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    Acer XB271HU in stock @ Amazon ($795~)

    Price was jumping around a lot and stock dropping fast: 11 to 4 in 10 minutes~
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    Buying 3 GPUs, which gtx 980 ti to get?

    I'm about to purchase 3 video cards. 2 to be used in SLI, and 1 as a single card. Pretty sure going with gtx 980 Ti. Would anyone recommend a specific GTX 980 Ti? I was looking at EVGA and they all appear to be about the same price $659, so why not go with the Classified at the same price?
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    Fractal Design Define R5 @ Newegg ($89.99 free ship)

    One of the best cases for miles IMO. I own both the R4 and the R5, the R5 was a definite improvement all around. This is usually the lowest price around. Looks like amazon dropped this low but is currently out of stock. Link...
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    Microsoft 10 July 29th Special?

    What exactly are they doing? I've gotten several emails about a special event going on today for people who go to Microsoft stores. I am an insider on several machines, but the nearest store is about an hour away. I don't think I can make that. Is there anything else I can take advantage of, or...
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    Microsoft 10 July 29th Special?

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    Warm: Newegg - G.Skill 16gb 2400 cl10 $150 -$15 code, $135

    G.Skill Trident X 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 2400 CL10 1.65v Newegg: Code: -$15 EMCAPKP24 I personally have been using this set in my main gaming rig for a little over a year now and...
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    Does the Perfect Gaming Monitor Exist?

    Is there a monitor out that meets my requirements for the perfect gaming monitor? G-Sync 120/144hz Refresh Rate 1920x1200+ (16:10) 24-27" 1-2 MS Response Motion Blur Reduction (Preferably without having to implement some 3rd party program.) No Terrible Light Bleed or uneven backlighting Less...
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    G.SKILL Ripjaws X 16gb 2133 c9 $161.49 + TAX (Newegg)

    Posting because this is the memory I wanted to get for upgrades, and I saw a promo on it so I'm strongly considering grabbing it. I've owned 2 pairs of g.skill ripjaws x and I've never had any problems what so ever, and I've heard nothing but good things about g.skill customer service...
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    Newegg Shellshocker: $80 Pioneer SP-BS41-LR 2 CH Bookshelf Loudspeakers Pair

    Pioneer SP-BS41-LR 2 CH Bookshelf Loudspeakers Pair $80 Shellshocker Looks like a decent deal? I can't say much, don't own em never heard em, good reviews, anyone want to chime in?
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    New router! Advise please.

    Ok my asus rt-n66u which was an amazing replacement for my old linksys that kept overheating, thing could fry an egg, was a warm welcome! No pun intended. Anyway I've begun to notice that it's wireless capabilities were always a little lacking for this 2000~ sq ft 2 level house. It's going on...
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    Need recommendation for art monitor~

    Thinking about grabbing a nice 2nd monitor for digital art. Thinking about trying a 1440p for the 1st time, considering an IPS if price permits. Any recommendations? What are some of the most popular models people go to for the higher res IPS with good colors?
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    Round 2: Pushing 4670K, learning Haswell

    Hello, I had a previous post in the 'Intel Processor' sub forum regarding this process. It is my first, well now 2nd time dealing with Haswell. The previous thread was using a GA-Z87x-UD4H. And I was able to pull 4.2ghz pretty stable as far as I could tell with prime95 at 1.2v. Thermals were...
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    Need some 1on1 guidance ocing Haswell on UD4H

    Hey I really need some help seeing how far my chip can go on a 212+. I can work with open case and really low ambient, just for the sake of testing the chip. If anyone has a lot of experience ocing on z87x-ud4h, I would really appreciate some one on one. I will be available some time in...
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    New build, CPU/Chipset Poll!

    Heyo, quick poll guys. If you were throwing together a new gaming/multimedia design rig right now, which would you go with. i7 ivy, or i7 haswell. Keep in mind some parts will be imported: evga gtx 670 ftw, g.skill 8gb(2x4gb) 1600 8-8-8-24 1.5v, seasonic 850w gold cert psu. My recent...
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    Problem with new z87x-ud4h and old SSD

    I just finished the following build and am encountering a problem which I believe to be some sort of compatability issue between motherboard and SSD. i5-4670k ga-z87x-ud4h msi r6950 2gb g.skill 8gb (2x4gb) 9-9-9-24 @ 1600 1.5v corsair ax750 G2 Microcenter SSD Sata II 64gb...
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    Internal DVD RW choices

    K last part for my new i5-4670k / z87x-ud4h build. Last one I got was the best rated/reviewed Samsung I could find. Had great scores, and it has performed admirably. But stock on those things shifts so frequently it seems. So asking you guys, if you were throwing together a nice rig...
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    Ideal 50-55" TV?

    So if I said I wanted an ideal (without bankrupting myself) 50-55" tv for my living room, something with 120hz and beautiful picture. What brands/models should I be looking at, and further more types of displays? I haven't researched much on the subject, crystal plasma lcd etc. LED's seem nice...
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    ATX Mid Case recommendation? (Air / $80 or under.)

    What would you guys say is the best quality atx mid case available for around $80 or under. Will be running a 6950 2gb ref, corsair ax750. Something with decent air flow and good construction.
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    Advice for extending wireless network!

    Hoping that I can get a little advice here on some particular proven tested products that are reliable and will meet my needs. I have a router in my downstairs basement that I want to run a hardline from and through the attic and across to the opposite end of the house, at which point I need...
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    The best 60'' lcd wall mount?

    Right now I am setting up a home theater system in a corner of my living room. For now I will be mounting a 40" Samsung flat LCD. Later on I will be swapping it for a 55-60" screen. Monoprice is having a nice discount on wall mounts today only. I was curious if this would be one of the best...
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    Help selecting Receiver/Sub

    Alright so I did it, picked up a set of 5 of the S-series from SVS. Couldn't resist the price cuts. Got a center, 2 mains, and 2 bookshelf. Now I need some help deciding the best receiver to compliment these beasts. And of course a sub. Given these speakers. What would be ideal? Without breaking...
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    SVS Bookshelf vs Mains for Main Left/Right?

    Ok so question is, should I save some money and use the SVS bookshelves for my main left and rights? Or jump $100 for the 2 Mains? Is there a big difference here worth the cost? Setup will be 5.1, all SVS speakers and sub. vs...
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    How can I create the WOW factor!? :)

    Alright so I've got my computer with an Asus Xonar Essence STX, running directly to Corsair SP 2500 via the L/R analog on the card into the sub. And I just can't quite achieve that WOW factor in a medium sized room watching movies and such. Can I get some tips for doing so? Preferably without...
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    Burning DVDs and so on. Help Please.

    Ok so I was pretty much up the entire night, fiddle doodling with Cyberlink's Media Suite. I messed around and enraged myself for while with the software that came with my blu-ray writer, and eventually uninstalled, and installed a pirated version of the same software, I think it was 1 version...
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    Screen Tearing in Firefox

    Firefox current version, updated gpu drivers (gtx 670 ftw) Noticing a lot of screentearing while scrolling in firefox. I do not notice it in internet explorer. Default settings are active (use hardware accelleration.) In the nvidia control panel I've tried vync (use 3d applications...
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    The best BD/DVD/CD media burning software?

    Anyone want to chime in and offer their favorite software when it comes to burning/ripping to and from bd/dvd/cds? ie Nero? Though I haven't heard anything good about Nero lately. Just got a new BD/dvd/cd rw drive and I'm going to be backing up a lot of data and movies, blu-rays, dvd rips...
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    Game Streaming Software? (Anything better than Xsplit?)

    Like the title says, are there any solutions for live streaming your gameplay that are better than xsplit in terms of quality/features/functionality? Maybe two categories, free vs paid? My internet is 30down 4up so I should be able to handle some pretty high quality stuff.
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    GTX 670 questions/insight~

    Ok I need a little guidance and advice here. Currently this is my situation, my gf got me an EVGA GTX 670 FTW from amazon, and it arrived a couple days ago. I removed my amd drivers, removed my HD 6950, and threw it in, and fired up. I installed latest drivers from nvidia, 3.0.2 I think...
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    EVGA GTX 670 FTW Artifacting in Unigine? Help Please...

    Alright, got my EVGA GTX 670 FTW last night, and installed precision x this morning and was making adjustments and testing in unigine, according to a simple guide posted on overclockers. I do not recall if at the beginning of my adventure I saw this or not. Something in me tells me that I...
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    NEW GTX 670FTW WEEE Question...?

    My EVGA GTX 670 FTW just arrived, was curious what the collective agreement on the best software to control it is? Precision X from EVGA? or what? I will be overclocking, but within restraints as I know already that the card will outperform my needs, and I do not wish to spend the time...
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    Best internal Blu-ray burner?

    What're your opinions through gained knowledge or personal experiences on the best internal blu-ray burner? Must obviously be able to play/burn: blu-ray/dvd rw/dvd r/cd blah blah. 3D blu-ray playback capability is a +. Basically if you were slapping the ultimate multi optical drive in...
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    1920x1080 @ 120hz Best? (Gaming/Entertainment)

    Would prefer 1920x1200 but I read somewhere that this is non-existant. Shame, more vertical space would be wondermazing. 60% gaming 20% entertainment (movies/multimedia/digital art/blu-rays) 10% web surfing 10% other *** picture quality/pixel density *** motion clarity/response **...
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    RAR Password Recovery Software?

    I've spent all morning googling, trialing, and torrenting RAR Password Recovery tools, and have yet to find one that even appears like it might be a legitimately useful program. Can anybody give me one that they've had success with? I need to get into an RAR file I've forgotten the password to...
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    Ordering an Alienware need advice! (M17X)

    Alright I'm going to be setting up and ordering an M17X, and I was curious if you guys had any advice for getting the cost lower than the somewhat ridiculous prices alienware totes. I remember a while back reading somewhere that you could possibly either call them up and order it over the phone...
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    GTX 670 vs GTX 680 vs HD 7970?

    Alright I know I could look around and research for hours or even days as I have in the past over such comparisons. But I value the opinions of most posters here at [H] about as much as any reputable review site. I'd like to hear some quick ramble between these cards. Their performance per price...
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    Range extenders for Asus Router?

    Ok so I'm going to pick up an Asus N66U, and I need to be able to run some cables from it, through the attic to some range extending devices in the attic at opposite sides of the house. Basically I want to connect some devices to the router that will amplify/broadcast signal further. What...
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    The Perfect Keyboard?

    I'm looking for the perfect keyboard for me, perhaps one of you has seen it around. I'll describe it. ^^ Simplistic unflawed standard layout of the Filco Majestouch, full version. Good finish. (Not that gross glossy stuff) The matte plastic, or anything matte really. Physical Media keys...
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    Diablo 2 performance suffering?

    Wasn't sure where to put this. Ok guys heres an interesting one, don't ask why but I installed D2, I'm sure I'm not the only one whos had a craving. But my (i7-2600k oc to 4.5ghz, hd 6950 max default ccc oc settings, 8gb 1600 8-8-8-24, p8p67 pro) computer appears to be struggling a bit with...