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    Got a New Case! Retiring Lian Li PC75

    I made a thread earlier last week on case opinions. I was choosing between a 800d, 600t, and FT02. It was my birthday a couple weeks ago and I lucked out and my girl got me this. I am extremely excited and drooled over this case for a really long time. Build thread to come soon and...
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    Which case has the best value between these 3.

    Which case has the best bang for your buck. I have a watercooling loop, h50,and a bunch of fans so I threw the 800d in there. Mild overclocking 1055t and if I go with the 800d a watercooled 68xx card. I am coming from a PC-70 and but these mid towers seem plenty big to work with. Since I...
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    2209wa Eyefinity vs 2007wfp eyefinity

    So here is the situation. I currently have a single 2209wa and an active display port adapter of which I recently purchased new. I recently found a deal for three 2007wfps and a dp -> vga adapter for $330. At the same time I came across two 2209wa for $200 a piece. So it would cost me...
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    2209wa eyefinity vs 2207wfp eyefinity

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    Graphics Card for Eyefinity 2007fp - 3007wfp - 2007fp

    I've been reading all the articles and forums and I am a bit confused. My setup would be 2007fp portrait (1600 x 1200) - 3007wfp landscape (2560 x 1600) - 2007fp portrait (1600 x 1200). Would my setup be 5760 x 1600? If not how is resolution calculated? Also what video card is recommended...
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    PC and Console Gaming TV/Monitor 32+ inch

    I am looking for a pc/ console gaming monitor/tv. I have been out in the loop for a while and I tried to head over avs forums and I was overwhelmed with the different options. I remember the Westy 37w3 was the best bang for the buck and king of the hill for this back when. My question is...
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    Which water pump for my system

    I have a couple diffferent ideas for my new watercooling loop and I am not sure of which setup or pump I should use. I also already have an mcp600, bix 1x120mm, and maze4 and will be cooling an e6600 rig in a mm ufo case. 1) 1 continous loop -Storm Silver G5 -PA 120.3 -Maze 4 (I...