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    Will this upgrade help my doom 3 performance a lot?

    Evga Geforce 6800 NU 128mb AMD Athlon 2500+ Barton I'm hoping it will help my performance a bit.
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    Recommend me a freeware DVD player

    I've heard about this maximus dvd, but it appears that their website is down or something. Is there any other good freeware dvd players out there?
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    New winamp 5.04 out

    Not on the front page of the website yet but its stickied in the winamp forums so i'd assume its offical
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    Quick Question about Firefox

    Where does firefox store things like temporary internet files/cookies/history?
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    Well guys, i finally got ut2k4

    liking it so far. Got the single dvd version. what are some good mods?
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    Question about agp bios tweak

    Will disabling agp fast writes in bios increase game preformance at all?
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    I know this is kinda a newbie question but

    I was just curious. Does your ip address change when you format or replace a hard drive?
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    AGP problems with Gigabyte GA-7VAX

    Not too long ago, I attempted to flash my bios to the F12 using a windows based upgrade program from gigabyte. When i restarted my computer, i found that my bios was updated but windows was not starting. It gave me a error saying that ntfs.sys was corrupt or something among that line. I could...
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    A few good games I play super web soccer all the time in school :)
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    My radeon 8500LE only at 2x agp?

    I flahsed my motherboard's bios last week and it basically ruined my xp partition so i formatted and everything works fine except for the fact that my 8500le is only running at agp 2x, not 4x. I have tried just about everything. I reinstalled drivers, tried diffrent types of drivers. I really...
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    Natural Selection 3 beta 4 released

    links at under downloads. For those who don't know what natural selection is, its a mod for half life set in the future that mixes fps and rts elements in one game. Its pretty fun i would recommend it if you have half life.
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    ALC 650 Drivers

    Anyone know where i can download some old realtek alc650 drivers? I installed the newest ones and got some errors in bf1942.
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    Looking for new vid card.

    I may be upgrading to a barton 2500 and some 3200+ 1 gig ram soon and i also plan to upgrade to a new graphics card. I don't really want the break the bank and to me, preformance is a little more of a issue than image quality. If it is within 10 or so fps, then i guess it dosent matter but other...
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    For those who have both: Which is better xbox or ps2?

    I really need a good honest opinion on this issue. I have been debating between the two systems for a while. What would you guys who have both of these systems recommend to me?
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    Probably getting Xbox soon, Recommend some games.

    Alright, due to the fact of me not planning on upgrading (or just building a whole new system) until around hl2's release, i am probably going to be getting a xbox soon. I need some recommendations for good games for it. I know Halo and Mechassault because halo is halo and mechassault comes with...
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    Good joystick for Bf42/Bfv mostly

    Can anyone recommend a good joystick for battlefield games mostly? I may want to get some other flight simulators in the future, but battlefield is my main focus.
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    Battlefield Vietnam Pre-order at best buy

    Does any one know if the people who pre-ordered bfv at best buy get it tomorrow? I saw best buy's ad and it said "Avaible Thurdsay, March 18th"
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    Stange Halo bug

    Some textures are sorta missing or something on the warthog. It all worked fine before i installed the 4.3 cats, but there is no way i'm going back to the 4.1s, the 4.3s improved preformace so much. Any ideas :confused:
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    Good cd burning freeware?

    Anyone know of a good freeware program for cd burning? Please don't say nero, that is a trial.
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    Who pre-ordered Battlefield Vietnam?

    I just did today :) I got the free soundtrack with it from bestbuy.
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    Heat of Battle V.3 Released (Call of Duty mod like DoD)

    Its actually been out for a little bit now and I haven't seen any threads about it. If you like dod, your going to love this mod. Its basically the same thing with a newer engine. I'd recommend it :)
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    Battlefield problems

    My first major complaint is fps. I am noticing a major drop in fps. Does anyone have and ideas? I have tried reinstalling, dropping all settings to low, even formatting. Next, I am getting a strange bug where i will see clear holes through certian objects, for example sandbags and weapon...
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    Offline Steam = This Wednesday

    Lets hope they get it out right It also includes a HL2 hardware survey (possibly some sort of benchmark?)
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    New Steam updates coming (offline play possibly)

    Lets hope they stick to their word this time: There will be a number of significant Steam events in the coming days. The first will be a long-awaited Steam client release. The highlights from this release will be: * Offline Play * Account validation (via e-mail) * A new...
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    Call of Duty 1.3 beta patch out can't find too many good links. post em here.
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    Looking to upgrade for gaming

    I know i have to likley upgrade most of my components, but can anyone recommend what i should buy? Right now i'm thinking for sure Radeon 9800 pro, but should i get a 2500+ or save some more and get a better cpu then that? Also, i have 2 ram sticks, a 256 mb pc2100 and a 512 pc2700. Would...
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    I think i found bfv's system specs

    If best buy is correct: Minimum PC System Requirements PC Video 64MB 3D-accelerated GeForce 3 video card PC Processor Speed 933MHz PC Processor Type Intel® Pentium® III processor PC System Memory 256MB RAM PC Additional Requirements Internet service required to access online...
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    Registry Cleaner

    Can anyone recommend a good freeware registry cleaner?
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    Anyone know of audio conversion Freeware?

    For example, converting wma files into mp3 files and vice versa.
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    Bf42 crash to desktop

    It seems like everytime I start up battlefield or connect to a server using all seeing eye, the game will crash to the desktop when I highlight a button to press. Anyone know a fix to this? My specs are in my signature and i have tried updating to latest sound and chipset drivers.
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    Ut2k4 master server down?

    It seems like every time i try to play ut2k4 online now, it will not be able to connect to the master server. Anyone else getting this bug?
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    Anyone play FF Chrystal Chronicles yet?

    I just got done playing it over at my friend's house. Its pretty cool, but its tough. Its kinda like highly advanced gauntlet. It was fun multiplayer and the use of the gba is sweet, but I don't think it would be too great on single player.
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    Undeleteable file?

    I recently download a program to write the autoclave image called rawrite2 which is a dos program. It worked great, but now I can't delete it. Anyone know why?
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    What do hard drive companies do after rma?

    Does anyone know what hard drive companies do after you send them a RMA? I had a 20 gig hd from maxtor that I sent to them and I would like to know if they wipe the hard drive or destroy it because of sensitive data. Does anyone know?
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    Is ePSXe legal?

    This is a question i have been wanting to know about for a while now. I own a playstation (broken but i own it) and i only play my games, i don't download any images. Is it truly legal to have a emulator of playstation or not?
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    Radeon 9800 Pro Slowdown?

    I recently ordered this 9800 Pro and I am definatly noticing a increase in image quality from my 8500 LE, but my frame rates seem to be the same if not lower. The only game i noticed a increase in fps is Halo, but testing it in Jedi Academy, Call of Duty, and Battlefield 1942, it seems that the...
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    Anyone know where I can buy FF7 for PC?

    Does anyone know where I can still buy this? I don't really want to buy off ebay. I have it for playstation, but I Just kinda like the idea of having it on my pc instead of wiping the dust off my old ps and loading it up :P
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    Battlefield 1942 Console issues

    For some reason, some of my battlefield 1942 console commands don't like to save, such as the command to enable vsync. Does anyone know a fix for this?