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    Windows 2000 programmers: Equivalent information from GetAdaptersAddresses()?

    Hi everyone, I'm asking this question to help someone else who is trying to backport networking code from Windows XP to Windows 2000 and finding that some functions being used are not available in Windows 2000 SP4. After some searching it seems the information isn't exactly that easy to track...
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    Fry's 2 TB Hitachi Hard Drive - $170 B&M

    I don't have a Fry's around me, site only allows ordering for store pickup. :o 2 TB Hitachi Deskstar HD32000IDK7 Should have a 3 year warranty Looks like a retail box edit: It should say $160, thanks Phelptwan.
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    Frys: Seagate 2TB SATA / 5900 RPM (?) - $175

    Warm or hot depending on your perspective. I haven't seen this nor the WD 2 TB Green for under $200 recently. No indication of free shipping.
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    [Windows] Determining if a binary is built for x86 or x64 target

    Hi everyone, I'm rebuilding the tool chain we use at work so that everything is 64-bit, and I can rebuild everything fine, but I don't know if the executables and libraries I'm building are actually 64-bit. Is there a tool or some way to determine if a binary is built for the x64 architecture...
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    Multiple NICs, multiple networks in Windows XP

    Hi everyone, I've searched, found some similar threads, except those amounted to "yes, you can do this" but ending at that. The problem: I have a machine with two physical network devices, an onboard NIC and a WLAN adapter. The onboard NIC is connected directly to another machine and has a...
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    Using Javascript to intercept an onClick

    It's been a while since I have done any real Javascript, and I have a fun one here. I'm using a widget toolkit to build a multi-step web application. On each page of this webapp the user can decide to cancel the application (using a Cancel button), and they'll get redirected to the front...
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    C# Book Recommendations

    Hi all, I want some recommendations for C# books. Right now I have Jesse Liberty's Programming C#, but it's several years old and covers only .NET 1.1's C# implementation. I would like to update my library and get a book that covers more recent C# material. Should I stick with buying a...
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    django users - get_absolute_url() problem

    Hopefully someone can help me see what I'm doing wrong here. So I have a django model that contains this code: from django.db import models from django.db.models import permalink from django.contrib.auth.models import User from time import strftime title = models.CharField(max_length=100)...
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    BEA Weblogic scripting experts - need help with server's listen address

    Hey everyone, I'm doing some Weblogic scripting for a project at work in order to bypass the massive headache of tailoring one of my company's internal frameworks to achieve a simple task. I'm creating a very, very simple domain and deploying a Java web application into it, and I have this...
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    Advance Wars: Days of Ruin - how did I not know?

    Well, after reading something on ars just now, I just learned we're getting a new Advance Wars for the DS next week. I just looked it up on wiki and it's supposed to have a darker storyline, and a rebalancing of CO powers so that you don't have someone like Sturm coming in to rape your forces...
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    iPod Nanos, Zune 4/8 and interface language

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if any members here who had the new iPod nanos (the wide squat ones) or Zune 4/8 models could confirm something for me. Can you change the interface language on them (so that everything's in Chinese/Japanese/Spanish/etc.)? I have googled and it seems the iPod Nano...
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    Lenovo X61/extended battery needs protection

    Hey everyone, I just picked up my Lenovo X61 tablet and I now want to get a good quality sleeve for it for when I carry it around in my bag. Anyone have the X60/X61 with the extended battery and can recommend a good sleeve for it? I'm willing to spend ~$40 - 50 or so, I don't sleeves get...
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    A-Data 4 GB (2 x 2 GB) DDR2 800 w/ Free Shipping - $75

    Note: You must be a Newegg email newsletter subscriber to use the promo code! A-Data 2 x 2 GB DDR2-800 RAM: Should be $104.99 after you add it to your cart. Apply promotional code: EMC1207SYME01 for $30 off, and your final price...
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    Portable Media Players

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    Linux-PAM and Mac OS X

    Hey Apple gurus, I hope some of you can help me out here. I am investigating PAM for development work and have been directed to look at the Mac OS X PAM implementation and compare it against the PAM used in Linux distributions (which is Linux-PAM). Of course, I don't have access to a Mac OS X...
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    Process monitoring/traps in Windows 2003

    Hey all, I believe this is the best place to ask this question. I work on an network appliance for my company, and the appliance is used for network user authentication. Lately I've been tasked at researching some features that are not currently supported, and one is about remote...
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    Playstation 2 and 16:9 mode - am I insane?

    Hey guys, So I got a working PS2 again (that will play US games) and I was testing out Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria and FF XII on it. I wanted to play them in 16:9 wide screen, so I set the right options in the game to do so. However, if I press the 'display' button on the TV remote, the...
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    I would be very happy if any of you know how to solve this SelfSSL error

    Hey all, So I'm working on this bug report I received for a project I work on. When a client sets up an appliance from my company, they do a quick setup and enter in the hostname, domain name, static IP, provide licenses, and the like. The appliance will then generate an SSL certificate for...
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    Can't download core in Linux

    Hey all, I have one machine at home that folds, but it can't download work units from the Stanford servers when I'm using Linux. Under Windows, I configure it to use Internet Explorer's settings and it runs fine. Under Linux however, I configure the F@H client but downloading it keeps...
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    Restricting Logins

    Afternoon all, So I am setting up a web server (VPS) and am in the process of setting up Postfix. I'm following a guide since I have never set up a mail server, and I get hung up at adding a Postfix user to hold mail until users retrieve them. The guide (from my host) recommends not giving...
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    What is the definitive Python book?

    Like the title says, I am looking for the best bang for your buck Python book, one that starts off at the intermediate/advanced level without any beginning tutorials. Mark Lutz just put out a new version of his Programming Python book just a few days ago, but I'm not sure if that's the way to...
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    Help me out here - component cables

    Okay, so I have decided it's high time to pick up component cables for my two systems (Gamecube and PS2) so I can play them on a TV that has component (and to get 480p). Well, the problem now is locating the cables. Nintendo doesn't sell component cables through their website anymore, and the...
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    RHEL4 users, a few questions?

    Hey all, So I just got my new Linux workstation at work (I'll spare you the details), and it came preloaded with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4. Well, I've managed to wrestle with up2date to update all my old packages, but now I was wondering some things. 1 - What is the best way to install...
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    C++ and large numbers

    Hey all, Tonight I was doing some busy work with programming practice problems, and I kept running into a little problem. Basically, I can't work with very large numbers. #include <string> #include <vector> #include <sstream> #include <iostream> class ColorCode { public...
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    Question about C char pointers

    I'm having a discussion with my friend about C strings (he's helping someone out, so I really don't know what he's doing) and I saw a snippet of the code. This raised a question of whether this was good practice or not. ... char *p; p = "blah"; p = something else ... Basically, is...
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    Guess who's speaking at my school tomorrow...

    Hint hint: his initials are RMS. Founder of FSF, wrote the original EMACS (a text editor I love to hate ;) ), crazy guy beard. Give up? ... Richard Stallman Yeah, he's the distinguised speaker we're having this week. Sounds interesting enough that this would be the first time I...
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    Shure E2c any good?

    Hey all, I'm looking for a new pair of canal phones, and I like the Shure E2cs, but I wanted to see if anyone has used them and what they think. It will be used mostly with MP3 player (iriver h120) my notebook. Currently I'm using a pair of Panasonic canal phones (RJP something, I forget...
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    New to Linux? The Unofficial Linux Intro Thread

    There have been an abundance of threads concerning what the best Linux distro for newbies is, as well as general concerns like gaming and Linux read/write capability with Windows partitions. With that in mind, I wrote this up to address the questions that most new Linux users and potential users...
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    And you thought your Firefox was using up a lot of memory

    over 1.2 GB used. ...Impressive, huh? They really gotta implement a fix for the whole images thing.
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    CRT owners: this ever happen to you?

    Hey all, So I'm configuring my two monitors in Windows, and I change the refresh rate of my FP912 to 85 Hz @ 1600x1200. However, this time around the screen refresh, I hear the buzz and the screen is all wonky. All the colors were distorted, everything was blurry as hell, and the window...
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    ZipZoomFly ordering question

    Just a basic question to anyone who has ordered from ZZF lately. Right after you submit your order, were you asked to click a 'Send Data' button for some window from I hadn't ordered from ZZF for a while up until today, so I wasn't sure if the ordering process had changed...
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    Taiyo Yudens at Best Buy: $15 YMMV

    And here we go again - For this week, Best Buy has 50 pack spindles of Fujifilm DVD+R and DVD-R discs for $15 + tax. If you find a DVD+R spindle that says "Made in Japan" then you have yourself some Taiyo Yuden TYG02 discs. 8x rated, can be burned at 16x in select drives (like NECs, Benq...
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    Hard drive considerations

    I'm in the market for a hard drive for storing photographs and media. I currently have a WD1600JB and Seagate 7200.7 120 GB (both are PATA drives), so I see two different approaches to my buying choices. I want a drive of at least 250GB capacity. 1.) Get a 16 MB cache drive and use this as my...
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    Getting system information in C++ under Linux

    Hey all, I'm asking this question for my roommate. He's doing research project and he wants to find a library or similar to retrieve system information like free/used memory, CPU data, and such under Linux through C/C++. Anyone know of a library or some other way he can do this? Thanks.
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    Mplayer won't play videos anymore

    Hey all, I moved my desktop from my home to my apartment up here at campus this past week, and now my mplayer refuses to output the video stream of my videos. This worked when I was at home. The main difference is that at home, I was running dual monitors with xinerama, but I only brought...
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    C++ class question

    Hey all, I'm a little rusty on my C++ classes, and I have what I think is a pretty basic question. In my computer graphics textbook, there is sample code given to draw a Sierpinski Gasket. class GLintPoint { public: GLint x,y; } ........ void Sierpinski( void )...
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    Remote X server

    Hey all, I'm in a computer graphics class right now, and all the code I'm writing has to work properly on the school's machines. I'm going to program on my home machines and test them on home machines, but when I go to submit them, I want to make sure they will work on the school's machines...
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    Tripods and heads advice

    So I've been looking at tripods and heads since I generally shoot at lowlight or in the nighttime (or indoors and I sometimes don't use flash), and I've been trying to narrow down my choices. However, I need some advice from the more experienced photogs and gear people. Now, I shoot with D70...
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    Monitor Refresh rate

    Hey all. I just set up Linux again on my desktop (Ubuntu 5.04) and I configured it to use dual monitors using Xinerama big screen. The problem is that the refresh rate on my secondary monitor (Sony GDM-FW900) is set too low at 73 Hz. The other monitor, an NEC FP912, is set correctly at 85...
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    Helping a friend: external writer won't burn

    Hey all, My friend just got a DVD burner (NEC 3520) and an external enclosure for it (AMS Venus 2512) Anyway, it can read DVDs and discs just fine. She attaches it to a USB 2.0 PCMCIA card that's inserted into her notebook (she uses an ultraportable Dell Inspiron X200, it has a Pentium 3 I...