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    Big drop in Nvidia prices might be right around the corner

    I get a 3dMark2011 score of 3900ish at 1920x1080 with everything on with 2 of those EVGAs in SLI. But, having played in nVidia surround with 3 monitors, I don't notice slowdowns or hiccups.
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    Prime95 vs Real Life stability?

    Howdy all, Ok, well, with my overclock I'm able to get Prime to run stable for about 30 mins before it BSODs. However, the last two days of gaming I have had 0 problems (though on BF3 it seems to C2D after a bit when I'm flying but not BSOD). It seems stable to me...but long term, is...
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    Air Filter for Fans?

    Howdy all, Well, got a bit of a problem. Using a Corsair H50 with two 120mm fans for push pull. I am pulling air from outside the case into the interior. Unfortunately, the radiator gets clogged up something fierce. I tried putting a coffee filter on the outside of case in front of the fan...
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    Which sub $200 GTX 5x0 card has the best stock cooling for Physx?

    Hmmm, anything in a one slot configuration? I already have two SLI cards, I pretty much only have space for one more card in the last PCI-E slot.
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    Which sub $200 GTX 5x0 card has the best stock cooling for Physx?

    Howdy all, As the title says, which sub $200 GTX 5x0 card has the best stock cooler? For it's application, I'm thinking about getting one as a dedicated physx card... Thanks for reading.
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    i7 960 OC - need some help please

    Bummer, bclk seems to be the problem. I can get 4.0 at 160x25 with qpi multi at 20 and mem at 10. 4.2 at 200x21 with QPI at 16 and mem at 8...just doesn't cut it :/
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    i7 960 OC - need some help please

    Gah, I just can't get just can't do prime95. What else can I tweak? Advanced CPU Features: CPU Clock Ratio ................................ [21] Intel(R) Turbo Boost Tech ................. [Enabled] CPU Cores Enabled .......................... [All] CPU Multi Threading...
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    i7 960 OC - need some help please

    So if RAM multi is 8, Uncore should be 16 and QPO should be 36? It seems to be at that right now...I think. Also, I noticed other odd behavior...the screen connected to my second 570 flickers, but I'm not OCing the graphics cards...
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    i7 960 OC - need some help please

    Also, should I disable HT? Is it causing heat issues, is it worth it to have it on? Thanks.
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    i7 960 OC - need some help please

    In the BIOS I set CPU vcore to 1.375 and mem to 1.4 (those GSkills are supposedly low voltage sticks). Maybe the A5 still needs to cure? I mean it did say 200 hours...but I think it was good because idle is usually around 35-38 (then again, that's with a CPU vcore of .9 IAW CPU Z). Cooler is...
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    i7 960 OC - need some help please

    Hmm sig didn't post... Proc: i7 960 D0 Stepping Mobo: GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD5 Mem: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 16GB DDR3 1600 HDD: Crucial C300 128 GB + 1 TB Hitatchi GFX: 2x 570 EVGA 025-P3-1579-AR GeForce GTX 570 in SLI PSU: Corsair TX950w OS: Win7 Ultimate
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    i7 960 OC - need some help please

    Howdy all, Specs in sig, I seem to be able to run prime for more than 5 mins with the settings below: Uploaded with Any advice on how to improve? I just reapplied artic silver 5 from manufacturer thermal compound (cooling this CPU is an H50), it did drop a few temps...
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    Just got a i7 960, which mem should I pair it with?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, the multiplier for the 960 is locked, correct? So, if I set bclk to 200mhz, and the the cpu multipler stays at 20, and I bump up the mem multiplier to 8, then I get 4ghz on the CPU and 1600mhz for the memory? But the 960 can do more than 4.0, correct? It's one of reasons...
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    Just got a i7 960, which mem should I pair it with?

    Howdy all, Well, went to MC and got the i7 960 for 189 (figured might as well) to replace my i7 920. I jumped the gun on memory (I'm looking for 16 GBs because I sometimes run two VMs). Which set best matches the i7 960? G.Skill 1066 G.Skill 1600 low voltage Too me, a $20 difference...
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    Why are 1156 chips so expensive?

    *sigh* tell me about it...a 1366/1156 shouldn't be more expensive that a 1155.
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    Overclocking Memory?

    Howdy all, On a Bloomfield i7 9x0 (920-960), according to Intel the processor can handle RAM speeds up to DDR3 1066. Does this mean that buying any higher spec RAM is wasteful (ie DDR3 1600), particularly since those types of sticks will run with higher timings? At any rate, since the...
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    x58 or p67

    I've decided against upgrading to i7/x68 and will keep my x58. I have a 920 now (IIRC I got in conservatively up to 3.2), MC has the 960 for $ well was the 960 at OC'ing? Thanks.
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    Win7 Ultimate OEM - Hardware Upgrade and Reformatting?

    Howdy all, I'm looking to upgrade my proc, RAM, and graphics card but everything else will remain the same. I remember reading somewhere that Windows uses some hash of the hardware during activation. I installed a legit copy of Win 7 Ultimate and it was activated, are the hardware changes too...
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    Intel I7 920 / Intel I5 2500 k

    Ah, I'm faced with the same predicament, atleast trying to get BF3 ready (right now I've got 6 GB and a GTX 480 paired with a 920 on a x58 Gigabyte mobo). What about a i920 vs a 2600k? I've already got two of the 2.5 GB 570s from EVGA heading my way for SLI. Getting 16 GBs of RAM to boot (I...
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    Metro 2033 $5 on STEAM!

    Gah, can someone run wireshark in the background and see if this game generates any suspicious traffic? What I mean is, I have a very weird worry that games made in Russia come with a backdoor or something for the FSB to snoop on people's computers. Don't ask me why...
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    Battlefield 3: Will you be going SLI, or waiting for the next wave of cards?

    Gah, well, I just can't in good conscience spend 1k on graphics cards. Leaning towards: In SLI mode and if I can't get all the eye candy, well, TFB.
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    Asus P8Z68-V PRO .vs P8Z68-V LX

    Thanks man I was pondering this very question for a trip to MC. I have to have that SATA 6 Gbps for the C300 I already have.
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    EVGA 570 2 GB or 6970 2 GB

    Gah, I'm wrestling with this. Physx support...yes it's important to me to have paper and other detritus flying about whilst gaming :)
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    Contemplating tri-monitor for BF3 - 2x570 work?

    I guess then what is the metric? If not RAM, processing cores?
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    Contemplating tri-monitor for BF3 - 2x570 work?

    Damn, I'm guessing 2x 560 Ti's (the 2 GB versions) wouldn't cut it then if 570s don't?
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    low voltage ram vs regular

    Anybody get these Ripjaws? About to take the plunge, will post more in about two weeks. Based on the other Vengeance low voltage thread, I am optimistic.
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    i2600 or i2600k for overclock?

    Howdy all, Working on a new build, Newegg has the i2600 on sale for $279. Based on the below: Is 4.1 on a 3.3 multi the best that the i2600 can OC too? Anyone have any better luck? Did a forum search but didn't find any salient...
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    Reusing Heatsink?

    Howdy all, I'm thinking about cannibalizing the vast majority of parts from my build about a two years ago, one of them is the Corsair H50. I've just come back from a deployment, and as I await to get all of my stuff from household storage I have some worries about the mechanical...
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    Howdy all, Drom what I understand, XMP is an Intel feature that allows for memory overclocking (unless I'm mistaken). Is it a gimmick or is it worth getting sticks that are XMP-compatible (I really don't see a difference in pricing for G.Skill or Corsair sticks). Thanks again.
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    New build in Sept

    I'm pretty sure it's a 950. Thanks.
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    New build in Sept

    In the Jackson area. I don't think I actually need a new HDD, my SSD and 1 TB should be plenty for me. Thanks again.
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    New build in Sept

    Well friends, Finally back safe and sound. What say you now the build proposed in the above? Please let me know, thanks.
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    New build in Sept

    Friends, Need some advice for a computer build for when I return from the sandbox. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Purely gaming 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $3000 with tax and shipping 3) Where do you live...
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    GTX 480 Owners Thread

    Holy cow, Just finished about an hour of Metro 2033 with all the settings maxed out (DX11, DOF, Tessallation, everything very high, 1920x1200). No hiccups at all. First build of mine ever where I could actually max out a game. However...I idle at 65C and it hits 90C at full load. I...
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    HTPC proc and mobo?

    Hi all, I've got this case coming: What mobo+proc should I get to go with it? It has a 270w PSU, and I'm putting in an ATI and blu ray drive - going to need something low power. Thanks.
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    Completed Build - Thanks tom

    Edit: Well, uhhh, had a typo in the title, I meant: Completed Build - Thanks to All :) Howdy everyone, Started about two weeks ago here: Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped...
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    i7 930 overclocking thread

    User Name: lt_wentoncha CPU: i7 930 FPO/Batch #: 3951A694 Store: Microcenter, Tustin, CA Purchased In: Apr 2010 OC: 3980WIP, Prime95 running Temp (Idle / Load): 38c/71c Hyper Threading / Turbo Boost / Multiplier: no/no/22 Stepping: 5 Revision: D0 Vcore/Core Voltage: 1.36 on x58a-UD5...
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    Direct2Drive Spring Sale: Week 3 (04/26/2010 - 05/03/2010)

    Visually, Cities XL is the most visually stunning city builder I've every played. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's about all it's got going for it. For $14.95, I think it's worth it. The only thing I wished it had was ambient sounds.
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    Where do you buy your computer parts?

    Another vote for eWiz. Hopefully they don't got the way of Monarch.