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    Gaming with a Desktop Mic

    So, I have a pretty good pair of speakers and I don't like using headphones while I game and prefer to enjoy them over wearing a headset while playing. Can anyone recommend a good desktop microphone that I can use in conjunction with my desktop speakers? I don't expect music to be totally...
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    i5-4670k @ TigerDirect for $200 +s/h

    You can find it here - use coupon code FRV99460 to bring it to $200. Nice deal, no tax in NYC, works for me. Just bought one.
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    Swan M10 alternatives?

    Hey all, I've done some looking around for the Swan M10's - I've heard and used the set before and know that's exactly what I want, even had someone buy a set. However, it appears they're relatively impossible to find now? So my question - do we have any comparable alternatives to this set...
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    8/16MB Cache on 500GB Seagates

    Is there a huge performance difference between the 8/16MB cache models?
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    Headphone Recabling

    So i didn't find any topic on this but i was curious. Looking through the Headphone pics thread i noticed alot of you get your cans recabled. So i ask, what exactly is the purpose of this and what are the benefits?
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    Recommend me some headgear!

    So i'm a pretty avid gamer, and often use Teamspeak/Ventrilo. Problem? Can't seem to find a good headset with good sound. However, i was looking at the Razer Barracuda HP-1's and there seems to be good reviews on em'. The one thing that makes me question the purchase is that the bass on them is...