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    Z390 VRM heatsinks $150-$200

    I usually get most of my info from youtube and google search but there isn't a lot of info for many of the Z390 mobo models. Much less about the vrm heatsink info (which I know can help keep temps down when trying to OC). in my case. I know the MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon and ASRock Z390 Taichi...
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    Used Ebay 1080 TI's - buyer bewares

    hey guys, i havent bought from ebay in like 5 years much less something as expensive as a GPU. In regards to the 1080 TI's used on there, what should i look out for? I know i should get a model still under manufacturer warranty i.e. something purchased in 2017 to 2018. But what else do i need...
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    Magical RTX Drivers

    I've seen videos on youtube and read lots of articles. those 1 in 5 articles/videos/reviews with benchmarks that recommend viewers/readers buy the RTX 2080 and admit its a tiny increase in performance from the 1080 TI seem to always say something along the lines of "we should expect to see...
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    EQ Next/FFXIV ARR/Archeage – Max settings - Please help/advise

    Hi guys! I've gotten help on a build from this site in previous years but wanted to build a new SFF that could play these three games on max settings (FFXIV ARR/EQ Next/Archeage) (also keep in mind I had friends build my last 2 rigs but they aren't available anymore and neither are the...
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    SFF - GW2 Max/High Settings - Please advise/help

    I was referred to these forums by another member. For one reason or another, I’ve decided to get a SFF gaming unit. (Traveling etc, would want it to fit in a carry on 55cm×40cm×25cm (22×16×10 inches)) 1. I’ll be using this SFF for gaming (Guild Wars 2 max/high settings etc). I’d post the...