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    Iptorrent Invites

    I have one invite I can give out. Please PM me with email address. Thank you.
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    Dell PowerEdge T30

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    Windows Creators Update broke lots of programs :(

    May need to reformat?
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    Windows 10 Creators Update

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    payday 2 is free forever hurry limitied

    Thanks you
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    E3 2017: Your impressions so far?

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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Black ops 3
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    Black Desert Online

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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    I'm stoked
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    ASUS PG35VQ 3440x1440 200Hz Gsync

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    1080 gaming monitor at 144hz

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    1500W PSU for $259

    I need this.
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    very best usb soundcard

    Thank you.
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    Is Overwatch poorly optimized? or is my 1080ti just bad?

    Did you find the solution to your problem.
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    Recommended PS for dual GTX 1070

    Yeah I would also recommend anything above 600W.
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    60" TV recommendations

    Thank you for your info Riccochet. Was debating on a Samsung or sony.
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    HP Media Center Remote works great in Windows 10

    I'm interested as well. Thanks
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    For the HP SAS Expander 36 Port. Port 1: Is for External Tape (Can I use this to connect to backplane)? Port 2 - 7: Connect to backplane Port 8 - 9: Connect to Areca 1880ix card. (Can I use the unused port to connect to my backplane? I was able to utitlize Port 2 - 7 to connect 24...
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    SSD or HDD as my new primary system drive?

    Bigger SSD for my vote!
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    GTX 790 details surface!

    Imagine running four of these in a rig... CRAZY!
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    Car finder in a parking lot

    Thank you
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    Is XBMC for me?

    XBMC is great. Coming from BOXEE BOX. Glad I converted.
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    Norco RPC-4224 Questions

    Thank you guys. Awesome!
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    Norco RPC-4224 Questions

    I have a few noob questions regarding this case. 1. I bought a Crucial M4 128 Gig SSD for OS, where can I screw it without using the HDD caddy? Do I need to purchase a PCI-HDD Bracket? 2. On the backplane, there are a bunch of molex connectors on the left of the backplane, total of 12...
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    Norco 4224, Areca 1880i, Intel Expander, SFF-8087 Cable question?

    Awesome thanks for your valuable post. I just need to buy one SFF-8087 Cable, since like you said, my Intel Expander came with 6 SFF-8087 cable. Thank you
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    Norco 4224, Areca 1880i, Intel Expander, SFF-8087 Cable question?

    Thanks Patrickdk. So just one SFF-8087 cable from Areca to Intel Expander?
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    Norco 4224, Areca 1880i, Intel Expander, SFF-8087 Cable question?

    Based on my research, I would need 6 SFF-8079 reverse breakout cables? If so, what cables do I need to connect between the Areca 1880i to the Intel Expander?
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    Norco 4224, Areca 1880i, Intel Expander, SFF-8087 Cable question?

    Hello all, Searching through the post and I just really want to make sure I purchased the correct amount of cables I need for my setup. I have a: Norco 4224 Areca 1880i Intel Expander RES2SV240 Is this the cables I need? If so, 6 of them...