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    Programming Language for Nephew

    I agree with you. If he wants his nephews/nieces to do something, find something they have a natural affinity for. This could be programming, it could be anything. Hell, I picked up baking since it was like science and algorithms.
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    Programming Language for Nephew

    Well if you give him two months, that should be more than enough time to get reasonably familiar with -something- and be able to produce some results. Let's take Python First you can start with the Python tutorial as ambientZ said. You can extend that with Google's Code University for Python...
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    Programming Language for Nephew

    You do need some sort of metric to define this progress. Are you a programmer yourself? Do you know any languages? If you're not and you don't, then you might be surprised if he only produced a console program while you expected some type of graphical showcase. If you got him a book for, say, C...
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    Python Version

    I use both Python 2.6 and Python 2.7 at work. Python 2.7 is compatible with anything that is 2.6 compatible. Some stuff has been backported into 2.7 from 3.x, but core stuff will behave as you expect it would in 2.6. Python 3 is vastly different from Python 2.x - print is now a real function...
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    Hosting Feedback - Where can I get hosting...

    I thought I had reviewed Linode before, but a search in this thread doesn't yield any results. I've been with for nearly 2 years, and was with Slicehost before that for about a year. Linode has been fantastic for me - they're not rock-bottom price like some VPS hosts who charge...
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    About to pull the trigger on a Nikon D90.. right choice?

    Not a bad lens, at the 18 mm end there's vignetting, but overall it's a pretty decent lens. I like the 18-200 VRII as well ($650-750), but the problem of late is that Nikon (and probably Canon) glass just costs more, perhaps due to the weak USD and import prices/strong yen/whatever. Or at...
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    About to pull the trigger on a Nikon D90.. right choice?

    The big question to ask yourself is if you will be willing to drop big money on good glass? The 18-55 that camera comes with is very basic, okay-ish image quality. But you will feel wanting for either a better wide angle or a lens capable of better distance zooming, and those can get pricey...
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    what program is this?

    Looks to be either standalone Aptana or Eclipse with Aptana plugin. This image is of standalone Aptana:
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    Basic help - CPP

    It's A language, but what are you learning it for? Many languages exist because they have different strengths. C++ is general purpose, multi-paradigm, and while it's one of my languages of choice, it's not the language I use for everything (it has to compete with Python, Java, Scala, and even...
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    Basic help - CPP

    That book follows a very different teaching style from Accelerated C++. In C++, the age of the book is certainly not correlated with its 'good-ness' and usefulness, unlike books for languages like Java or Python which go through major language changes more frequently. The last ratified C++...
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    Basic help - CPP

    HTML is not programming. Visual C++ Express is a good, free compiler. As for learning C++, I have never found any online tutorials to be particularly good. You should really get a book like Accelerated C++.
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    Any good places to view/practice sample interview programming questions? has some general stuff. Use the resources/puzzles out there to refresh your memory (or just learn new information) about algorithms and data structures. I never know what to expect when I get to the...
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    Applying for jobs - places are asking for "code samples" - ??

    The questions are typically more of "Here's a function we want you to write", and my interviewers have been generous with the fact that syntax or function arguments might be off. They wanted to see that I could actually write code and solve a problem with it, even if I missed a ';' or something...
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    Bug in Java--cannot disable Auto Update

    Bug in Java Auto-Update, you'll have to resort to a registry hack, or could do a more proper method. Some fixes are detailed here:
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    Applying for jobs - places are asking for "code samples" - ??

    I've been asked to code during phone interviews, and then in person, but have never been asked to provide samples up front. mikeblas makes a good point that doing that is not really a good indicator of one's ability to write and design code. However, on phone interviews, it's always nerve...
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    C Programming Books?

    The C Programming Language
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    Friend and I are working together remotely on a web app - how to share code? (free?)

    Requires your project to be open source, OP wants revision control hosting with controlled/private access.
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    PHP - Pennies in a Dollar

    Sorry, just an example. Replace 543 with whatever your user gave you on the form.
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    PHP - Pennies in a Dollar

    In that case it's more of changing your math around, as jiminator started doing. Do you know the modulus operator? Basically, you want to take your amount and start reducing it by dollars...quarters...etc. I'm not a PHP programmer...
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    PHP - Pennies in a Dollar

    So I'm a little confused - if the user says they have 543 pennies, for example, does your teacher want output like this? 543 pennies is... 5 dollars 1 quarter 1 dime 1 nickel 3 pennies as compared to yours which would produce something like this, due to rounding down: 543 pennies is... 5...
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    PHP - Pennies in a Dollar

    Do you have any idea about the steps you have to take to solve this problem? Just saying "I have no idea what I'm doing" won't get you far. How much PHP do you know? What have you learned, if anything? Have you tried sitting down and writing down ideas on paper/whiteboard/etc? If you really...
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    Friend and I are working together remotely on a web app - how to share code? (free?)

    I'd still prefer a real RCS for the convenience. Try Assembla, which offers free hosting using Git or SVN, and doesn't have the public/open-source restriction like github does for non-paid accounts. Same thing for Git. Also: Whether or not...
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    Your Favorite Souce Code Editor

    I'm a C++ developer so Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010. Throw in Whole Tomato Visual Assist. If not in Windows or I'm doing Java, Eclipse and Vim.
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    What is a model.cs file?

    I think you asked this question on StackOverflow, but you haven't really given a description of what the file contains. If whatever project you're working on is based on an MV* pattern, then it's some representation of the data your application deals with. Have you ever thought of asking the...
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    Small "freelance" projects - not impressive projects, but should I include on resume?

    Have you put in significant time into these side projects? Would you be comfortable discussing what you did at length, and perhaps answer questions in interviews about some technology you've worked with? If so, then you might want to put them on your resume. Some companies do like this sort of...
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    New ipod 802.11n 2.4GHz and power saving?

    Yeah, the notifications/wifi behavior in 4.0 really eats through battery. Coupled with the weird volume issue where songs play at half volume whenever I skip songs, I might just go back to 3.1.2.
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    New ipod 802.11n 2.4GHz and power saving?

    Are you on iOS 4? When I left notifications on, my battery dies within the day because iOS 4 changes some of the networking behavior and pretty much keeps the wifi awake and prevents the ipod from really sleeping at all. Before iOS 4, I could leave the ipod alone for a week and it'd still have...
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    Questions about malloc() in C and C++

    The C standard doesn't require an explicit conversion from and to void*, the conversion is done implicitly. I think this is from the C99 standard. C++, however, requires an explicit conversion from void* to another type.
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    Tabs or Spaces

    Whatever my company's coding policy dictates or whatever is necessary to keep consistency with existing code. At the last company, 4 space softtabs. Here, it's 3 space softtabs. If I'm writing from scratch, I've switched to using 4 space soft tabs over using hard tabs. But overall, I prefer...
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    Best Encoder for going Digital?

    For the CDs I'd use Exact Audio Copy with Secure mode, and set up the REACT plugin so that you can rip the CDs and encode them all on the fly. Set up REACT to generate FLAC lossless encodes (for archival purposes) and also MP3s using the LAME encoder (for device compatibility). Setting up EAC...
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    ** A Picture I Took - 2010 **

    Animals are cool
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    Would like a website and Im totally lost

    1 - Buy a domain name (godaddy, namecheap, gandi, whatever) 2 - Get a hosting plan (dreamhost, asmallorange, bluehost, site5, etc. etc.) - this is basically renting an account on one of their servers and you can put data and host a site from their computers 3 - Configure the DNS for your domain...
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    Question about vzw 3g coverage in nyc

    I've been to NJ and New York City (midtown Manhattan/Chinatown/Brooklyn/major highways) a couple times since getting the Incredible, and had perfectly find reception and could use network at all times. Stayed connected to meebo, could browse sites, and use Google Navigation the entire time. I...
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    Get a cable modem or rent?

    For the time being I'd get the CM100 for $20. It's a great price for the modem, I had to get one last week because I just got Comcast again and my Toshiba PCX2200's NIC could not support the lowest current Comcast speed tier. DOCSIS 3.0 is supposedly going to be rolled out to all customers this...
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    Bono And Friends Bought 5M Facebook Shares

    Missed by a few orders of magnitude, this would make there be 500 million shares of facebook total, and probably most of it in the hands of Zuckerberg. If every share was the same value as the ones sold today (roughly $4.17/share), the company would be valued at $12 billion. Given that they...
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    VPS Host Recommendations

    I use linode right now, running a few sites on it, plus they just upped the amount of RAM they give every VPS. I went from 360 to a nice 512. :cool: Good support, good community, reliable service.
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    I want a website built

    And what's the level of complexity you want?
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    Terrible in math, is CS right for me?

    I asked because I wanted to see if it was actually the field of computer science you were interested in, or if it was some really specific thing. If you want to do networking and security, like a network engineer or network security, you probably want to do something like information science or...
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    Terrible in math, is CS right for me?

    What draws you to computer science that makes you want to major in it? It's very math heavy - if you actually find it interesting you should do fine, or at least okay, though if you can't get past the basic math courses they require (mainly, lots of calculus, discrete math, and perhaps things...
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    community college programming instructors careers

    You will typically be paid way less in academia vs. industry. Even at typical 4 year colleges and universities, entry level professors (juniors) will be paid around mid-30s - 40s starting out, and with some exceptions, most hold a doctorate or equal. With more years of experience, you can start...