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    1170 faster than 1080ti?

    Random image I found on the internet saying this :) posted before I saw the other thread
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    pre-order not filled. BUT YOU CAN BUY A RIFT!!

    I know some people who still have not received thier pre-orders. But it seems you can now buy a Rift on Amazon. Oculus Rift: Video Games Personally, I'll stick to my HTC Vive. HTC Vive on Steam Axe
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    INFRARED Issues...

    I recently extended my VIVE into my livingroom. The two base stations appear to communicate with Infrared and thus, are now causing interference with my Harmony remote system. Discovered this due to trying to use my TV. and it was acting weird. Things not switching to right input and stuff...
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    bad memory?

    I've been getting some random bsod's - so I started testing things - using the memtest86 boot cd - I tested the memory with no errors.... However, if I press Configuration (in memtest86) - and "probe" the memory size instead of having bios tell me - it starts showing errors and crashes and...
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    Video Upgrade thoughts?

    I've got a 2600K SB on a Asus P8 Pro Board (oc'd to 4.7) I've been running an old 8800GT workhorse for about 4 years now and thought it was time to Upgrade... Thinking of the future I was considering 2 x ASUS ENGTX460 DirectCU TOP/2DI/768MD5 - on sale after rebate for $114.99 each... I'm...
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    QFAN / Fan Xpert

    I have the qfan set properly in the bios, it appears to work great until it loads windows 7 64bit, then the speeds on the chassis/cpu go to 100%. So I turn on the fan xpert and it adjusts properly... However... I have to manually turn on xpert each time I reboot.. Thoughts? on either...
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    Asus P8p67 Pro wrong bus speed?

    Curious as to why this may be? my bus is set to 100.0 the Asus AI Suite 2 shows 100.0, the bios shows 100.... but cpuz shows 72.3.. on the latest version of 1.56 thoughts? cpuz shows core speed - 3400.1 Mhz Multiplier - x47 Bus Speed - 72.3 (this while running intel burn test) Asus AiSuite...
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    Asus P8p67 Pro - Temp differential???

    My bios is happily reporting my temp at around 60C Asus Ai Suite II reports it around 26C (motherboard at 28) OC at 4.5 shows Asus AI Suite at around 40C.... (with Coolermaster 212+) which means the bios would be reporting almost 80C! This is the latest build of Ai Suite and Bios as...