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    New 4850x2 system - need advice

    I'm building a new gaming rig for my bro-in-law. His wife wanted to get him something totally kick ass, so I bought a C2Q8300, DFI X38 and (2) 4850x2s. I bought the Tuniq Ripper 1000W after I read the [H] review. To tell you the truth I'm now a little jealous and I now want to keep it...
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    Has anyone used these (SAS to SATA converters) I have 4x73GB 15K SAS drives that I'd like to use on my home PC. I think what I'll end up doing is using an actual SATA controller (highpoint or areca), and using these in a RAID 5 for general storage or something else...
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    Hardware bottleneck when copying files?

    If anyone has a good technical explination of why this occurs, that would be great. I sort of already know the answer, but not the dirty-technical one. Say I'm copying files from one disk to another, 30GB worth. What is the technical explination of why it take longer to copy a 30GB chunk...
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    Difference between Dell/HP drives

    Question for you Dell/HP server experts. I'm thinking of taking two Dell drives (Maxtor Atlas II 15k 73GB U320), taking their drive carriage off, and putting them into an HP server. I realize that the firmware may be different, but besides that, does anyone know if HP drives have anything...
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    Recommendations on RAID card

    I'm in the market for a new SATA RAID card, and I'd like some opinions. I'm looking for a hardware SATA RAID card, PCI (NOT PCI-E), Just need it to support RAID 1 and 5. The PC that it's going into is currently using onboard sw RAID (NVRAID), and it sucks big time. I don't really care about...
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    Oblivion: Lost my Arena Armor

    Just like the title says. I fucked up and stored my Arena armor in the wrong place. Came back and it's gone, and the dude won't let me fight without it. Is there a trigger to have him give me some more armor, or am I just screwed? Thanks,
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    Question for you Mage

    For RAID 5 (hardware RAID, server class RAID cards, U320), what would be the performance difference between a 4 disk and a 7-10 disk RAID 5? I'm curious about the I/O performance of having more disks, and what the ideal amount of disks would be. Thanks!
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    Fighters Guild Quest help

    Howdy, Yes ANOTHER Oblivion thread :) I'm trying to complete more fighters guild quests. Currently, I'm trying to find 5 samples of ectoplasm for that one lady (forgot her name). Does anyone know where to get some ectoplasm? Can you buy this? Also, a VERY stupid question. Where...
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    Time for new CPU?

    I need a someone to push me over the edge :) I'm considering an upgrade, possibly in the processor area. Currently I run an A64 3000+, which is an OK overclocker (about 2.2 stable). I have a gig of PC4000 and an x1900xtx. I'm not totally happy with all my gaming performances. I'm thinking...
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    problem w/ Server 2000 and task manager

    Howdy, I'm a server administrator, and I'm wondering if anyone has seen this occur. Two of my servers in question run java applications (windows 2000 server w/ SP4 and all the latest security patches), and occasionally they tend to act up. By "acting" up, I mean that when I terminal into...
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    Can someone post their X1900XT Voltage reading?

    This was mentioned in a previous thread, but I thought I'd start a fresh topic on it. Since I am using the ATITool instead of the overdrive tool, it took the 2D Core/Mem and settings and used them as the default. I know it sounds weird, but the way that ATI handles 2d/3d is really screwey...
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    Accelero X2 coming soon?

    Does anyone know when this GPU cooler will be available? I saw a couple reviews, and I'm already sick of the extremely loud fan on my x1900xt. I tried to find a place to buy, with no luck.
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    New X1900XT gets very hot, very fast

    I just got my X1900XT (thank you newegg). Plugged everything in, installed the drivers. Then I attempted to play HL2 Lost Coast at max settings. The card's fan immediately went into hyper-active mode, and eventually my whole comp froze. Rebooted, looked at the cat control panel, and it...