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    Supertalent ME 64gb

    Newegg has this thing now for only $139: I know this is an Indilinx based SSD, but it seems like all the nifty firmware releases are being put out by OCZ. Can you flash the Supertalent drive with the same firmware? My guess is...
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    Eizo FlexScan EV2411W

    Does anyone have any information about this monitor or its release date in the US? There doesn't seem to be much information online about its price or where you can buy it, besides from Japan for roughly $795 US. This looks like a good...
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    monitor advice...?

    just got in on the dell 1907fp deal, and actually got a pretty nice monitor: samsung panel, no dead pixels, great colors. i was worried i'd get the AU Optronics panel. anyway, here's the problem. 1280x1024 is not enough! i don't understand why all 19" non-ws panels are limited to 1280x1024...
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    yet another G5 pc.

    sorry i didn't take many pics along the way, but it's pretty self explanatory to see what little progress ive made so far. i grabbed a G5 case off of ebay with a dent in the back, and bought a motherboard tray from cool cases USA. unfortunately, the motherboard tray was far too wide to fit...
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    plastic moulding found on lian-li cases

    i'm not sure what this piece is actually called, so i'm going to have to describe it. it's the plastic semi translucent piece inside some lian-li cases near the drive bays. seems to smooth out the sharp edges. is this something i can pick up at home depot or something? thanks!
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    mirage paint on plastic

    has anyone tried it? it seems like its mostly been used on metal
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    css box question

    say i have a 2 col setup, with two boxes. i want to have the content in one box while having links in the other box. is it possible to click on the links on one box and have it display in the other, similar in the way frames would have it? in other words, i can have a navigation panel on the...