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    What games use the AVX CPU instruction set?

    Overclocking my system and seeing what kind of offset I can safely use for avx. So I’m curious what games use the avx instruction set.
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    Fastest SSD as windows/boot drive or gaming drive?

    I have several SSD’s, and just got a Samsung M.2 970 which is much faster than my other SSD’s. So the question now becomes, do I install that as my primary windows drive with whatever games might fit (it’s 500 Gig), or do I make it my game drive for games that are more HD intensive? I don’t...
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    9700k Prime95 OC stress test 90-100 C temps. Bad?

    This is the standard GIgabyte 5.1 GHz overclock they have. It’s stable, but these temps sure are high. I don’t know if these temps are unexpected or out of range for the 9700k? Or if my AIO water cooler just isn’t holding up anymore? Or I seated things poorly. Can someone tell me what I...
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    Do I need to connect the extra 4-pin 12v connector on motherboard?

    I have the new Gigabyte z390 Aorus motherboard and besides the normal power connector and the 8 pin 12v connector, there is a 4-pin 12v spot as well. Do I need to hook that up? My Corsair modular power supply didn’t actually come with a 4-pin 12v cable. Thanks for the help!
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    If you use i9000x series on current motherboards - will it slow it due to spectre fixes?

    Between the BIOS and OS the spectre patches can affect performance anywhere from 2-15%. So if a person gets one of the new Intel processors that supposedly have the spectre fixes baked in... will using a the older 370 mono instead of the new 390 motherboard potentially slow the new processor...
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    2 or 3 monitor display (vertical) with tiny bezels?

    I'm getting frustrated with my choices (and failures) at procuring something decent at 24"-26" and I need something now. The reality is I don't want just 1080 lines of vertical space found in most 24" displays - I want/need 1200. So for smaller displays this si what I"m looking for: *...
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    Looks like the special order for 27" - 120 HZ - IPS Catleaps is going to happen Now my big concern is going to be... how to make sure I get one and not get reamed for markup due to demand?
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    Best 25"-27" gaming display needed. Consider nothing else...

    My current display is going to my Mom and I need a new one for myself.In the 25"-27" display range: * If cost was no object what would the best diplay be? * If I impose a max $600 budget, what would the best display be?
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    Intel X25 vs. X25 "Mainstream" - differences besides cost?

    What's the difference between the Intel X25 and the X25 Mainstream's? The same model costs substantially more per Megabyte but I can't find any documentation on why this is. For reference: 120 Gig drive for $230 = $1.92/Gig...
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    Software program that measures actual RAM usage?

    I want to see what the maximum amount of physical RAM my computer is using during different gaming sessions. I'd like to use this informaiton for adjusting the permanent swap file and to set up a RAM drive for various games. What program would be best for doing this? Note: It'd be great...
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    A good watercooler & case for a water newbie

    I think for my next upgrade I want to go with watercooling vs. air. I've been OC'ing on air for a long time but the size & weight of the heatsinks is starting to concern me. If I can get much higher & safer OC's out of water, then I want do that. As a side effect, I'm guessing I wouldn't...
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    Best gaming keyboard (that's are not from Razer)

    I'm sending my Razer Lycosis back because I have to unplug/plug it in to get it to work. I loved the rubbery grip feeling, I like more silent keypresses, and its responsiveness. But because of issues and ZERO support from Razer (contacted them 3x no response outside of a generic "we'll contact...
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    Creative Labs morons can't help - can you?

    Arggh, I am so upset. Upgraded to 64-bit Windows 7 a while ago and have the Creative Labs - PCI Express X-Fi Titanium Fatality Professional Series Until I installed Arma2 I didn't really care how poor the sound was doing, but now that I NEED perfect 5.1 positional sound I can't find a damn...
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    Dumb NVidia 295 question(s)

    Hi everyone. I've had the 295 for quie a while now, and figured it's about time I figure out the proper settings for it. Primarily because ARMA II is running kind of slow on my computer. My primary question is one of the multi-GPU setup. Technically, is the 295 two board's SLI'ed together...
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    Short gamer-based vs. review of BenQ V2400W, HP2408w,LG L227WTG, & LG 2452T

    If you're as lost as I am on purchasing a new LCD, this thread should be helpful. But, I'm going to redirect you to the link where I originally started with my frustrations. Later on this week it will also include a comparison of the 26" Planar Px2611 vs. the 22" LG...
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    Little request - tell me which stinking LCD to buy

    I am at wits end. I've now wasted weeks looking for the perfect LCD to replace my defunct 22" Mitsubishi Diamond CRT (and std Dell 2001FP) & I'm going nuts. Got a BenQ 2400W based on numerous suggestions but the colors look a bit washed out, and the greyscale imaging is poor. I got an HP...
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    Orthos burn pre-OC... 40C and 50C - seems bad?

    I don't know what's going on. I'm building a system for family and something just doens't add up. The cpu is Intel dual core e8400 @ 3.0 Gig and we're using a Zerotherm Nirvana NV120 as the heatsink (Arctic Cooling MX-2 thermal grease). I've cleaned and reseated the heatsink twice and I'm...
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    AB9 Quad GT - IDE vs. RAID vs. AHCI

    Hello guys. I've been struggling with an install of my Core2Duo on an Abit AB9 Quad GT. I have 3 SATA drives and 1 SATA DVD burner. I'm not settig up a raid array but want my hard drives to be as fast as possible and my cpu utilization to be as low as possible. To this end, I see for the...
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    Does A-Bit's uguru misreport memory voltage?

    I have Crucial Ballistix and my motherboard A-Bit AB QuadGT defaults to a memory voltage of 2.00v even though my mem specs are 2.2v. When I load the software guru panel in WIn XP it reports the memory voltage as only...
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    Cooler for E6600 in the Antec 900 (window fan installed too)

    Hi everyone. I'm finally upgrading my crappy un-overclockable rig, to something I hope will be greatly OC'able: I'm getting the Core 2 Duo E6600, Crucial Ballistic 2x1 Gig 800 MHz RAM, & the A-bit AB9 QuadGT mobo. It will sit in the Antec 900 series case. Problem is, I cannot predict what...
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    An X1800XT that's not noisy at load?

  22. J

    Cheap water cooling better than best air cooling?

    I kind of messed up my Zalman CNP9500 heatsink so I have to get something new. If I have to spend $40-$70 on a new heatsink, I guess maybe I should look at watercooling my cpu if I can get it for under $130? Is that possible? Or are the best air coolesrs as good as cheaper watercoolers?
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    The new Zalman 9700 vs. Thermalright Ultra-120

    Hi everyone. I pretty much destroyed my Zalman CNP9500 cpu cooler trying to mod it to hold a 120mm fan. So I need to get a replacement. I've spent many hours combing the web for the top coolers and it seems like the new Zalman 9700 and the new Thermalright Ultra-120 are the best. I will be...
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    EEK! Need some help desparately fast with Antec case!

    I'm typing on my wife's horrible old Pentium 2 computer to hopefully get some guidance from you super-modders. I'm working on this Antec Nine Hundred case and my computer is in a thousand pieces right now. I have two issues I need advice on, and anyone can lend a hand even if they don't have...
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    Antec P180 vs. Antec Nine Hundred

    For the moment, disregard looks, ignore the sound, and skip the cabling issues. What's most important to me is cooling and dust protection. I have 4 HD's, and an OC'ed mobo, cpu, RAM, and vid card. Therefore I need the best airflow cooling and hopefully the best dust protection. Therefore...
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    I want to sand/lap my heatsink - but I'm scared

    Hi everyone. I'd first like to start off saying I'm kind of a weak person (physically) because I'm sick a lot. I've read a couple guides on lapping a heatsink, but I still haven't found a mtethod that seems to guarantee a perfectly flat/level surface. Because I'm not strong, when working on...
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    Is GeForce 7800GS still the fastest AGP card on the market?

    I need to get a new vidoe card for my parents who are really getting into gaming. They don't want to upgrade their mobo/memory etc, but will upgrade the video card. In the $300 and under category, is the GeForce 7800 GS still the fastest card available? Does ATI have any competition for that...
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    I need a great OC'ing stable motherboard

    Well, I'm finally getting rid of this P.O.S. Asus A8R-MVP, and I need to get a replacement motherboard. I'm looking for a board that isn't necessarily SLI or Crossfire, is very fast, super overclockable (and stable). I'd get an Asus mobo, but only if it meant there was nothing that competed...
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    Need super fast & stable (good OC'er) non SLI motherboard.

    Well, I'm finally getting rid of this P.O.S. Asus A8R-MVP, and I need to get a replacement motherboard. I'm looking for a board that isn't necessarily SLI or Crossfire, is very fast, super overclockable, and stable. My specs are: AMD FX57 normal voltage clock @2.95 Gig 2 Gig Patriot...
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    What temps should should an FX-57 be at?

    At full load my brand new AMD 64 FX-57 is running 48 degrees Celsius. Since I'm using Arctic Silver 5 and a Zalman 9500LED that seems awfully high. Anyone else have some experience with this?
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    Best defragmentation program for Win XP?

    I'm looking for an after market defragmentation program. I personally don't think Win XP's built-in defragger is doing a very good job. So far I've found: * Raxco Software's PerfectDisk ** Disk-Keeper ** O&O Defragger Which one should I use and why do you think it's really good? I'm...
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    Razer Copperhead - How are you supposed to hold it?

    I'm a little perplexed by this mouse. I just returned the Logitech G5 Laser Gaming mouse... the wheel was fricking awful (though the mouse was comfortable). I like the Copperhead (I had the Diamondback as well), but the wheel placement is weird. It's so far forward I"m not sure how you're...
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    Bizarre - XP keeps over-riding my swap file settings

    Win XP keeps overriding my manual swap file settings. 10x now I've set it to 256 Meg or 512 Meg, and then I come back several reboots/program installs later to find it's changed itself to 2 Gig +... even though in my virtual memory tab it still shows what I force-set it to. So in virtual memory...
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    Arctic Silver 5 fresh install - sets how long before clocking up?

    I read on Arctic Silver's website about themral cycling over 200 hours to get maximum temperature drop. But I thought I'd read somewhere you shouldn't clock up your system until the AS5 had been on for like 40 hours. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  35. J

    DCOM calls to Machine Debug Manager - can I make it stop?

    Hope there's some OS serivces experts out here :) I don't like running Machine Debug Manager when I'm not utilizing any VB apps. So I have it disabled in my service panel, and lately with my fresh install I've been carefully watching my event viewer. In it I find DCOM calls going out to MDM -...
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    X-Fi owners - Has the "max performance" install option worked well for you,or not?

    I'm just trying to get my system setup for the best performance possible. I found something interesting... there's only 2 more services that install when you go the full route vs. minimal (max performance) route. To be exact, it's these: DLLML.EXE (2 instances) VolPanel.exe Now what's...
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    Fortron FX600 has 4 (FOUR!) 12v rails! Is that good/bad?

    OK, my PSU is not providing enough power since I see all my rails run low until I power down my fans... So I'm looking for a highly efficient 550W - 600W PSU. It looks like my best option would be the Fortron (FSP group) FX600 - but I'm concerned that it has four 12v rails instead of only...
  38. J

    Asus A8R-MVP users... Last official BIOS removed... concerned

    The last official BIOS "402" was pulled off all (or most) of Asus's ftp and http sites. I have a deep concern about why Asus would pull it and leave users with an older BIOS. So I called Asus and I asked about them pulling down the BIOS... here's what he told me: "Yes we pulled it", and "No...