasurable experience.
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    GTX 1080 vs. EVGA GTX 780Ti Kingpins in SLI

    I will second some of the other comments here towards SLI. I had 680s in SLI and then 290s in crossfire but my best setup to date has been my 980ti paired with a g-sync monitor. Even if the card can't push 60fps it still looks smooth; void of tearing and other issues I ran into with my other setups.
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    Skylake owners... Did you cut her top off?

    I sent my 6700k to and they delidded for me as they provide a warranty for their services. I was having temperature problems and no means of testing so sending to them killed two birds with one stone for me. I've been rock solid at 4.7 ever since.
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    Looking for The Division PC players for Non-Rouge gameplay

    I added everyone on this thread so far.
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    New build problem (980ti)

    I will second this statement. I installed the 364.51 for Hitman and extremely low framerates and crashes. I first chalked it up to a bad release but then far cry primal nor the division would even start. Rolling back to 362 ridded me of all issues.
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    New build problem (980ti)

    I was going to say the RAM as well. I just built a skylake system for a colleague and it would not, under any circumstances, accept anything but the JDEC specifications for the RAM. If I used XMP, any voltage change, any clock or timing change it would cause instability. Do you have any other...
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    I'm done waiting... gpu/monitor recommendation

    I just purchased one of the Acer x34s that were on sale and from my personal experience gsync is absolutely amazing. With the division or far cry primal etc. and at this resolution my 980ti struggles a bit. I'm quite often in the high 40fps range but it is the smoothest gaming i've ever done...
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    I'm done waiting... gpu/monitor recommendation

    I second this thought process. I would get the monitor that you want and go with a 290, saving you a good amount of money. If you can, grab one with Hynix memory as those modules will do 1500Mhz, granting a pretty decent performance increase in gaming.
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    HOT FIRE! Acer Predator x34 (GSYNC) - Refurbished - $729.99 SHIPPED

    When they canceled my first order it took about a week to a week and a half to be refunded.
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    Corsair 750w PS 80+ PLATINUM refurb $75

    Then you turn 30 and you don't give a shit what gator pit you're stickin' it in. Not sure how to tie that into Newegg but there it is anyways...
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    HOT FIRE! Acer Predator x34 (GSYNC) - Refurbished - $729.99 SHIPPED

    Well, the stars, planets, and mammals must have all aligned. I received mine today and I don't think I could have gotten a better one (pounds wood). Granted the shipping package did leave something to be desired, however, it was packed in form fitting styrofoam and all of the chords/accessories...
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    EVGA Hybrid 980 Ti $689.99 at Amazon w/Prime

    I was skeptical at first using Jet but I have to attest that their customer service has been nothing short of great for me. I had purchased a Phantom 3 advanced from them and when it arrived it was as though someone had already opened it. I didn't want to take a chance that someone had damaged...
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    HOT FIRE! Acer Predator x34 (GSYNC) - Refurbished - $729.99 SHIPPED

    Well it doesn't say. It only states that it has been shipped via Ground shipping and doesn't provide any more information beyond that.
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    HOT FIRE! Acer Predator x34 (GSYNC) - Refurbished - $729.99 SHIPPED

    I ordered mine on the 12th and it is just today showing shipped.
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    Looking for The Division PC players for Non-Rouge gameplay

    I was looking to start a thread for this very thing myself. Uplay ID: Williacm TimeZone: Easter (Indiana) Preferences: I'd like to try a bit of everything but I'll do whatever benefits the group. I do not get to game much anymore with my work schedule so any gaming will be good with me. My...
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    HOT FIRE! Acer Predator x34 (GSYNC) - Refurbished - $729.99 SHIPPED

    Any scan line, glow, or overclocking issues?
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    HOT FIRE! Acer Predator x34 (GSYNC) - Refurbished - $729.99 SHIPPED

    Well as soon as I receive mine I'll let everyone know how it performs. If I can't get one without issues then I'll simply return it and wait for the Asus version as well. ...Edit.... They just cancelled my order... Looks like I've got my answer.
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    HOT FIRE! Acer Predator x34 (GSYNC) - Refurbished - $729.99 SHIPPED

    Got one. Here's to hoping that it's a good one!
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    Show your FIRE STRIKE ULTRA scores

    4889 EVGA 980ti @ 1452/8000 6700K @ 4.7GHz +260 on the core made the driver go Tango Uniform. As for gaming, +230 is as high as she'll go before dropping drivers. I'm assuming n=1's cpu is what is getting him his higher score. Can't imagine 123MHz creating a 290 point difference.
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    HOT FIRE! Acer Predator x34 (GSYNC) - Refurbished - $729.99 SHIPPED

    Maybe if I hit F5 enough it'll reappear.
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    B&H Photo used graphics cards

    Picked up a 750ti FTW. Thanks for the post!
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    HOT HOT HOT Bissell Big Green 300 bucks!

    Imagine for a minute that Quagmire used one of those rentable Rug Doctors to clean his carpets. Would you still be inclined to use it on yours?
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    Sons PC Build 4790k vs 5820k opinions wanted

    I just recently upgraded from Sandybridge to Skylake and have been quite happy with the gaming performance increase. DDR4 is now relatively cheap and as others have mentioned there are nice features with the Z170 mainboards. I will forewarn, however, that I have found that Skylake for some...
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    Advise on 4X8gb DDR4 kit please

    Yep, I understood that. I was just linking mine as an example since you could buy two of them or the 32gb set... Glad you found something though.